Dear Beautiful Souls!

As you have noticed, my Energy Reports have gotten less frequent than before centering around specific cosmic influences that affect one on an individual level as well as the collective.

In giving my Energy Report Updates in the past, I listed the cosmic influences, and how it affects the mind, body and spirit connection in human form. This, as a way to help you tune into your body’s physical cues at an energetic and cellular level. I did this on purpose to help you connect with your inner intuitive nature with the outter cosmic influences to the point you would not need to seek outside sources for confirmation and validation. Your body would tell you all you need to know if you began to tune in.

For those of you who have been following my Energy Reports from the beginning, over a year ago, I’m wondering….: did they help you to connect with your inner intuitive nature? Are you listening to your body? Are you seeking the cosmic influences to prepare for your next energetic upgrade and dowload? Have you learned to go with the flow, as we’ve learned nothing is constant but change in this new reality. Have you begun to adapt to change much easier than before?

2015 brought many upgrades and downloads on a consistent and continuous basis. These were extremely intense, and at times overwhelmed the body and the senses, while merging the mind, body and spirit merkaba.


While opening and clearing energetic blocks in the chakras. While bringing all to the surface of a lower vibrational frequency to purge and release. This integration phase kicked our asses big time! And some of you may just now be entering this phase, while some may well be past this phase.


As each portal opens and closes a new wave of souls begins to awaken to their truth. As each loses their fear and stands in their authentic light a ripple effect is created, like a pebble thrown in a pond. This sparks a remembering in another and another, and so on. Since 2011 there were very few people taking on leadership roles as guidance souls. And as the First Wavers awoke very quickly, they stood up and became the guiding force for others, to assist the next wave through so they wouldn’t feel alone. You were automatically guided to those First Wavers for answers, validation, confirmation on what you felt and what you were going through. As you remembered, you became the Second Wavers guiding the Third Wavers. Now….there are thousands of guiding lights in this world helping to walk others home to remembering at their soul level. This is the ripple effect. You may resonate with one more than others, or a couple vs. all. That is your discernment pulling you to your soul groups and soul tribes. Someone may write something and you read it and you say, YES! THAT’S ME! I feel that! Someone else may write something and you say, What? That makes no sense at all to me. What is he/she talking about? That doesn’t sound right to me and it does not resonate at my core.

2016 – The Year of Transformation

Here’s where the transformation comes in. Where in the past you may have felt it necessary to comment, to state your opinion, to try and have others see it your way, you now just pass it by. Not wasting your time or energy knowing each perceives their own truth within their vibrational reality and that is okay! Or you engage in a learning conversation while respecting one another’s views and truths. Acceptance ushers in. It is no longer a battle of wills, the ego steps aside and lets your higher self prevail in love and compassionate understanding. Compassionate listening ushers in. Have you said in the past, I don’t need you to fix me, I just need you to listen, understand, support, accept, and don’t judge me. When compassionate listening is enacted within, you have no choice but to just listen. Your mind can no longer be thinking ahead of a fix…there is none. We begin to listen to understand, not to respond, unless asked to. We do not force our beliefs, and projections onto another as we’ve learned they are only ours and ours alone.

Awakened Relationships~


As we integrated the energies of 2011-2015 and the transformative energies of 2016, the way we do, think, be and are… are different. We are not the same as we were 6 months ago, let alone 6 years ago. As we increase in vibrational frequency our perceptions and realities match the frequency we are resonating and vibrating at. The way you used to do, think, be is gone. All of the transformation you have integrated with has brought you to a new level of awareness. Through this relationships shift too. Many have become no longer a vibrational match to you and the relationship abruptly ends. You are no longer willing to go backwards, only forwards. You are no longer willing to stay the same, when your vibrational frequency has increased. Through the relationship evolutionary process of awareness, awakening, and remembering, we know there is more on a deeper level. We are no longer willing to accept anything less than the mind, body, heart and spirit connection. For those of you who are single and in the dating world, you begin to see how shallow, detached and unfeeling it all is. It’s a huge turn off, no one seems to get it, you think, what the hell is wrong with some people? Why is their heart so closed, what happened? While your heart is bursting at the seems with unconditional love, few understand the meaning of that and confuse unconditional love with expectation, and go fearfully running off back into their safe bubble, pushing everyone away. Only by keeping the heart open no matter how many times it’s been broken, stomped on, kicked and bruised will we ever connect with the true essence of unconditional love from a higher level of awareness with another soul. It all begins with self love and self mastery. It begins by allowing it all to surface and not being afraid to feel the raw, gut clenching pain. Through the pain the lessons are gained. With each new clarity on every past relationship, the denseness begins to fall away. The heart begins to heal. The heart begins to open with the self love, acceptance and nurturing you give to yourself. As you learn to love and unconditionally accept yourself you are in turn unconditionally loved and accepted by others. When one reaches this level of self awareness through much introspection, a lot of work and self mastery, there is no going backwards. There is no accepting any less than where you are, or is there?

No matter how much love and care you show someone, they can only meet you where they are, not where you are. This… another Ah Ha moment of clarity.

You begin to notice the Law of Attraction in your field. You begin to see what you think, do and say, it all comes right back instantaneously knocking on your door. Hello, this is your karma calling. I’m here to repay you in kind for your good thoughts and deeds and have you attune for the wrongs you have done. You have no warning when karma shows up. It will either give you a boost of good luck or it will kick your ass to wake you to the cycle of what you’re attracting into your life.

This is your wake up call to what should continue with synchronicity confirmations or what you should cease to do that comes to you as a block you receive, a set back, an illness, a life altering experience, a near death experience. This is the Universal energies giving the wake up call to continue or stop and re-evaluate and re-assess your thoughts, words and actions. The blocks come when you are out of alignment with yourself and truth. The synchronicities come when you are in alignment with your path and truth.

As we have rode wave after wave of dowloads, upgrades and integrations thus far increasing our vibrational frequency, upgrading our DNA, and evolving us to other levels of awareness of inter-dimensional reality; ALL of our senses are heightened. We listen to our body’s cues now, we rest when we need to, we disengage when we need to and we honor ourselves always now in this reality. Your free will is and been being returned to you. How and where you lend your energy now is specific.


Balance is more easily attained as you learn to integrate and accept both the light and dark aspects of self and know why one can’t exist without the other. Both are equally nurtured and accepted to maintain constant balance.

You see beautiful souls, it’s no longer just about the cosmic influences at play and how they will affect us physically, we have evolved beyond this level now.


And in this here and now, in your higher vibrational frequency, your awareness shifts to how you do things, what you say, what you think and how you react. Your awareness is from a higher level of self which gives you the clarity you need, the peace you’ve craved, the love to share, the bliss to just BE. Your awareness from this frequency shows you where and how to lend your energy. How to recharge your energy, how to transmute energy, and how to protect your auric field. From this frequency of awareness you see and feel the energy all around you; in living and in adament objects. In this level of awareness, through this vibrational frequency, you learn how to adjust your vibrational frequency to match the reality you seek. From this vibrational frequency of awareness instant manifestation is a daily occurrence. Here the magic happens every single day. This is 5D & higher.


In this vibrational frequency you hold, carry and emit, you become a beckon, a magnet, a guiding light to pull others out of their darkness and density. Your frequency is the signal you send out to attract your soul tribe, soul group, soul mates, twin flame. Then the ripple effect begins to take place all over again. The only thing constant in spiritual evolution is change. Learning to let go, relinquish control, go with the flow, be in the here and now and allow your signs and synchronicities, Angels, God Source, Ascended Masters, Guides and Goddesses to guide you, while tuning into the universal flow of energy and listening to your own intuitive nature.

You now know everything is how it should be. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. All the challenges, pain, abuse, suffering, hills and valleys, peaks and lows, has brought you through to the other side of 3D density to the evolved human you are today. This is not the end, this is only the preparation for what comes next.


Are you ready? 



Love, light and blessings on your continued journey ~ Tiffany


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15 thoughts on “Energy Shift Update- The New Here & Now by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Dearest Tiffany,

    thank you soooooo much for your wonderful updates. They’re such an easy read, such a pleasure to read as well! Your clarity is astonishing. I’ve only read your latest posts, but they’ve had a great impact on me! You’re an inspiration, a confirmation, a cherry on the pie.

    What a Goddess you are!

    Big kiss and big thank you,

    Kristien (Belgium)



  2. Have I ever told you I truly look forward to reading your posts! They have guided me and helped me remember……and YES I AM READY! Thank you for all YOU do and I am so grateful to have found you!


  3. Thank you so much Tiffany, your post are always on time in the here and now. The universe is perfectly in the where it needs to be at this moment, not a second too soon or too late. I AM ALIVE WITH LOVE AND LIGHT! NAMASTE! 😍🌈🌌🌎☀️


  4. Tiffany ~ One year ago this month ~ I found you 💖🙏🏼 . I had just started seeing 11:11 everywhere 😉. It was definitely a blessing in that you helped me see what was changing ( awakening ) in my life . Your guidance , encouragement , wisdom and gifted uplifting spirit helps me every day ! I looked forward to reading your energy reports because it helped me understand what ,why and how I was feeling . SO much growth during this transformation ☺️. Thank you for all your love and being a part of my soul tribe 😁✨
    You inspire me everyday ❣


  5. Awesome post. I have forwarded this to a man I met many years ago when he was a teenager who says I influenced him with my metaphysical books in the mid 80’s He has developed into a wonderful light and dedicates his life to healing. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A resounding yes…to every profound statement.The journey is for beautiful souls, THE SOUL requires,our own approval.Namaste, Thank you for your beautiful determination;
    Your guidance.Tiffany ,your day is big with blessings,my day has been blessed with your words.


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