When the December 12~ 12:12 Portal Is Open Kundalini Rises!

Mine spontaneously rose December 12th, 2012. This is what I experienced. At that time this wasn’t talked about much, or even known about much. For the front runners that had this occur through those initial portals we had to “wing it.” Now we are here to guide others experiencing this now, to not have fear. To understand what is happening to your body, mind and spirit when this occurs. To go with the flow, and know this happens for your highest good.

When this happens to someone too quickly, in the reverse down through the crown, or it is initiated before one is ready, it can bring on psychosis. Therefore, I would not recommend trying to prematurely activate your Kundalini to rise. Although some do see Kundalini Yoga as a gentle urging of the Kundalini to rise. If you know what is happening and what to expect, it is much easier to move through the KUNDALINI ACTIVATIONS when this happens naturally. This initiates the MERKABA, Mind, Body, Spirit Unity, and connects one to the Collective Consciousness grid on this planet and the cosmos. This activates your Christ Consciousness ~ Christed Self Divine Spark within! This is what the 12:12 Portal is all about!

If you’ve not had your Kundalini Rise yet, this animation shows how it looks. See Animation Here.  This video is a MILD depiction as the body physically & violently shakes and vibrates from the inside out as Kundalini rises. If you are experiencing this now, to bring relief to physical symptoms, LAY DOWN on the ground and ground yourself with Earth to balance the energies. If not, you can feel gravity go, and feel like you are floating off.

This triggers the DNA to begin moving from 2 strand to 12. Your biophotons begin firing off within mixing with the phototonic gamma rays downloaded from the galatic central sun. When your Kundalini rises, your metaphysical gifts instantaneously become accessible over night. Colors are more vibrant! Energy is seen in colors and swirls everywhere, in everything and everyone. Your higher self sees no judgement and only other souls. You become a clear channel from the Divine to 3D;  Spirits, Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, God Source speak to you and through you. Inter-dimensional reality is seen and readily accessible. Shifting timelines becomes the norm as past, present, future merge and time illusion is discovered. Your past lives come forth through regression or meditation to heal those lost fragments of your soul and reintegrate them. Your intuition kicked into high gear! Your knowingness and discernment of energies on point. You can feel the vibrational frequency of lower energies and see them, as well as the high vibrational energies. You can see the energy swirling through the plants, grass and trees. You can see the Elementals protecting the land. You can see the fairies too! All of the realms become assessable for you to see by matching their vibrational frequency.

Your ability to see and read auras may come about. Your reality becomes energy, vibration and frequency constantly moving and shifting.


You begin to become cognizant of your own energy, and frequency and begin to see you are a magnet to anything of which frequency you choose to emit. The Law of Attraction is learned. The Laws of the Universe learned and followed now. You see all from your higher self void of judgement and lack. The abundance of the Universe opens up to you!


As Kundalini Rises it initiates the Dark Night of the Soul. Your soul becomes at war with your ego. During this period you feel alone, like the only person on this planet. You shut everyone out for this battle is only between your soul and ego to merge your mind, body, spirit unity. Your Christed Self and Christ Consciousness Divine Spark is ignited! As your body is vibrating and shaking from the inside out with Kundalini rising, dowloads commence, and upgrades progress rewiring your system and brain connections, ALL truth is revealed. You see everything through your third eye; past, present and future. Everything you thought was the truth is now shown as a lie. The exit from the Matrix commences. This further ensues the war with one’s egoic self and soul, higher self.


The heart palpitations start, and it feels like your heart is going to jump out of your chest. There is no chest pain, only pounding as the heart chakra opens wide increasing the reach of your heart’s electromagnetic field. Your sensitivity to energy becomes overwhelming. The Empath emerges fully and tries to understand this gift. The thirst for knowledge and understanding will keep many up, many nights and many days. Not stopping until their truth is found. What resonates sticks, what doesn’t is thrown out!


Synchronicities start to occur; triggers to remember begin, symbols, sacred geometry, articles, images, pictures, videos, numbers ~ 11:11, places and times in history, and the path to remembering continues for years with further downloads and upgrades. No, this is not an overnight occurence. It takes a lot of work and years soul searching. And for those who are thrust on this soul journey, it is understood that it was chosen prior to incarnating here for a higher reason and purpose. Then one ponders, what is my reason and purpose in all of this? WHY AM I HERE?! The search continues, the soul’s journey to remembering continues…

The healing starts now. Everything that is of lower vibrational frequency tied to emotion blocking your chakras rises to the surface to be purged, healed and released. ALL old must be let go, so the new will begin to flow in. You begin peeling back the layers, and painstakingly sitting with the emotional trauma of the past to heal. The darkness one feels through this period can seem like death, but you continue to clear the karma and cut the etheric ties. You begin to understand that embracing the darkness brings you to the Light. And you begin to understand this is always a fine balance to maintain. You keep doing this each and every time anything surfaces to be healed, purged and released. It sometimes takes years, so patience with yourself and self love and care are required.

Now is when your vibrational frequency increases so much that it repells anything/anyone not of the same frequency. Friendships dissolve, family ties are severed, you feel an uncontrollable urge to pick up and move to a specific place, and you do without hesitation! Then your “why” is answered, as to why here, why this place? Suddenly you are fired or quit your job as it has become out of alignment. Social media begins to connect you with like-minded Souls- this more synchronicity through alignment of vibrational frequency. You understand you are not alone. There are millions just like me going through the same thing! A new found exhilarating commences, and you form bonds with your soul tribe. This feels like your “true” family without blood ties. And you help guide and support one another through this journey.


Suddenly anything that is no longer in alignment with your soul is no longer acceptable to you. You are no longer willing to put up with drama, you no longer engage in ego battles, you no longer take someone else’s projection of themselves onto you as a personal attack. You see yourself as only a mirror reflecting back that which needs to be seen. You begin to go with the flow now, you no longer try to control the outcomes of situations or relationships. It is what it is, and it will be what it is to be. You only learn and grow from these now. You become more spontaneous and free. You become a sovereign free being by setting yourself free!


Your understanding of relationships change, and how you want to experience a relationship and sex changes. For each this is different, but it always brings up a longing for the Soul Mate or Twin Flame.


Your connection to nature becomes your energy source, your grounding source, your source of balance. You see the beauty in it all. You begin to know all elements obtain balance; Air, Fire, Water, Earth. You use each when balance is needed. The chakras (energy centers), in your body become a focal point of learning and understanding.


Then understanding how we manifest physical illness through these blocked and unbalanced energy centers. You begin to question how all of the world’s religions have an intertwining truth that is hidden and crypted, and how the rest was manipulated by man for control. Much more learning and discovering goes on and then….

Now your purpose begins to blossom, you understand your metaphysical gifts, you begin to use them, practice with them and perfect them, gain your confidence in using them. You know why you are here now. Your intuition becomes your compass and your guide, in which you NEVER doubt. Your synchronicities become your bread crumbs to continue following on your path. You know these are placed here for you by a higher power. You know you are Divinely protected and guided on this journey.

Archangel Michael, The Protector of Lightworkers

And so you begin… Your new journey starts here! You are no longer the person you used to be. And so, it no longer matters who accepts you and who doesn’t. You are your authentic self, this is me! I love you for you, love me for me, and if you don’t that’s okay too. It no longer matters, or is of concern who accepts you, or who doesn’t. You accept yourself, you love yourself, and you know that as long as you remain in this authenticity, you will attract the right people into your field and life going forward.

Your journey now begins to align with your soul purpose. And you fearlessly step out of your comfort zone into your new life purpose revolving around your metaphysical gifts and abilities. Why you came here answered! Welcome to New Earth! I SEE YOU! I love you. I bow to your light! Namaste’

Tiffany~ 💚🍃💚


CRYSTALS TO ASSIST- Apache Tear, Bone, Calcium, Coal, Coral –Black, Diamond, Garnet, Hematite, Howlite, Red Jasper –Brown, Jet, Obsidian, Onyx, Quartz – Serpentine, Tiger’s Eye – Tourmaline -Black.


Physical Symptoms- Gastric Discomfort – Kundalini


Kundalini awakenings affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state and well-being. As kundalini energy rises, you may undergo bouts of anxiety, depression, weight changes, migraines, nausea, palpitations and out-of-body experiences. Gastric disorders are also common during various stages of kundalini activity, and constipation, diarrhea, excessive gas, bloating and irritable bowel syndrome are some of the symptoms and conditions that can manifest.

The solar plexus, the third lower chakra, distributes energy throughout the body. This chakra governs the ego and has an effect on your emotional and mental state. It also controls the digestive system, which is why gastric disorders may develop when the solar plexus is energetically weak or blocked. Kundalini Teacher highlighted the issue of gastric disorders and kundalini awakenings, saying that problems can occur as a result of the kundalini energy clearing and purifying the solar plexus. It lists food sensitivities, diarrhea, gas, loss of appetite and cravings as common symptoms.

Digestive System – Gastric Disorders and the KUNDALINI:
Disorders occur as a result of the redirection of energy and enzymes from the solar plexus during the kundalini transformative process. The immune system is compromised during kundalini awakenings, which in turn affects the digestive system, depriving it of energy it needs to properly function. Candida is a disorder that can develop when the immune system is weak, according to Biology of Kundalini, raising the risk of other conditions such as leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome. Your body’s pH balance and electromagnetic field adjust during the kundalini awakening process, which interferes with the balance of friendly bacteria.

Biology of Kundalini suggests you gradually introduce raw liquidized foods into your diet to counteract gastric disorders. Juices, soups, wheatgrass and green smoothies are easy to digest, unlike solid fibrous vegetables and high-antioxidant fruits, which it recommends you avoid. Toxic-laden sugary foods, alcohol and caffeine should be eliminated to prevent overtaxing the digestive system. Kundalini Teacher considers it more beneficial to eat foods that agree with your individual digestive system and nutritional needs. The reason for this is that food sensitivities sometimes develop during kundalini activations, causing you to experience adverse reactions to foods you normally eat, while triggering new cravings. In such cases, it suggests you give in to your cravings, as they may be kundalini’s way of guiding you toward your body’s nutritional needs. Kundalini Teacher also strongly advises seeking the help of a naturopath during the process of purification for kinesiology allergy testing. Although the kundalini awakening may interfere with your bodily functions, symptoms are usually temporary. Seek medical advice if symptoms last for a prolonged period.

Love, Light and Merkaba Kundalini Blessings. This portal will bring you into your higher self, karmic debt cleared, life lessons learned, magical manifestations, clarity brought from subconscious to the conscious, increased vibrational frequency, collapsing past life timelines and shifting timelines. Hold onto your Kundalini, here we go!!

I want to leave you with this Amazing Merkaba Activations Video! Enjoy! 💚


By Tiffany Stiles
Metaphysical Life Coach


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5 thoughts on “The 12-12 Portal Kundalini Rising Into Christ Consciousness Merkaba Activations by Tiffany Stiles

  1. I know that you are answering, your call; in doing this.nI still have to thank you for your tenacity.When I close my eyes and let go, I only see violet.. I know am beginning to understand, that I am not alone. Namaste Tiffany

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  2. I know that you are answering, your call; in doing this, I still have to thank you for your tenacity.When I close my eyes and let go, I only see violet.. I know am beginning to understand, that I am not alone. Namaste Tiffany


  3. Oh my goodness….I am so excited reading all of this and I am so ready Tiffany!! Thank you for your AMAZING posts that ALWAYS let me know I am right on track and….NOT ALONE. Namaste Brook xoxoxo

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