*Full Moon In Pisces Ecplise/Square Mars September 16th

* Solar Activity – Currently Zero

* Mercury Retrograde until the 22nd

* Approaching Fall Solstice the 22nd- The Esoteric Meaning Here > http://belsebuub.com/articles/the-spiritual-meaning-of-the-autumn-equinox

With these influences in play at this time physical energy is null. Some may have found it difficult to keep their eyes open today/now, or found you needed to go to bed earlier last night in order to gain 12-14 hours of rest for integration of the last major solar cosmic wave that rippled through the collective on the 12th.

It seems patience and tolerance is waning more each day leading up to the full moon. Anger is rising to the surface and being directed at our closet relationships. All those little, annoying things others do that you used to let slide by are suddenly amplified to the point of zero tolerance, thanks to this full moon in Pisces square Mars. Least we not forget Mercury is still in Retrograde which is adding to challenging communication.

Many are hitting a brick wall at this time in their professional and personal lives. Doors are slamming shut which once deceivingly looked wide open. Ecplise Energies bring a screeching halt and slam doors shut to allow further introspection on important actions and relationships in our lives. If you are experiencing this currently, it’s time to take a step back and re-assess.

Being that this full moon is in Pisces and the ruling planet over Pisces is Neptune you can expect your intuition to be highlighted, your psychic abilities to intensify, and your dreams to be vivid and lucid.

This square Mars puts all relationships to the test with nitpicking here and there, annoying behaviors not being tolerated, others negative aspects being brought out for re-examining. Immaturity, crying and feet stomping would not be out of the realm if this energy is not accepted for its positive Venus/Uranus ties. In other words, the choice is ours to allow Mars which rules over Aries, or Venus which rules over Libra to lead us through these intense ecplictic energies. Aries will feel the fire of this square to keep tempers from flaring, and Libra will lend to love and balance and peaceful interactions. However, Libra will find it challenging to harness “nervous energies” felt now in a productive manner through creativity. If not careful, Libra can go the opposite direction with negative polarity within these energies. Pisces will feel it all and Leo will need to keep anger in check with Empathy and tolerance. Oh and Gemini ruled by Mercury, well they seem to be tolerating these energies better than the other signs with a hop, skip and a jump in their step and big, positive smiles on their faces ready for BIG FUN! By the time we are in the midst of this ecplictic volcano, balance in all areas of life will come into play, introspection on all will bring the clarity needed. Relationship lessons are also brought to the forefront, not only in this lifetime, but past lifetimes as well. Those from the past begin to resurface now for karmic healing and clearing. The past fear and guilt experienced within these relationships are to be cleared now to allow your new doors to swing back open after the Fall Solstice. These will be different from the ones which slammed shut. This will encourage many to step easily outside one’s comfort zone without the fear and anxiety that once held them back, if the work this energy prompts is utilized productively.

Solar activity is expected to remain low throughout this weekend. This allowing our full energetic focus to be on the moon and planetary aspects, prompting a major karmic clearing, introspection, life lessons learned and old karmic patterns to be SHIFTED from the old and outdated to the new and exciting! Many layers of old, dense energies can be healed and released during this time from blocked chakras.
This will bring on the urge to sleep more, rest and be alone to recharge. Physical pains in the shoulders and neck will be experienced as the weight of the burdens begin to lift. The lower root chakra and sacral chakra also finally feel a release from the fear and guilt of the Solar Ecplise on the 1st that brought this energy in. Harness this energy in focused creativity, music, art, grounding, meditation to bring you through the other side better than when you went in.

READ MORE ABOUT THE FULL MOON IN PISCES LUNAR ECLIPSE/SQUARE MARS HERE > https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1028681547231163&id=100002679812339

Sending Love, Light and Blessings on your continued journey ~ Tiffany 💖✨😇
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4 thoughts on “Full Moon In Pisces Eclipse/Square Mars-Energy Report by Tiffany Stiles

  1. Always look forward to your posts! I was wondering about this neck pain which I have NEVER experienced before and now understand I am releasing my burdens through this full moon which is WONDERFUL news! You are such a blessing Tiffany! xoxoxo


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