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We’re now entering into the powerful Eclipse Season that includes Mercury turning retrograde in Virgo, Jupiter moving to Libra, a Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st and Lunar Eclipse on Sept 16th. Starting this Tuesday, Mercury turns retrograde from August 30th at 29° Virgo till September 22nd at 14° Virgo and the arrival of the annual Autumn Equinox.

As this energy ushers in it creates an Energy Wave. Last night many of you may have found it difficult to sleep, wide awake, not tired at all. Or got little sleep but still awoke refreshed and energized! Creativity is sparked today through this energy wave as well. You may also feel the burn…your body heating up like a furnace, outbreaks of sweating, tingly hands and feet. If so you are feeling it! This energy is intense in get up and move, get it done energy. This will prompt a fall cleaning and clearing out of your space with organization taking top priority. This will also prompt new exercise routines where in the past that may have been lacking. This eclipse is focusing on the health of the whole picture of mind, body AND spirit health. Usually when Merc Retrograde ushers in the collective feels a negative energy wave pulsate through the collective, this one is different as it has Jupiter and Venus on its heals bringing the good luck, good love, good fortune vibration right along with it!

Mercury retrograde is a time for deeper introspection as it makes us take a step back to do a review. As you know, this is not the time to make large ticket item purchases, or make any life changing decisions. Do not sign any contracts or enter into any new partnerships at this time. If you were in the beginning stages of starting a new relationship, you may see the other party “pull back” through this transit or you may. This is to give the time to allow for proper healing and perspective to the old to then allow the new to enter. Allow this time to them or yourself, you won’t regret it. This time is strictly to review that which has been holding you back, clear these blocks and as we step forward out of the Retrograde we are entering with new minds, fresh eyes, and new perspectives to accept the new into our lives. In addition good-luck planets, Venus and Jupiter accompany us on this phase for feel good energy! Mercury’s retrograde occurs during September’s eclipse. This shines a spot light on out-dated ways of thinking/doing, patterns and overlaying operating systems. You can expect rapid timeline shifts through this phase as Merc Retro focuses on healing the old and outdated to make room for the new.

Eclipses usher in through timeline shifts and portal openings to new opportunities while closing and shutting the door on what no longer supports you. The Solar Eclipse coming on Thursday, September 1st at 09° Virgo highlights the fear, anxiety and paranoia building in the lower vibrational collective. The world news is just bad news meant to be a chaotic distraction to feed ego and duality. The news highlights meant to feed and instill fear and chaos to keep duality intact. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in the side lines and world drama. Focus on the good, it is out there you just have to look for it.

These eclipses are going to be shaking up and shaking down the illusions and lies that have been portrayed in the mass media. More truths being revealed by the day. More of those deceivers being made to stand correct and accept responsibility for their actions. Be aware of the disillusioned through this transit. See the distractions for what they are. Shut your TV off and be out in nature to remain grounded and balanced.

The eclipse season couple with the Autumn Equinox gives us the power to regain free will. To overcome ego and duality by making the final decision to remove ourselves from the drama, fear, depression, old outdated patterns and systems and the 3D illusionary matrix. To allow the lower vibrational energies within to surface and be cleared and healed, allowing for the higher vibrational frequencies to run clear and free through the mind, body and spirit. This uniting the merkaba activations/Christ Consciousness and clear chakras. The great central sun playing its own role through this transit in further photonic gamma ray dowloads, upgrades and further DNA activations.

Many of you may have been gung ho in moving forward with new projects and endeavors over the past two months only to be hit with a brick wall, many blocks and a heightening of your intuition to listen with additional signs and synchronicities pointing you in another direction. This was not by mistake. If you’ve received this queue and message, heed it. Now is the time through the Ecplise Season to give further thought and ask more questions regarding this new move. Take it as a sign that now is not the right timing. Wait until after the eclipse season and fall equinox have passed and see what fresh eyes and new perspective brings you going into October through the end of the year….then make your final decision.

Expect many new and exciting things to come through this transit. Be open to receiving the new and finally letting go of the old. The old EVERYTHING that has been holding you back!

Love, Light and Divine Blessings Tiffany~


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