SOLAR WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW: For the third day in a row, a fast-moving stream of solar wind is blowing around Earth. Wind speeds in excess of 600 km/s are disturbing our planet’s polar magnetic field and causing auroras to dance around the Arctic Circle. Last night, during a G1-class geomagnetic storms the auroas were magnificent. (



Dear Beautiful Souls!

Here We Go, Let’s Get Ready! This cosmic energy is bringing the urge for higher learning, higher doing, higher knowing. This download goes straight through the crown chakra, and as it occurs gravity goes, and goes fast! You begin to feel light, airy and tingly. The urge to learn more about your metaphysical gifts becomes priority. The urge to do and use your metaphysical gifts becomes priority. Many will experience channelings through higher dimensional frequency as this shift gets underway.

Through this shift you will notice the urge to clean up, clean out and organize, so this energy may flow freely through your space. You may be so inclined as well to set up an alter or sacred space in your home.

Vivid dreams and visions are possible as this shift also affects the Third Eye. Be sure to journal what comes to you, and share it if you feel comfortable doing so. As gravity goes with this type of crown chakra shift, inter-dimensional reality opens up, along with your connection to the Cosmos, God Source Energy, Christ Consciousness, the Ascended Masters, your Guides and Angels. You may receive messages and downloads through these clear, high vibrational channels. Telepathy increases, intuition increases and Energy Increases through this type of shift, along with creativity and creative based activities; Paint, color, draw, listen to music, write, blog, Create!

For this type of shift you will want to ground your energy with Earth. If you can’t go outside and stand in the grass barefoot, use your grounding crystals such as Hematite, Red Jasper and Black Tourmaline. Use grounding essential oils such as Myrrh, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang in a diffuser while meditating. You will notice the urge for “quiet” contemplation as these downloads begin to commence so you can understand and decipher them. This download through the Crown will connect you to your soul star chakra and the higher heart chakra and begin Merkaba Activations. The sense to forgive wrongs and let go will be powerful. The 3D denseness shifts to 5D and higher non gravity and freeness. Through this shift, karma can be swept clean, or can be obtained. Use it wisely!

The 12:12 Portal is Open! This portal initiates Christ Consciousness, Merkaba Activations, Mind, Body, Spirit, Divine Feminine/Masculine, Unity Consciousness and our connection to all. While this portal remains open, your power to manifest your reality is extremely magnified. Only see, think, feel what you truly want to manifest. Twin flames do have the ability to reunite this portal. The energy is powerful, magical and high vibrational! The 12:12 Portal reverberates throughout the planet as high frequency waves and ripples. This vibration is so powerful it is detectable by monitors and often mistaken for Earth “Quakes”, but it’s Earth “Shifts.” See this video.

If you take the time to align your vibrational frequency to that of this shift, you will connect to the vibration of manifestation! Here we go! Jumping timelines and shifting through dimensions. See the magical synchronicities of Universal Divine Flow and know you are Divinely blessed, protected and your every need taken care of while you remain in this vibrational alignment and frequency. Let the magic begin!

Much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey ~ Tiffany 💖✨😇 🍃 🍃


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7 thoughts on “Energy Report© by Tiffany Stiles December 7th-12th, 2016

  1. My grandson will turn four,he was born on 12-12-12, I want to know more about this portal for him.Thank you for this report,Feeling all of this.Namaste


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