When we start expanding, we experience a Euphoric High and we float inside… This is Ascension for the Human. The EXPANSIVE HIGH is LIGHT. It is also the Descent of the higher self being birthed from within.

For the AWAKENING CELESTIAL STAR BEING, we LOVE to float, BE in the ethers, the other dimensions and we don’t like the human physical reality world…. We want to stay high ALL OF THE TIME…. and many of us chose drugs/alcohol/sex as a part of our own expansion journey here… not understanding “how” this works….

For the strong-willed human, strong masculine energy, the survivor…. we don’t “give up our control”. Yet we LOVE THE FEELING OF EUPHORIA…. and we will do anything to achieve and maintain that state, and these gave us that ability for awhile. WE “thought” we were escaping, when in fact we were connecting to our natural state. We were also bringing down the walls of resistance, fight and protection, that we held in place, as safety mechanisms and survival mode…. It was also a way of escaping & dealing with what was too overwhelming at the time. We didn’t understand….

For the STAR BEING, the sleeping “Light Worker”, we didn’t understand at the time… that we had these magnificent gifts, abilities and purposes, all we could see was “what was wrong with us or how we weren’t/didn’t have enough”… We also flipped it and tried to save everyone else or put others first and found that didn’t work either…. For WE were just trying to “save” ourself…

As Light BEings, WE CARE and when we care “too much”, we want everyone to be happy, experience the magnificence of their own perfection and beauty, the PURITY that we see… Yet we can’t see that about ourselves at the time…

There are many things that assist us with our EXPANSION OF LIGHT…. (give us that high)…. anything that opens our heart and brings us that CONNECTION AGAIN to our true self that we can’t otherwise feel without it…. the Beach/Lakes, Nature, the mountains, Creativity, simplicity, groups of others with open heart, food, animals, music, laughter, fun, crystals/andaras, sometimes just a cup of tea/coffee in silence watching the sunrise/sunset…. anything that makes us happy.

Yet many do not understand they are seeking a FEELING, A CONNECTION and a STATE OF BEING…. that is achievable naturally, without these things…. yet for many of us, we did “need these things” at that time, for our journey…. and we cannot beat ourselves up for doing what helped us open our heart, relaxed our mind, allowed our stuff to come up and our Light to Expand from inside, to begin the next phase our own AWAKENING TO OUR HIGHER SELF ASPECTS FROM WITHIN…..

Sometimes the walls are too strong, too impenetrable and our mind is so strong, the distortions are so loud, that we disconnect totally from our self AS SOURCE. We give our power away to something else, for it’s easier than feeling uncomfortable and painful feelings that were dormant and hidden deep inside. The PURITY OF LOVE allows us to understand what is truly going on, so that we can consciously release the discordant energy that creates the feelings of discomfort, rather than believing the unworthiness, guilt, blame, shame judgmental stories we tell ourselves ….

THE ADDICTION IS TO THE LIGHT, OUR LIGHT…. and we don’t understand this at the time. The relaxed euphoric state of “No thought happy, giggly. peace”….

Through the activation of our Light, WE do have to float, for awhile, to release the limiting mentalities, the cords/attachments and to hold the frequency of our higher aspects light. This can be one long phase, or on & off over the separation of time. Yet there is a time we all have to COME DOWN… This too happens in increments over time. Or it can be a crash landing, depending on the journey we chose.

WE EXPAND, WE LAND…. This is how we Quantum Jump and anchor all in the physical here. Each landing, for awhile, can be abrupt. It takes our awareness each time to do this easier. WE MASTER THE LANDINGS after awhile.

Anchoring the other dimensions in this physical one, is beyond challenging, nothing like we “thought” and we REAL-EYES that we are not going anywhere, we are in a different physical dimension and different timelines, continually. We MASTER THE PHYSICAL and integrate all into one. WE WALK in multiple dimensions, simultaneously, and we move between them all constantly/simultaneously, without completely losing our mind (yet we do, which is the cool part, except when we are going through it).

Our existence is a purification process, a REMEMBERING ourselves AS DIVINE LOVE AGAIN…. No more separation, no more struggle inside, no more inner fight. No more sabotage, punishing, feeling bad, being sorry or judging ourselves. We also do not define ourselves by our experiences, what we did… we realize how important everything was for us at the time and we take it and use it to help others see too, release themselves too, love themselves too AND CONNECT WITH THEMSELVES AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT INSIDE to feel the euphoria of BEING A HIGHER SELF as a natural state of being again.

WE HAVE TO ALLOW OURSELVES to do the things naturally that bring those peaceful, magical, blissful feelings back and let go of the stories and need to feel and live in LACK. There are SO many opportUNITIES in our everyday experiences where we can achieve the HIGH THROUGH THE EMBODIMENT OF LIGHT. Opening & sharing our heart, reaching others through consciousness, contributing and making a difference, inspiring…. These are us being ANGELS and STAR-LIGHT-BEINGS here.

Every time we anchor the higher realms “down” into this physical plane here, we realize we are still in a physical reality world. Mastering the physical and our everyday experiences, require total presence, connecting to the ENERGY OF ALL THINGS and BEING TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE for what’s going on inside of us, the frequencies we transmit out and that which we allow to exist in our own immediate physical realty and field of consciousness. We have to resolve everything from within us, we have to choose what we do want, we have to ask our Universe to bring forth a higher dimensional realities to experience and we have to take it, when it comes around, instead of choosing the “safe way”, that which what we perceive as “easier”, instead of dissolving the fear/discomfort energy inside that keeps us from actually experiencing the magical, blissful, euphoric physical realities here.

As MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS, we will constantly move between expansion and contraction, limits/no limits, perceived obstacles and challenges, which are necessary for our expansion here.

WE can maintain consciousness and still feel human when we are in these contracted energies. The difference is we are not human, we are hybrids and our human aspect is just tiny aspect of who we are…. When we are fully conscious…

WE can maintain that space of PURE DIVINE ESSENCE LOVE, that space AS LIGHT and KNOW that the EUPHORIA will return as we transcend that limited aspect of our humanness…. We don’t have to “go back” unless we listen to our human/head, then we do, because our heart has closed and there was more human energy hidden deep within. We don’t technically “go back”… we realize there was more energy & we choose to work through it consciously instead of trying to run from ourselves, which just creates a different path/timeline to experience for awhile…

WE are not to close our heart down anymore. Wide open is how we do this journey here.

When WE close down, we go human, we go small and we disconnect from our Light…. Expansion occurs when the heart, mind, energy are all wide open…. and we can maintain that expanded state naturally…. We have to love our self and the journey we chose… and embrace each moment right now. 💝

You are here to BE the difference and to experience the most magnificent physical realities now. The old timelines collapse & dissolve as you release them and allow them to go. You either keep re-creating them or move on….. Resistance and condemnation create suffering inside which manifests as our physical reality timeline world. There is always an alternate physical reality that exists when we intentionally shift our vibration to gratitude, appreciation and utilizing everything to be in-service here. Here we own everything. It’s part of taking our power back and being free again. We also let go of the prison of human judgment. There is no judgment in love.

Embracing You & Your Journey is EMPOWERING.

With the utmost love and respect,

By Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ (with contribution by Lee Bonde)
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Coach, Guide

2 thoughts on “Being Addicted To The Euphoric High

  1. WOW! You must know my personal history and struggles with the “high” and wanting to stay there via use of drugs to get to that spiritual state was searching for. Thanks to my Divine energy source, Angels, and spirit/light workers I no longer require the use of those substances to be exactly where you have written about. Feeling so blessed and connected to the soul’s I have missed for so very long! Thank you so much for this post as it hits “home” big time.


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