The “Situation” card: (This card depicts the present situation or general theme of this message.)



Now is a good time to clear, clean, and de-clutter your environment.

Your environment is an outer reflection of what is going on inside of you. Take time out to clear, clean, de-clutter, and spruce up your environment. Use pleasing aromas, such as essential oils, and bring out anything that makes you happy. Call on your angels and guides to clear the energy of your environment. Now is a good time to move furniture and hang up a new painting. Your soul is softly whispering to you that it is time for a change within your environment: this change could also represent moving to a new home. As you take care of your physical world, you are creating space for your inner world. The simple act of taking care of, or changing, your environment will help you to make bigger changes in the near future.

The “Emotional Challenge” card: (This card depicts the emotional challenge you may be facing.)



Your soul yearns to be outside in nature around the healing waters, flowers, and trees.

It is time to re-connect with nature. You are feeling confused, and you have lost your connection to your inner self. Do not worry though. Simply spending time outdoors, so you can hear the guidance that your soul is trying to speak to you, will deeply heal you on a soul level. It will clear your energy field, and help you get out of your head to connect to your inner self. When this card shows up it is also telling you that you have a deep connection to nature and all that is. It is time to re-connect. Breathe in the fresh air, dig your feet into the soil, run in the rain, hug a tree, or talk to the flowers. Nature can help you. You will likely receive some very important information from nature and nature’s helpers. Heed this guidance! Talk to the trees, plants, and flowers. As you do your inner light will be restored and you will shine brighter than ever before!

The “Solution” card: (This card depicts the possible solution to this situation.)



You are about to discover your life purpose.

Your life path is no accident. Every event, experience, relationship, and hardship serves a purpose. Each one of these experiences causes you to grow on a soul level, and evolve into your true self. Your life purpose is not just about what kind of work you do. It is about who you are as a whole person. It is how you relate to the world. It is, also, how the world relates to you, and if you have found meaning and purpose to life. If you are suppressing your growth, or your soul’s journey in any way, the universe will throw you a wake up call sooner or later. Despite what you feel at the time you are going through this, it is a beautiful gift. But only if you stop resisting change, and let yourself evolve into a life of purpose and meaning. The wake up call can come in many forms: through an illness, depression, loss, lay off, financial crisis, or divorce. Any of these challenges can be a call for you to listen to your truth. Your challenges are a call to stop living your life sleep walking and worried about materialistic, meaningless things and embrace love, deep meaningful relationships and what matters to you most from a soul perspective. When you stop resisting it by running away from your challenges, and instead look at them from a perspective of them showing you a new way, a new life or a new way of being, you will find your passion which will also translate into your life’s work, or a career that you love.

The “Coaching Advice” card: (This card gives you an advice about reaching the desired outcome.)



You may be involved in a situation that requires justice or fairness.

You know that saying: “what goes around comes around”. This is karma. Karma is just simply a way of saying “what you give, you get’. What you put out into the universe comes back to you. If you are in a situation that requires justice or fairness, this card has come to you today to remind you that it is already taken care of. No need to try to prove someone wrong, or take matters into your own hands, they are creating their own karma. If what they are doing is not fair or is hurting someone else, they will eventually have this energy returned to them tenfold. This card could also be a reminder for you to be mindful of what you are sending out into the universe to be returned to you. Remember that we reap what we sow. Make sure to sow what you want to reap.

The “Potential” card: (This card depicts the potentials related to this situation.)



You are very connected to Mother Earth and as such you experience all that she does.

Everything that is happening, from a planetary perspective, you are feeling intensely at this time. It could be an earthquake, a full moon, an eclipse, or major energy shift. Whatever the case, you are being directly affected by this energy. As the earth shifts into a higher vibration, it is shedding and purging the lower energies and you are doing the same. You may feel flu-like symptoms, aches, pains, energy headaches, depression, dizzy, spacey, sad or even confused. These energy shifts may be taking their toll on you. This card comes to you today, to assure you that this is nothing serious. As a sensitive person, you are very in tune with these planetary changes. As Mother Earth shifts, she purges the old to bring in the new, and you will most likely feel the effects. You are being asked to take extra special care of yourself at this time. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Make sure to exercise, eat healthy, and get out in nature as much as possible. These symptoms are temporary and they shall pass soon. When they do, you will feel a sense of renewed energy and all will be even better than before.

The “Angelic Energy” card:(This card depicts the energy related to this situation.)



You are in the process of developing or fine tuning your spiritual gifts.

You are learning to trust your spiritual gifts into your daily life. You could also use your spiritual gifts when working with others, such as offering readings, energy healings, or clearings. Your spiritual gifts could be clairvoyance, clairaudience, energy healing, intuitive knowing, seeing auras, and many others. Be gentle with yourself during this process. Do not overthink it. Developing your spiritual gifts does not involve thinking. If you find yourself trying to figure things out, you could be blocking your progress. This card comes to you today to remind you that your sixth sense is a natural ability. It is not something you have to work at, it is something you have to allow and trust. Trust, meditation, and patience are the key when working with and developing your spiritual gifts. Even if you have been doing this for years, there is always more to learn. As you naturally allow and trust the process, more and more information will be revealed to you. You may be trying too hard, and any time you are trying, you are not in the flow of receiving. This is your sign that you are gifted! This is a part of your path at this time. Even the most experienced people second guess their abilities to receive divine information from time to time. If you are frustrated with your ability to develop your gifts or use them to help people, it is time to call in your higher self and ask for help with letting go of overthinking the process. Trust and allow your spiritual gifts to unfold in divine timing. This card is a beautiful omen that they surely will, if they haven’t already!

Was this message for you today? If so, take this as a sign from the Divine with gentle guidance to begin moving forward on your path.

Much love, light and blessings to you.


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*This reading & message was compiled with Kelly T. Smith’s Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle Cards. The reading & message was compiled intuitively by Tiffany Stiles. Images shown are not Kelly’s Oracle cards, but free image photos from Google.


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