For the past three mornings in a row I have been awakened at precisely predawn, just in time to see Orion’s Belt directly facing me proceeded by the sunrise with the blue star Sirius its conjunct.


This giving rising significance to the Lion’s Gate Portal opening on 8-8 linking matter & anti-matter. The physical with the metaphysical. Specific codes are activated and downloaded at this time within this galatic conversion of the Sun, Moon, Sirius, Orion’s Belt – The Lion’s Gate.


The precursor to this galatic line up is Leo in the New Moon August 3rd. You may feel like the optimistic and gracious hostess wanting to engage in get-togethers, parties and social gatherings. This New Moon bringing out the extrovert in even the most introverted souls. However, there is duality associated with this New Moon in Leo decan 2 as it squares with black Moon Lilith. On the flip side- in this square it challenges even the most extraverted with introspection regarding relationships closest to you causing decisions to be made to cut ties with those who are standing in your way and soul mission. This holds especially true for children of toxic, dysfunctional parents. Trines are spotlighted through this moon. What has been a constant source of negativity and toxicity in one’s life to this point will come to a screeching halt with final decisions being made, final boundaries being set and in extreme cases all contact severed. Keep in mind, you can’t please everyone and there will always be those who do not support you. You must make decisions for your own soul’s growth and expansion through this new moon approaching the Lion’s Gate Portal. The firery temper of Leo can be awakened if backed in a corner. You’ll have to keep anger in check and if it arises feel the source of it within. Leos were born with hearts to share and a freedom that cannot be caged.

July brought many challenges to many people with an air of depression, lethargy, loss of drive and passion with much introspection. Anger, anxiety, fear, feelings of abandonment, being alone, others challenging your resolve to the extreme. This shadow period was to clear last karmic ties and debt. To clean up past timelines that held dysfunction within your psyche. The old and outdated “programs” that you thought you may have conquered came rushing back into you through your back running programs that create self sabatoge, self defeating behavior and victimhood from past traumatizations. As the powers that be tried to reinitiate one last time and through a failed attempt, the 3D construct of mind manipulation through the falling Matrix hologram, you may have had past conversations that were harmful, hurtful, and damaging run and re-run through your mind. Trying to tear you down and wear you down to give up and throw in the towel in more ways than one- in All. The inner child within got a major cleansing through this phase as a deep healing occured for those who have awakened to their truth beginning 12-21-12. During this phase mainstream news outlets reported mass shootings around the world, murder suicides, and attacks on authority figures ending in murder as one’s shadow side was brought out to play with the ego and duality out of balance. The Cancer full moon with its feminine aspects coupled with Leo’s new moon in masculinity brings balance back. Over the past month a deep cleansing and further karmic healing has occured for those who were ready to pursue this dark shadow work in a healthy and productive way. Throughout July when the sun was forecasted to be calm it awoken with geomagnetic storms, massive coronal holes and now a CME is approaching Earth, forecasted to hit on the 3rd with the New Moon in Leo. Through this solar cosmic blast and New Moon energies you can expect more definitive endings in your personal relationships, jobs, residences on the heels of the 8-8 Lion’s Gateway and Portal.


At 11:59pm in your timezone on 8-7 you will begin to feel a major shift happen within as the portal opens striking midnight, codes are dialed up and downloaded and the crystalline grids power up on Earth and within. Timelines merge, inter-dimensional doorways open, matter and anti matter meet in the quantum field. The physical and metaphysical present with a dowload of more metaphysical gifts and abilities.

August 7th has such chaotic energy prior to this shift as can be compared to a rocket being initiated to launch into space.

My birthday is on August 7th, and I’ve always been cognizant of this chaotic energy that culminates on this day annually; and as the clock strikes midnight there is always a major shift in energies with renewed clarity, new life breathes in your being, activations and dowloads happen according to your body’s ability to handle how much. Positivity returns, the back running programs shut down. Your right brain kicks into high gear with renewed passion and purpose. This sets the course for NEW DOORS opening for you!

The Powerful Eclipse Season is starting August 18th. Oftentimes during eclipses, one door closes before a new door can be opened – they are considered pivotal moments tied to soul’s destiny.

In 2016, there are five key Eclipses – two occurred in March and three coming in mid-August/September.

1. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on August 18, 2016, at 25º Aquarius – 5:27am EST
2. New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on September 1, 2016, at 9º Virgo – 5:04am EST
3. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 16, 2016, at 24º Pisces – 3:05pm EST

It is an important time to stand within your authenticity and truth while stepping forward into the unknown and out of your comfort zone. It is an important time to remain grounded and continue to anchor the energies into new earth while remaining ever cognizant of your thoughts and manifestations of your thoughts. Exciting times are ahead with many cosmic influences at play initiating the next ascension upgrade for us and Earth.


Annually, as the Lion’s Gate Portal is activated, it creates a Unity Consciousness energy across the Electromagnetic Field of Earth. As the crystalline energies of Earth power up, we power up with it as upgrades and downloads occur simultaneously. This activates awakening codes within those who are still sleeping at the soul level.


For those who are awake further physical ascension occurs. As more and more awaken tapping into the unified grid further duality falls away and more unity takes place. As all of this is happening the heart chakra expands even further than the already massive upgrades we’ve already had this year. More hearts that were closed become open to love, the walls crumble and those Souls now step into the unified grid of new earth making it that much stronger rooted in love and not division and duality. As each newly awakened soul steps into the crystalline electromagnetic grid the vibrational frequency of love and unity becomes that much stronger. This next “wave” of ascension will prove to be another miraculous shift for hUmaNITY! Get ready beautiful souls we are in for one exciting ride!


This Week’s Leo Horoscope 

Leo Weekly Horoscope by Chani Nicholas

I was given a big heart. For a reason. I was given a big heart to help me thrive through all seasons. I was given a big heart so that I could listen in and learn from it. I was given a big heart because there is big pain here and that big pain needs big love channeled to it. I’ll be one of the many that will channel it when and where I am asked to. I was given a big heart because there is also big love here that I am meant to let in, receive and be rejuvenated by. I take in all I am given, gratefully. This is not a oneway street. I was given a big heart because this is a big world with big problems that need bigger solutions than the pettiness that created them. I hold a space for potentially outgrowing the division that diffuses our collective potential.

I believe in everyone else’s potentially big heart.

I dedicate myself to this heart of mine. I protect it. I share it. I let it out to roam freely. I dedicate myself to the opening of my heart, here and now. So that I can love myself fully. So that I can show up full. So that I can rise in solution and illuminate creative ingenuity.

I am dedicated to my totality, to my complexity, to my discrepancies and to my nuances. I’m dedicated to finding ways to remember to love myself through each experience, no matter what, no matter who else does, no matter if I want to in that moment or not.


To See All Horoscopes For The Week See The Source Chani Nicholas’ website @ http://chaninicholas.com/2016/08/new-moon-in-leo-horoscopes-for-the-week-of-august-1st/

Love, Light and Blessings
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  1. I so truely love reading your information.I am a Light worker myself and you always guide me to what is so right on track.Thank you.Thank you for sharing your gifts to people like me.


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