HERE COMES THE SOLAR WIND: If you live near the Arctic Circle, get ready for Northern Lights. A solar wind stream is approaching Earth with wind speeds as high as 700 km/s. First contact with the fast-moving gas on Dec. 7th and 8th could produce G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras at high latitudes. (

Dear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report © by Tiffany Stiles

Last week we had a Solar Flare erupt from the Galatic central sun. This created M1 Class geomagnetic storms. In turn the phototonic gamma rays initiated more downloads and upgrades by mixing with our biophotons. This brought on both a burst of energy, then restful sleep to integrate the powerful energy downloads. Saturday brought a major burst of feel good energy, can’t sit still, can’t stop smiling or laughing. It felt great! I didn’t meet one person in a bad mood. Everyone was uplifted by this positive boost in energy. This energy combined with the moon conjunct Venus with another boost in “Love” energy. Everyone was feeling the love! We received a double whammy of feel good energy, which also triggered the Sacral Chakra to balance, or to bring underactive/overactive to the awareness. The heart chakra energy exploding into the collective consciousness unity consciousness!

Last evening Mars met the moon conjunct, which amplified the rest energy, detoxing began and alone time for introspection was beckoned. This brings things to the surface to heal, release, forgive and Let go! Release all that no longer serves your higher purpose, so there is room to accept the new coming in. By skipping this important step, you short change yourself, growth and evolution in the ascension process. It is no longer a matter of how long one can keep things buried that are uncomfortable to deal with. It will continue to resurface until you sit with it and heal, release and let go. Burying is no longer an option.

Sunday/yesterday, brought on a day of rest to integrate. And today brings on detoxing to clear toxins, and a releasing further of lower energies so the downloads may further increase vibrational frequency. You may feel sore, your skin sensitive to touch, and achey muscles today as the detoxing takes effect.

Drink plenty of water, meditate, ground your energy with Earth and eat light today. A warm bath with magnesium flakes, or Himalayan Sea Salt will assist in aiding the detox, and help ease muscle aches. You can add your favorite essential oils to your bath for an added boost, and drop a clear quartz crystal in the bath as well, to pull out lower energies and boost vibrational frequency. Be sure to clean and recharge the crystal afterwards.

As noted above, we have more geomagnetic storms on the way due to an open coronal hole. To prepare for more downloads, be sure to aide this detoxing process along today and tomorrow.

We are quickly approaching the December 12- 12:12 portal of the Trinity, Christ Consciousness Merkaba Activations, Mind, Body and Spirit Unity Consciousness. Until this portal opens and closes, the October 10th – 10:10 Portal of Change, and the November 11th – 11:11 Portal of Spiritual Change, Soul Evolution, matrix exiting continues.

These three powerful portals open and close every year bringing massive change, more spiritual awakening, more unity consciousness, more thirst for knowledge, truth and integrity.

This is the 9 year of Transformation, Change, Endings & Karma. As this year rushes to close out, you also feel a rush to also finish unfinished projects, get things in order, organize and Get Things Done! Many have experienced career changes this year into Service to Others fields. This year many have embraced their metaphysical gifts, and have begun to fully use these gifts in service of others. 2017 will be a year for many that propels them further and deeper into their fields of expertise. It has been a year of clearing karma and healing karmic ties. Once one has gone through this painstaking process, not obtaining anymore karma through unforgiving situations or relationships becomes priority going forward.

Learning to go With the Divine flow of energy has brought many to the realization that things begin to go, and move much more smoothly and easier in our lives when we just let go and let be. Loosing control and no longer trying to control the outcomes of situations brings a great ease of things falling into place for your highest and most Divine purpose here. Embrace the change and new coming into your lives now as this is a set up for great abundance in 2017 for all areas of your life! You deserve it, and you’ve all worked so hard this year to bring yourselves to this important here and now point in your life. Be prepared for big things and more big change on the horizon. And continue to be that change you wish to see in the world. 💖🍃💖

Sending much love to you all. 💖

received_1033191913446793 🍃 🍃

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