Dear Beautiful Souls!

We are out of Mercury Retrograde….and doesn’t it feel fantastic?! We are finally getting back to forward momentum! Today the creative juices are flowing! This is a great day for collaborations with co-workers, partnerships or for you to individually create something that is tied to your passions, and that which brings you joy! Write, create art, music, start a blog, who knows, there are No Limitations that exist anymore! The sky is no longer the limit. We have reached Universal status now! All intentions sent out manifest rapidly into your reality. The energy is high today, and the vibrational frequency high today making for good communication. Reconnect with friends socialize, enjoy today and get your fun on! CREATE!

Solar activity is low today. This gives us the energy we need to get things done, clear our space, our minds and begin to create the life in which we wish to see.

Archangel Jophiel – I am the Light!


By Elmarie Swartz

Archangel Jophiel, fill my body, mind and spirit with light!

Archangel Jophiel (Beauty of God) and The Angels of Illumination

Archangel Jophiel – I am The Light
Beautiful inspirational thoughts, we love them, that’s Archangel Jophiel.

He helps you to think beautiful thoughts, those thought that enable you to attract and manifest more beauty in your life.

You know when you have those sudden flashes of wonderful inspiration and suddenly the answers to problems, that is Jophiel bringing joy, laughter and light, he also helps you with studying, exams, and concentration as well as developing intuition, inner wisdom and insight.

Because Jophiel helps in absorbing information, it’s a great idea to have him at your side when you’re studying for and want to pass tests.

Call on Jophiel’s energy to help you slow down and smell the roses or if you are feeling a creative block.

NOTE: Jophiel and the Yellow Ray helps healing by reinforcing energy, strengthening weak body processes and also assists in healing arthritis, joint stiffness and immobility. The Yellow Ray is great for breaking down cellulite and removing toxins. (Source)

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Is This Card For You Today?


Creative Juices ~

There are no limitations on the beauty you can create! You are in the diver’s seat of your passionate pursuits.

“Creativity is the intelligence having fun.” ~Albert Einstein


When you are in perfect alignment of your soul’s passions and pursuits, your creative abilities are limitless! Typically most people pursue their creative passions in their free time because it brings them joy, peace and happiness. Did you know the thing you are most passionate about is tied to your soul purpose, your life’s purpose, and this is why you came here? This is your gift to share with the world be it: Art, writing, speaking, music, comedy, making beautiful things with your hands, writing a blog, etc…

Creativity stems from our right brain. “I am the Right Side of your brain. I am creativity. I am a free spirit. I am passion, yearning, sensuality. The feeling of sand beneath your bare feet. I am movement- vivid colors. I am the urge to paint on empty canvas. I am boundless imagination. Art, poetry, writing, music, design. I sense, I feel, I am everything I wanted to be.”

If you are feeling a creative block this relates to your 2nd chakra (sacral). The color that relates to this chakra is orange. Wear the color orange or look at a picture of an orange glorious sunset to stir your creative juices. Crystals to assist are: carnelian, orange calcite and fluorite. Essential oils to boost creativity are: citrus orange, ylang ylang, jasmine and neroli. Yoga poses to bring creativity out are: child’s pose and upward facing dog pose.

Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel to call on if you are feeling a creative block in your passions and pursuits. Simply call on Jophiel and he will give you the boost and clarity you need to remove this block.

Introspection ~ Am I too busy drudging through daily life that I have put my creative passions on the back burner? Am I creating a block within myself due to fear of acceptance in pursuit of my true passions?

Affirmations ~ I am creative energy in motion. I feel and sense all of the colors of beauty. I fully engage in and pursue the passions that bring me joy, peace and happiness tied to my life’s purpose.
(~Tiffany Stiles Metaphysically Speaking Oracle Cards.)

Love, Light and Divine Blessings on your continued journey. 💝😇✨ ~Tiffany Metaphysically Speaking


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