Look at the image. Which number is pulling you in for a message from Archangel Michael today? Allow your intuition to guide you. You may be pulled to more than one message, if so, they all hold significant meaning for you now relating to a current concern in your life.




Archangel Michael assists you now to consider and examine alternative options. This will lead to a peaceful and perfect resolution of issues at hand.

This sword is presented symbolically to you by Archangel Michael as a call for definitive action. The action that is required here is physical and creative action. The approach that you routinely undertake to problem solve will be ineffective with the current situation or issue that you are dealing with at this present moment in time. Angelic guidance will be delivered to you when you embrace a change in your regular thinking. Visualise yourself standing in a square. The square is secure but its space is limited. As you stand in the square the shape imposes a self restriction on your mental processes and functioning purely as a result of its composition. The process of “thinking outside the square” may also require physical action such as moving outside the four walls of your mind or your home. Archangel Michael may guide you to meditate with him, sit, walk or garden with him. Outside the restriction of the four physical walls your lungs will fill with fresh air and your mind will clear in readiness to receive valuable guidance. When you embrace a change in thinking you allow an influx of brilliant ideas, insights and moments of genius to surface that provide miraculous solutions to problems and difficulties.

AFFIRMATIONS: I am able to think outside the square. I am creative in my responses to stress and challenges. I am seeking a new way of thinking about this situation. I believe in my ability to unlock the way forward and set myself free

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Critical thinking, creative endeavours, new experiences, hidden potential, leap of faith, inspiration, wisdom, intelligence, self mastery, logic, self reflection, opportunity, soul searching, reinventing, evaluation, unique solution, vision, originality.



Archangel Michael asks that each new day is started by setting the intent of expecting something wonderful and exciting.

This sword is presented symbolically to you by Archangel Michael as a call for definitive action. Archangel Michael assists you now with programming each day with your intent. Your positive intent is all powerful and extremely protective. When the intention of expectation is set to welcoming something wonderful you are issuing an invitation to the universe to deliver whatever gifts are for your highest good. By programming each day with Archangel Michael you are preparing to accept joy, excitement, happiness and unexpected blessings for yourself and the people in your life. Archangel Michael asks that you connect with him each morning on waking before getting out of bed: open your eyes and say to yourself or out loud “something wonderful is going to happen today!” Setting this intent is like throwing a blanket of positive energy in front of you that assists with manifesting wonderful things on all levels.

AFFIRMATIONS: I start each day on a positive note. I manifest great things into my life with ease. I allow my Angels to bring me wonderful gifts each day. I am open to manifesting and receiving an abundance of wonderful blessings.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Relinquishing control, positive thinking, manifestation, happiness, special blessings, surprises, highest good, ancient wisdom, personal growth, destiny, receiving, enhanced creativity, balance and harmony, awe, inspiration.



Archangel Michael suggests the “gold mesh protection technique to bring security and harmony to your energy field”.

This shield is symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael as a powerful tool of protection. Archangel Michael encourages you to learn to work with the powerful energy of the golden ray. This is the coloured ray of light that the Angels and Archangels are particularly attracted to due to its high vibrational frequency. Not only is this colour extremely protective it is a pure Angelic energy that will bring more Angels to assist you to protect yourself, your family and your home. Working with this colour assists you to connect with your Angels each day and is paramount to use during meditating. The golden ray assists with bridging the energetic gap between the earth and Angelic realms so that you can receive Angelic guidance and Angelic downloads of warning more easily. Archangel Michael asks that you invoke Angelic protection at the beginning of each day or more frequently as guided. Visualise yourself surrounded by a beautiful sparkling golden mesh that has tiny holes just like a “fly wire” or piece of wire mesh. If you are not visual don’t worry, your God given power of intent along with Archangel Michael’s assistance will see it placed perfectly. The golden mesh shield is pure protection and acts as a repellent to negativity but its small holes also allows the flow of positive energy, the vibration of love in both directions. Another vital aspect of the golden shield is that is works as a sponge for your own negative thoughts and absorbs them to be transmuted by the Angels so that they are not delivered into your aura or the universe. Any time during the day you require extra protection quickly say to yourself: “Shields up Archangel Michael!” and it will be done.

AFFIRMATIONS: I am safe. I am guided and protected. I am protected by the Angelic golden ray of light. Archangel Michael stands before me in love and protection.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: The sun, enlightenment, deep understanding, benefactor or patron, kindness, wisdom, knowledge, a call to connect to the Angelic realm, meditation, a golden opportunity, gold medal, award, first place, a golden moment in time, a golden key.



Archangel Michael delivers powerful healing to sever energetic cords of attachment and rebalance your energy fields.

The sword and shield are symbolically presented to you by Archangel Michael as powerful tools for stress relief. As energetic beings in a human body, our energy levels can be easily depleted, sending the physical body into a stressful state. Archangel Michael is an expert at detecting energetic cords of attachment that deplete your vital energy levels. These cords can form in your general interactions with family, friends and colleagues and especially during contact with people who are stressed, unwell or who have low energy levels. Call Archangel Michael in to stand beside you and ask him to sever and seal any attachments that have formed in your energy field. Archangel Michael will call in extra Angels to also bring healing for the other person/persons who have formed the cords to rebalance and maintain their own personal energies. It is vital to maintain you own God given energy for your health and wellbeing. As a caring, generous, compassionate soul it is easy to let your energetic guard down. Any time that you feel tired and listless call on Archangel Michael for a “check up scan!”

AFFIRMATIONS: I am healed by Archangel Michael. My energy fields are clear and full of God’s light. My energy fields are in total balance and harmony. My chakras, meridians, light bodies and templates are in perfect balance and alignment.

ALTERNATIVE MEANINGS: Need for daily protection, rescuer archetype, high stress job, psychic attack, energy drain, co-dependence, need for grounding.

Love, Light & Divine Blessings on your continued journey ~Tiffany 💝✨😇💫


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Today’s reading compiled with Michelle Newton’s Archangel Michael Sword & Shield Oracle Cards.


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