Dear Beautiful Souls!

We have quite a bit going on with the Energy! I’m going to give you several pieces of information concerning this shift, along with things to assist you through this shift.  I will begin by updating you on the current Solar activity and space weather, an excerpt from Diane Canfield and I will update you on the current shift status and possible symptoms concerning our most current shift.


CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters say there is a 75% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on April 13th when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field.

All solar wind streams carry some of the sun’s magnetic field into space. The stream now heading for Earth appears to be filled with “negative polarity” magnetic fields. Such fields can easily link to Earth’s magnetic field, opening a crack in our planet’s defenses against solar wind. As a result, this solar wind stream could be effective at sparking auroras. (

To Explain Why Solar Activity & Geomagnetic Changes Affecting Earth Also Affect Us During Shifts I Am Adding This Exerpt From:

By: Diane Canfield Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium- Star Races Contactee- Wave Expert ©2016 Diane Canfield

March energy downloads have been overwhelming to many and April brings no relief from the constant barrage of energy flooding the planet and us light beings, transforming each day into light body beings.

Some of the intense energy we have been dealing with:

Intense dreams
Sleep issue, too little or too much
Increased ringing in ears
Language issues/Memory issues
No sense of body
Intense body heat
Vibrations on body
Intense thirst
Appetite changes

Many of these issues are hormonal changes through the endocrine system. To transform into a light body being we must first transform our hormonal structure. This can cause a myriad of issues including intense body heat as our molecules heat up to transform. Remember we are dealing with intense energy surges, as they move through and transform our human body into the 5D light body needed to traverse the multidimensional realms.

Many may be fluctuating between having too much energy and being severely fatigued. This again is due to the changes in the light body structure process. Take time and rest when you can, it is important to make ascension the priority now if you are able.

Increased loud ear ringing is due to the weakening of the magnetic shield that surrounds the Earth, which I have talked about in my previous articles. The weakening of the magnetic shield is due to the bird and fish die offs as the earths shield continues to decrease. These will continue and will go through cycles each time a new level is reached.

The natural frequency of the Earth is called the Schumann Resonance which connects to the natural frequency of the Human brain. The connection happens within the alpha and theta states (the creative and meditative consciousness). The Schumann Resonance can be affected by the weakening magnetic field of the Earth, which has been taking place for the past 2000 years. The weakening of this shield can lead to a magnetic pole reversal which happened approximately 788,000 years ago. Human brains are tied into magnetic frequencies just like birds and fish that use magnetics to navigate. Hence the bird and fish die offs of the past 5 years or so as the shield continues to weaken. The realigning of the Tampa Airport a few years back was a good indication of the changes taking place.

Many things that we are experiencing during the shift directly relate back to the weakening of the magnetic field and the ascension process connecting together through the Sun and Central Sun. The Suns send us light codes to continue to transform and regenerate our molecular structure. Everything is connected through this process as we continue our journey into the light body.

2016 will continue to be a high energy year full of upgraded energy, downloads and waves. We are entering the passage of downloads now that last longer and are more intense taking on qualities we have not seen before. This will continue through out this year and coming into high points during the Equinox, Solstices and Full moons. These are all high activational portals of activated consciousness to take place.

As we have now entered a NEW Vortex of high energy that we are now integrating, some of these energies may make a person feel that they are unbalanced and have completely lost it. This is how Intense these upgrades have been. You may have feelings of manic and the depression, similar to bipolar as our frequencies adjust to the New light transforming us.

As the downloads of energy are usually spread out, we have time between to relax and get back into balance. Sometimes though like recently in March this was not the case. We were hit with either a geo magnetic storm or an energy upgrade every few days ( no flares). This is what will occur in the future as well, more energy upgrades closer together and throwing us into integration even faster. Geo storms have now taken the place of flares since we are in a slow sun cycle.

Things are speeding up including time, so the ascension process is keeping up with this and moving us even faster to our goal of complete ascension into the light body state. This is state we can look forward to with complete multidimensionality.

Things to watch for this year going forward :

Earth Changes
Dark vs Light themes ( more extreme)
The time coming up to the Election ( this is a critical period energy wise)
Progress moving forward in human and animal rights

Things to focus on within oneself:

Develop psychic abilities and 5D abilities
Expand Consciousness
Confront Fear
Move into Happiness and Joy

These are all good goals to work on through the Ascension process as we become Multidimensional Creators. As Creators we have the responsibility to lead the path for others that will follow. All can join, for some it will take more time. ~ Diane Canfield

During Energy Shifts There Are Physical Symptoms You May Experience Tied Specifically To Energy Upgrades/Vibrational Frequency Increases

You may experience the following physical symptoms in the coming days due to GEOMAGNETIC polar shifts and Solar activity ramping up!

*Lathargy as the pineal gland and melatonin production becomes over stimulated during shifts.

* High pitched ear ringing

* Body heat as molecular and cellular is integrated/hormonal shifts

* Anger/Aggression

* Memory Loss/Disorientation

* Time speeding up/Time losses

* Body vibrations from the inside out

* Leg and foot cramping

* Headaches

* Back, shoulder and neck aches

* Dizziness, vertigo

* Dry, blurry eyes as the 3rd Eye Chakra activates and expands.

* Heart chakra activation with Heart palpitations, and a feeling of all encompassing love. (Use rose quartz to assist in expanding the heart chakra, deep breathing and be in nature.)

* Angelic visitations and inter-dimensional awareness easily shifting between dimensions.

* Instant manifestations

* Time line jumping and loosing track of time.

* Crown chakra activation with headaches, itchy head, pressure on the head, rashes. (Massage the head, meditate, use Lavender essential oils and Amethyst crystal to relieve headaches and pressure.)

* Extreme thirst and weird food cravings as the body increases in vibrational frequency. (Listen to what your body needs.)

* Metaphysical gifts expanding concerning energy. (Begin using)

* Vivid dreams and visions (journal). Many people will experience channeling sessions during energetic shifts as the Crown expands connecting you to Divine Source and all that is.

* Depression as the pineal gland is overstimulated in producing or reducing the flow of Serotonin, (the feel good hormone).

Key Words: This too shall pass.
Go with the flow.
Keep riding the wave.
Stay heart centered and balanced.
Feel the love- share the love. 💖✴💖
Embrace what the energy brings to you to purge, shift, release, heal.

Be sure to stay grounded beautiful souls! Feel the love, share the love! ~ Tiffany Stiles

Current Shift Update!

Dear Beautiful Souls! By: Tiffany Stiles

We have crown and sacral and root chakra activations going on at this time. Headaches, spine, blurry eyes unable to focus, a feeling of either lightness or heaviness in the body. The sacral chakra activations are ramping up sexual energies to tune you into love of self and or twin flames reuniting. Note: This is not the sex you have been used to. This is a whole other level!! (Look up the meaning of the Ankh to the Egyptians.) There is a ah ha in it for you! There are specific activations taking place in this chakra to change the way you think and feel about sex- (tantric) soul to soul – heart to heart- mind to mind- all connected! The heart and sacral energies are linking up through this activation. You may experience heart palpitations and body flutters/vibrations in all chakras as they align for higher coding at the cellular and molecular level. This shift will bring on the heat and hormonal fluctuations, goosebumps on the skin. This is a DNA upgrade in progress! Mind, body spirit Unity and healing is occurring. You may experience a massive purge of guilt through this shift of past childhood trauma with forgiveness and an understanding of any lessons this may have held for you further Activating the sacral chakra.

Be sure to drink plenty of water through this shift to keep the kidneys and bladder clear as these are tied to the sacral chakra. You may experience bloating which indicates detox and a lot of water to flush the system.

You may have had some random and curious encounters today with those who are a vibrational match to you being pulled into your field. This was not by mistake. This energy will also make you very sleepy and lethargic, rest when needed. You will have some amazing downloads during slumber and meditations. Be sure to journal anything that comes to you.

Be sure to stay grounded through this shift as it is a power activations shift. Lay on the ground if you have to, I’ve done it many times. Be in nature as much as possible. Go for a walk in the woods, hug a tree while you’re at it.

Hematite, Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Citrine and Red Jasper are recommended at this time to assist you in this shift. ~Tiffany Stiles

This update is a continuation of the shift update I put out yesterday morning attached below. I will update as the energy shifts.

About The Ankh


About the Ankh- THE ANKH TOOL What this tool does is aligns you with your own self helping you to experience LIFE here on earth and integrating your etheric self. This tool is known for activating the sacral chakra and releasing all the negativity in regards to intimacy and sex that is stored in your body, but not only this, but so much more. It also activates your psychic abilities, working on the sacral chakra allowing you to become sensual and be able to attune yourself to the needs of others. It signifies pulling the sexual energy back in and through oneself to the heart and through each chakra vs releasing it. In doing so you are adding to your life force (Ch’i energy) Thus assisting you in building strong relationships with others.

Essential Oils To Assist


Crystals To Assist


Is This Card For You Today?


You are currently healing old emotional wounds.

This is a time of healing old emotional wounds. It is time to re-write your personal story. This card suggest that you are healing your inner child. Regardless of your past, your guides and angels are asking you to look at things in a new way. If you grew up in a household that did not practice and teach unconditional love, you may be left with the emotional scars that cause you to ask the question: “what did I do to deserve this?”. You may feel like you were abandoned, neglected, or mistreated in a way that left you feeling undeserving of love. Instead of re-living the painful past, you are being asked to heal this wound and re-write your story. It is time to connect with your inner child. Go within, and imagine what you looked like at a young age. Talk to yourself at this age. Assure your inner child that he or she does matter, that he/she is worthy of love, and that it is time to heal the past. As you heal your inner child, you will notice that you will start to look at the world with a fresh set of eyes. This kind of healing takes patience and perseverance. Ask yourself what you need to finally be at peace with this. As you nurture your inner child, it will free you up to forgive those in the past that have caused you pain. Begin to re-write your story by looking at all of the ways you have thrived in life, despite the challenges you have faced. Then take a deep look at all that you have learned and have compassion and forgiveness for the people that caused you pain in the past. This card is a beautiful omen that you are about to have a major breakthrough. You will get through this, and when you do, you will finally be free of the past and ready to create a new story. You may even use your compassion and life experiences to help other like-minded people. It is time to write a new story. You are worthy of love and all the beauty that life has to offer.

April 12 & Angel Number 412


By: Joanne Wamsley- Sacred Scribes
Angel Number 412 is a message that the hard work and effort you have put towards serving your life purpose has been acknowledged by the angelic and spiritual realms and you have manifested your well-earned rewards. Be open to receiving and accepting your ‘good’, which may appear in the form of new opportunities, new projects and ideas and starting afresh. Have faith in yourself, your ideas and your intuition, and stay focused upon your desired outcomes. Follow your intuition and maintain a positive attitude and a love of life. If feeling any fear or doubt, simply ask your angels for guidance and support.

Angel Number 412 brings a message from your angels that they are currently assisting you with keeping your thoughts light and positive. As we create our own realities with our beliefs, thoughts, intentions and actions, the angels want you to maintain a positive attitude about the work you have done and that ahead of you. You may have to put some hard work and effort towards a new project, venture or important life-change, but they will be of long-term benefit to yourself and your loved ones. Trust that the work and effort you have put in towards achieving your goals and aspirations will be well worth your while and you will find long-term success and personal fulfilment. Trust that you will achieve success with all that you put your will and effort towards.

Being peaceful, relaxed and centred is being strong and secure within yourself. Source

Much love, light  and blessings on your continued journey. ✨💖😇



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