Energy Report (Shift Update) April 18th, 2016 by: Tiffany Stiles

Dear Beautiful Souls! We have a major chakra activations taking place.

This is bringing on waves of nausea with gas building in the stomach and chest, heart area, huge eliminations of liquid matter. Pains in the legs, feet and ankles such as a heaviness, legs feel like tree trunks. I couldn’t post this update last night as it came in because I was curled in a ball in my bed holding my stomach it was so intense! The (crown) headaches, throat activations are coming through as well. We are feeling Earth’s Electromagnetic Field shifting between negative/positive ploar. We are feeling the cosmic crystalline energies being integrated which is causing a liquid purification of toxins as well as an emotional purge with intense crying spells to heal our emotional wounds.

When we feel the energies from Earth as well as the cosmic rays we get the body heat, shivers, chills but the skin is cool to the touch. As noted above this shift arrived last night and it is very intense! This is continuing throughout today. You will find you’re very gassy today as these gases rise to be released from the body and bloating. Honor your body through this process, you will feel tired, but unable to sleep, but when you do sleep you will have some vivid dreams and downloads that will hold significant meaning for you.

Eat very light today and drink a lot of water with some added lemon as the body continues to integrate with the new Schumann Resonance (8.13) and the crystalline energies that are coming in (crystalline cosmic rays).

As you begin to come through the other side of this shift you will feel much lighter, more whole in mind, body and spirit. Christ Consciousness and merkaba activations are taking place through these energies, while we shift and vibrate to Earth’s new vibration in connection to the unified grid. You are beginning to feel the pure, unconditional love energies permeating throughout each cell of your body now, your skin softer, glowing, dewey, fine lines are dissipating as whole body healing occurs on an emotional and physical level with immense purging of old karmic ties and patterns.

Sending you much love, light and blessings through this shift. Be sure to ground yourself today. 💖✨😇 On the other side of this shift is some really feel good energy! Be patient with yourself as we continue to move through. Great things are on the horizon! More truths are being revealed every day.

Sending Love and Light to those in Ecuador where a major Earth Quake commenced during this shift. 😇✨💖

Current Solar Weather Update

BIG SUNSPOT ERUPTS: Surprise! Quiet sunspot AR2529 isn’t so quiet, after all. The heart-shaped active region erupted on April 18th (00:39 UT), producing a strong M6.7-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the flare’s extreme ultraviolet flash:

A pulse of UV radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere. This, in turn, disrupted shortwave radio communications over the daylit side of our planet. Mariners, aviators, and ham radio operators around the Pacific Ocean may have noticed fading signals at frequencies below ~15 MHz. A NOAA blackout map shows the frequencies and territories affected.

More M-class flares are possible in the days ahead. AR2529 has developed a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors plenty of energy for this kind of explosion. Although the sunspot is no longer directly facing Earth, it can still affect our planet by causing radio blackouts and glancing-blow CMEs. Stay tuned. Solar flare alerts: text orvoice

Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery

A SOLAR WIND STREAM IS COMING: Geomagnetic activity should remain low throughout the weekend. Conditions could shift to an active state late Monday, April 18th, when Earth enters a stream of high-speed solar wind. The solar wind is flowing out of this coronal hole on the sun:

Coronal holes are places in the sun’s upper atmosphere where magnetic fields peel back, allowing solar wind to escape. In the image, above, from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, the flow of solar wind is traced by arrows. The escaping material is now nearing Earth.

The incoming solar wind stream is filled with positive-polarity magnetic fields. This means it might not do a good job sparking auroras. Positive polarity magnetic fields from the sun do not easily link to Earth’s planetary magnetic field. As a result, their effect on our magnetosphere is often muted. Stay tuned for updates. (spaceweather.com)

Love, light and blessings ~Tiffany


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