Look at the photo. Close your eyes and use your intuition and precognition to see if you can guess the Ace that I chose by suit. List your answer in the comments section. Sharing is good karma. 💝1462912593079

Are you ready for the reveal? IMG_20160510_163743420_HDR

I chose the Ace of spades. How did you do? If you also chose the Ace of spades your precognition is on point. All precognition is the ability to foresee or foretell the future. Your intuition assists you in this process with an open third eye chakra. Have you already foretold news worthy events? If so, great job! If you’d like to practice, you can do this exercise with a friend with cards, crystals, or whatever you have handy to use.


Love, light and blessings💝✨😇



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2 thoughts on “~Intuition Exercise- How’s your precognition? By Tiffany Stiles

  1. woo hoo I picked it straight away! No doubts whatsoever – 1000 percent immediately knew that was your card. I’m working on my intuition and its coming along!
    Thanks Tiffany for the exercises advise too! Have a fab day ❤ xx


  2. I went straight to it. I have really been working on my inner self, to become a higher self.
    Thanks Tiffany you are a pleasure and a blessing!!!!!


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