Three Card Oracle Reading For Relationdhips~ Is This Reading For You?


Feel the soul’s wisdom through a heart of compassion..

“Real happiness can stand the challenge of all outer experiences. When you can bear the crucifixions of other’s wrongs against you and still return love and forgiveness; and when you can keep that divine inner peace intact despite all painful thrusts of outer circumstance, then you shall know this happiness.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Forgiveness is an act of the heart — a movement to let go of pain, resentment or outrage. Remove any negative emotions from your heart and mind. Release yourself from the sorrows of the past, as these perceptions are burdens to your soul.

Engage in the act of forgiving and keep your sympathetic heart pure. This is one of the greatest gifts of spiritual life.
We have all been wronged and we have all caused suffering to others. The unconscious transgressions you commit or the displeasing things that happen to you do not matter. It is what you become as a result of these experiences that is important.

God forgives you constantly for misguided thoughts and actions. You, being a child of God, are to forgive in the exact same way. This is your Godly duty here on earth.

If you feel you are unable to behave this way, know that you are only hurting yourself. You will stop the natural current of love from flowing into your essence.

Now is the time to cleanse your heart, release any pain and replace it with love. You will smile as divine gifts of peace come pouring into your presence.
Free yourself… once and for all!

Am I holding onto any person that I feel has caused me suffering?
Have I forgiven myself for any suffering I may have caused another?
How would it feel if I completely forgave everyone whom I believe has harmed me? How would it feel if I completely forgave and loved myself?

I now forgive everyone and myself. I am free!


Expand your consciousness by utilizing every life experience..

“Growth means change and change involves risks, stepping from the known to the unknown.” ~ George Shinn

Growth is the process of responding positively to every experience in your life. Every circumstance is an opportunity for you to grow into a healthier, more conscious being.

Through the universal law of cause and effect, all happenings are in complete alignment with your soul’s purpose. When you fully understand that you have created every situation happening to you, wisdom is born.

Life’s experiences are the gifts that bring you back to the awareness of your Oneness. Be aware of these precious gifts. Arrive at the understanding that each experience is ultimately for your own good and your life will begin to change.

Perceived obstacles are opportunities that can be overcome by perseverance and wisdom. When you embrace every hardship and face adversity with a spirit of determination, you will inevitably grow!

What you learn from each challenge shapes your character. Your trials, sorrows and heartaches aid you in developing courage and strength.
How you meet each trial determines your future happiness and success. This incarnation is your own personal spiritual journey; these experiences have been created specifically for you and by you. How you choose to perceive this life is solely up to you. You can either allow circumstances to defeat you or you can reign triumphant over your life.
The purpose of your soul’s evolution is to reunite you back into your Beloved’s arms. Your soul is the bright and shining perfection of Spirit.

Life is constantly changing and growth is the process of embracing these changes in a positive way.

As Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change” but remember… the only thing that is changeless is God!

Do I accept change?
Am I willing to take 100% responsibility for my life?
Do I allow myself to grow from my hardships and suffering?
Can I embrace every situation in a positive way?

I respond positively to all of life’s experiences and allow myself to grow.


Remove all masks of false beliefs and shine as your Godly self..

“The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.” ~ Maxwell Maltz

You have thought of yourself as having certain qualities with feelings and emotions that define your character. You have become identified with your body, mind, belief patterns and material objects.

You mask your passions and desires with these false impressions because you have utterly forgotten your real nature. Every day you are impersonating different characteristics according to your changing feelings that dance with your current thought patterns.

Realize that these characteristics are not part of your true nature. When you realize this, you will be able to cast off these delusive states and step into your divine Self.

Explore the beliefs you carry about who you are. Take a good look within and see where these programs originated.
What do you believe about yourself? Are you really who you think you are? Are you wearing masks created by what others perceived you to be? Are you entangled in feelings while imagining you have no choice? Do you even know who are you? Do you really, truly know who you are?

Deeply analyze your thoughts, emotions and feelings, realizing they arise from past conditioning. Your soul has identified itself with emotions and you have imprisoned yourself in various moods that cause all of your suffering.
You have put on masks created by false beliefs that have been fed by the stimuli of emotions. This illusion is so powerful; distortions have become truths you believe about yourself.

Your feelings and beliefs have masked your soul. The way to escape is to dissolve the feelings and emotions connected with body consciousness. Meditation is the way to achieve this.
You are not any of these masks; you are pure, calm Spirit. Your beautiful soul is the blessed reflection of Spirit. It is time for you to take off the masks of delusion and face your real Self. You will absolutely love what you find!

What masks am I ready to release?
Are my beliefs the absolute truth about myself?
What negative beliefs are holding me back from fulfilling my dreams?

My identity is the essence of pure Spirit.

(Your three card Intuitive Relationship Reading compiled with Fawn Sundara’s Soul Wisdom cards.)

Crystal ~ Rose Quartz


Crystal To Assist You Through This Phase: Rose Quartz

On the below link is description of Rose Quartz, an included meditation and a link to purchase rose quartz if you wish.This is crystal for you both to embrace during this next phase of your relationship. CLICK HERE FOR CRYSTAL INFO, MEDITATION & PURCHASING.

Essential Oil To Assist~Lavender


Lavender – Ah, the “swiss army knife” of essential oils. So versatile, potent, yet gentle. Lavender famously relaxes, soothes, and nurtures…and it can do the same for a relationship.

You can use Lavender in a diffuser, or add 6 drops to your bath for relaxation and infusion. If you are feeling stressed you can put a drop on each pulse point on the wrist. Or for headaches one drop in the forehead.

Link To Purchase Oil ~
Link to purchase Lavender if interested: CLICK HERE! 

Much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey. ~Tiffany 😇✨💝

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This reading was compiled with the Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards by Sawn Fundara.


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