Which direction are you feeling a pull towards; North, South, East or West? Each direction holds different energy and a different message. What your intuition is telling you is a message from your soul to you.


If You Chose North It holds This Message For You


Earth supports you with the wisdom of truth found in the depth of silence..

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Oh Spirit Keepers of the North, I look to the night-time sky, the element of Earth, the place of sleeping and dreaming, solitude and spiritual introspection.
Here in the direction of the North, I enter into deep inner reflection and meditation to receive guidance and wisdom. In my silence, I feel my connection with Spirit as I commune with unseen worlds.
I breathe deeply and relax because here in the North, I am not in any rush. I have all the space and time to stop and contemplate and look at my journey thus far.
I bask in this stillness and I fully embrace my visions that are gestating in this deep, sacred space. I receive clarity about my deepest dreams and desires as I recharge my soul and merge with the wisdom of Spirit.
I thank you, Mother Earth, for you are beautiful, spontaneous and ever-changing. You are adaptable, flexible and stable and I connect with you for strength and support.
Oh Spirit of Mother Earth, I ask for your wisdom and blessings and I call upon you for inspiration and creativity. You support me each day as you welcome my roots deep into your heart.
Your earthly body temple envelops me like a nurturing womb. I am connected to your inner liquid core as well as to your outer solid core. In essence, we are one.

Do I spend enough time in solitude to receive guidance and wisdom?
How can I spend more time connecting to Earth energy to feel more grounded and centered?
Am I willing to learn how to completely stop my mind and connect more deeply with Spirit?

I receive support and connection from the element of Earth.

If You Chose South It Holds This Message For You


The limitless light and will of Spirit..

“The fire, which enlightens is the same fire, which consumes.” ~ Henri Frederic Amiel

Oh, powerful Spirit of the South, I turn to the place where the flame of the sun gifts me with the power of determination, energy and action. Ignite my internal soul with passion, creativity and inspiration and allow this flame to rise in my body and spirit.
I draw upon the fire of dynamic, purposeful action and honor this phase of my life where I focus on work, attention to detail and making things happen. I feel the spirit of fire sparked within my soul. I utilize this energy to create my visions for the future.
Fire is the generating force of all creation. I open my consciousness and absorb the flame to radiate light and warmth into the world.
I call in the energy of fire to keep me focused on my purpose and mission. I receive the sun’s burning energy, which fuels my ability to manifest my talents and gifts. In the direction of the South, I feel my own fire and discover my personal power.
I welcome fire for personal transformation. I allow the fire to burn, devour and destroy old patterns, beliefs and habits. While fire consumes, it also creates new life.
I invite the raw energy of fire into my life as I feel my inward fire growing stronger and burning brighter. I am light and I am power!

Am I utilizing the energy of fire to make my dreams a reality?
Am I willing to use fire to destroy old patterns and beliefs?
How can I receive more creative and passionate energy from the wisdom of the South?

I allow fire to energize my dreams and visions.

If You Chose East It Holds This Message For You


Air is waking consciousness..

“All things share the same breath — the beast, the tree, the man… the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.” ~ Chief Seattle

Oh, sacred Spirit of the East, I turn to the dawn of a new day and the youth of life, to the place of vision, inspiration and fresh starts. I open to receive peace, light and new life as I rise up each morning.
I look to the direction of the East, the place of creativity, co-creation, and conscious leadership. Please share your wisdom, understanding and intellect with me so that I may walk the path of truth.
I ponder on all the aspects of the East and new beginnings in my life. What visions and plans am I creating? What preparations do I need to make?
I call in the eye of the eagle so that I am able to see the big picture. Oh captivating eagle, I know you are the reflection of my higher mind, and I open to receive your gifts of intuition.
I draw in fresh air, which is my connection to life. With my first breath, I integrated my spirit into this physical existence, the plane of manifestation and waking consciousness.
Air pervades everything on earth. I welcome the spirit of thought, ideas and intellect from air. I honor the freedom of air and I, too, am free to travel with the rhythm of wind.
My mind is peaceful, controlled and balanced. My thoughts are in a place of inner silence. I receive powerful cosmic energy from above.
Oh Spirit of Father Sky, Angelic realms of the Most High, the countless stars of the night remind me that you are vast, beautiful and majestic beyond all my understanding. Your light shines upon the earth both day and night guiding my every step.
I thank you Father Sky, for you are consistent, reliable and predictable. I feel safe in your masculine energy, which is strong and stable. I call upon you for help with order and discipline. Thank you for being here now.

What are my visions and goals?
Am I willing to see things clearly with the help of the wisdom of the East?
What new, fresh start do I wish to create?

AFFIRMATION: I am free like the air!

If You Chose West It Will Hold This Message For You


Water opens your energy channels and allows mystery to flow into your life..

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Oh wondrous Spirit of the West, I turn to the land of the setting sun, to the ceasing of the day, to celebrate all my accomplishments, and take stock of my life.
As I view my past, I call in personal introspection: What did I learn from the previous phases of my life? What would I do differently next time?
I open to receive the Element of Water for purification, healing and mystery as I witness the unconscious aspect of my psyche. I am now ready to face my emotional pain, wounds and any grief I have accumulated.
It is time to get in touch with that part of myself that is lifeless, worn out and no longer useful to me. I honor the direction of the West as the place to let old patterns die and make way for a new life.
I look into the past for reference to heal affliction, misery and resentment. I embrace the emotions that flood into my being and allow them to flow freely and transform. I am aware that these situations are the gateway to reawakening my soul.
I am a mature light being and I choose to die to my childish ways and realize who I am. I am ready to heal in order to discover a larger dimension of my essential self and my place in this great mystery. I understand that past suffering ushers me into higher vibrations of being that are more interesting, fresh and optimal than what I am leaving behind.
Bless me with knowledge, courage and wisdom to reap the harvest of a fruitful and conscious life.

Am I willing to let go of all pain and suffering from my past?
Can I celebrate my accomplishments without any judgment?
Am I willing to become a responsible, mature being in order to take others by the hand and lead them towards wisdom?

I flow effortlessly and harmoniously like water.


Much love, Tiffany


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