Dear Beautiful Souls! Energy Shift Update by Tiffany Stiles ~ May 22nd, 2016

The Focus: Shifting timelines, alternate timelines, inter-dimensionally reality, spontaneous metaphysical gifts being downloaded and instant manifestations. Oh, and least we not forget the full blue Sagittarius moon with Mars lighting up the night sky beginning May 21st.

As mentioned in my previous reports and updates, May has proven to be one intense month of energy shifts. Shadow work has been the forefront of this month, which will continue with Mercury Retrograde in full swing. Introspection and going within will carry through the end of May. There is a specific reason for this; this is showing us old ways of thinking and doing things is no longer bringing the same results it used to. We must think, not outside of the box, but realize there is NO box! This is showing us, especially in our relationships, we must come from a place of unconditional love for healing to occur. If we do not heal what the energy brings to the surface for us to heal, we remain stuck there until we do. Lessons will keep presenting themselves to us until we SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS. A life lesson to learn and grow from a soul level, forgive, heal and progress forward. This is where being stubborn and set in our ways is showing us this is no longer working. We must realize the box is gone and we are one.

When one goes through this inner turmoil and struggle our guides step in to assist and through meditation or dream state we are shown a different timeline within another dimension of this situation to give us another perspective and for inner healing to occur.

This past month of shifts has shined its focus on our inner child and healing of our inner child related to our parents, siblings, and our most personal and close relationships which are soul contracts, including past life karmic debt and ties to these soul contacts. This is a deep healing within the soul level to clear past karmic debt and ties. I can tell you, you can try to cut the Etheric Cord on these relationships; but they aren’t going anywhere until the past karmic debt is cleared and the soul contract has served its purpose in teaching us what we made the contract for to teach us before we got here. These are our most difficult relationships we’d rather not deal with and get on with our purpose. However, your purpose will not reach its full potential until this work has been done and healing has occured. You will feel a block in certain areas that are hindering your progress and will keep holding you back from progressing forward. There is a piece of your heart that still has chains wrapped around it due to immense pain the relationship has caused.

When this shadow work is brought to the surface it is being brought up for us to work to heal from a very deep soul level and allow a purging of negative emotions and lower vibrational energy to be released surrounding this situation. Remember, when you forgive someone you are not changing your past, you are changing your future. Forgiving someone is not excusing what they have done that caused much pain, it is realizing the karmic lesson and debt we carry with this person at a soul level and what this situation has taught us. We must remove the ego and go through our higher selves to SEE WHAT this is and SEE it for WHAT it is. Only then can we forgive and allow healing to occur, which will instantaneously propel you further on your path within your Divine purpose. There are no strings attached to forgiveness, you are setting yourself free from this binding soul contract and clearing the past karmic debt, wiping the slate clean, per say so you can move forward heart centered and balanced.

This month has brought many dowloads and upgrades within a deep cellular and DNA level. Crystalline energies through Solar geomagnetics have been consistent throughout the month. And with this comes your metaphysical gifts and abilities being automatically downloaded sometimes over night. You may wake up one morning and you can see, feel and realize you can heal with energy. You may be able to see the aruric layers and colors surrounding people as you pass them by or sit and have a conversation with them. You may realize you can astral project or travel where you wish, and at will and see what someone’s living room looks like half way around the world, how they’re feeling and feel the energy surrounding the space. (I recommend NOT doing this without prior permission. It is an invasion of someone’s energy and space.) And if you do, only do so with good intentions as karmic return is Swift as the unified grid is intact connected to the Universal energies and laws, ie; instant manifestations, both good or bad set within your intent.

Through your gifts expanding, you will be shown alternate timelines within other dimensions and you will see yourself within those timelines. The reasons why will present themselves to you while you inhabit that dimension briefly shifting in and out through meditation or deep dream state. Inter-dimensionally reality is reality. There is NO box!

This month has brought us many gifts and much shadow work to prepare us for the next step in this evolutionary process. If you haven’t begun to work through the shadow work yet, we have had not one, but five planets in Retrograde this month purposely to give us another chance to work through this difficult phase.

We are evolving into light beings inhabiting a physical body. The pure and omniscient soul of who we are. Not much further in the future, those who’ve been hiding behind a lie or facade will no longer be able to do so as all is and will be transparent for all to SEE. What magnificent times we are in!!

Today we have energy coming in to expand the heart chakra even further in unison with the Crown Chakra. This to assist you, me and us into our higher selves void of ego to do the important work that needs done.

The Full Moon

As per Dark Star Astrology

Full Moon May 21 2016 is at 1º Sagittarius Decan 1. This is quite a frisky Full Moon to say the least. Not only is in a fire sign, but it is also conjunct a flaming Mars Retrograde.

Moon conjunct Mars feels we are growing up in a war zone because of the amount of emotional domestic explosions. In work situations, managers are easily inflamed so that everyone else in the company feels like they are treading on eggshells. If we are working on red alert in the public domain, then it can be find quite hard to mellow out when we go home to our calmer roommates or partner. Those of us who grew up in explosive families will feel this Full Moon acutely. The moon rules memories and this one could remind us of walking through the domestic minefield of our youth. It is important that we don’t let ourselves be triggered into emotional flashbacks. You could now be picnicking in the most benign of pastures, so don’t let the angry Moon make you too paranoid.

Sun opposition Mars is often so at war with itself, that they can get caught in a never-ending spiral of self-sabotage and accidents. But if we manage to slay our own demons at this Full Moon, we will eventually learn to co-operate with others. There is success in the end, but only after a period of struggle. At this time it is best to work for ourselves, as those touched by this full moon will not be good team players at all. In fact it might even be quite dangerous to compete due the combative vibe in the collective. Sun opposite Mars can be so competitive that it takes really stupid risks just to get past their rivals. This Full Moon can make people egoistical and inconsiderate. At it’s worst, Sun opposite Mars’s hazardous behaviour, which puts others in peril, is never forgotten.

Full Moon May 22 2016 ~ Summary

At this Full Moon we need to have a target to aim for with our poison arrows. We don’t want that venom flying all over the place! Without a specific aim, the imagination and infinite, magical possibilities of this Full Moon are wide open for corruption. We will need to blinker our Sagittarius horse and keep focused beyond the fluoro spooks that are trying to distract us. (Source)

Astrology by Elesa says, Full Moon In Sagittarius – WAR! 

The moon in Sagittarius is known to be upbeat and gregarious. It tends to be unsinkable and possibly inflated.

In this case, you can see Mars is conjunct the moon. Pushy Mars in a Fire sign.

Sagittarius is all about what they believe; specifically what they believe is the truth. Have you ever have someone try to shove their truth down your throat? Pisses you off, huh?

I titled this post, “War”, because across from that angry, inflated Moon, we have the Sun or the EGO in Gemini; tricky and possibly two-faced, conjunct Venus in (stubborn) Taurus.

So we have a Sun Moon opposition and a Venus Mars opposition. And the Sun is opposing Mars and the Moon opposing Venus. That’s a lot of male/female stuff and they’re not exactly getting along.

We’re going to see this play in the Jupiter-ruled press for one thing. Trump vs. Clinton? You’ll see it play around the world. But you’ll also see it play, close to home, possibly in your own family. If you want to fare well, work the mutable angle. Be willing to change your mind…or open it. It might also be a good idea to forgive people who blurt things under this full moon. These days, entire careers come crashing down over the smallest thing. This may seem fine when it happens to your enemy. It’s not so fine when it happens to you or your wife or your friend or your sister, your son or your mom.

There’s an opportunity to feel benevolent (Sagittarius) act heroically (Mars) and intelligently (Gemini) with loyalty (Taurus) under the full moon. I realize this may not be easy, but cleaning up after some kind of bloodbath is not easy either! (Source)

May 21st Full Moon & Angel Number 521


By Joanne Wamsley- Scared Scribes

Angel Number 521 brings a message to keep your faith and trust strong, and expect the very best in your life. Maintaining a positive attitude and an optimistic outlook will manifest auspicious circumstances and opportunities in your life. You are encouraged to elevate your thoughts, ideals and expectations as this will manifest and create wonderful new opportunities and experiences in your life. Expect the best, and you will receive it. Angel Number 521 is a message from your angels that the life changes you are contemplating or experiencing are for your highest good and will be of long-term benefit to you. These changes are positive and in-line with your Divine life path and purpose. Trust that your angels are with you and are available for guidance and assistance anytime you ask. Check how you truly feel about situations or circumstances in your life and use them as a guide to your next steps. If things feel right, then they are right. But, if things feel uncomfortable to you, change the situation. Doubt = Don’t. – Joanne Wamsley- Sacred Scribes (Source)

Feel the love, share the love. I love you all 💝

Love, light and blessings💝😇✨

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