Dear Beautiful Souls!

April 2nd-8th, 2016 Energy Shift Update© by: ~Tiffany Stiles

As of now the energy is very scattered and it’s affecting everyone differently, as well as shifting rapidly throughout the day; you may feel one way when you get up and feel different in the afternoon and then evening.

Saturn Retrograde is bringing all to the surface to purge….literally! This includes relationships, lower density emotions, jobs, residences, friendships and even past lives. Keep an eye on your finances as this energy allows for mistakes to be overlooked, but at the same time Divine Blessings will unfold for you with unexpected funds coming your way. This all depends on your state of mind concerning money as to which way it can go.

Saturn is the planet of karma. Through this retrograde phase some may come face to face with a past not so well lived. This is the time to attune for past karmic debt concerning relationships and past lives that surface for you. At the same time some will reap the rewards for a past well lived in the service of others. The law of attraction bringing the energy back to you which you put out through this retrograde will be Swift. Keep your circle positive ONLY wishing the Best for others. If you wish ill will on another you can expect to reap that wish onto yourself immediately.

Aries firey energy in new moon approaching April 7th will add to anger and aggression regarding relationships which are no longer serving your higher purpose. Communications will remain challenging through this phase. It’s best to hold your tongue until after the new moon. Through this phase you can expect rapid exits to happen. Although the new moon is to set your intentions for the best outcome in your future, THIS new moon is also carrying over Releasing and Cutting Cords to those who no longer are serving your higher purpose from Full Moon Ecplise in March and Saturn Retrograde’s influence. It is a double whammy of energy to release AND set your positive intentions.

On the flip side, you can also expect new energy to arrive to meet you where you currently are vibrationally by releasing the old karmic patterns and densities that have been holding you back until now. After this new moon phase you will begin to feel lighter after much releasing is worked through. This shift will prove to be challenging for many, but know it is for your higher good and the higher good of all involved. We must work with the energy we are given and not expect it to do the work for us, it won’t. Our participation is key to moving forward as we integrate with higher vibrational frequencies. Remain heart centered and balanced through this shift by grounding and being out in nature and around water to soothe the fiery emotions.

I have found when a bad mood creeps up on me to do these things:
1.) Mediation
2.) Be Out In Nature
3.) Spend Time Alone Recharging
4.) Be Around Animals
5.) Go To The Beach
6.) Go For A Ride To Nowhere Listening To My Favorite Tunes
7.) Go To A Crystal Store And See Which Crystals Call Out To Me
8.) Do Random Acts Of Kindness
9.) A High Vibrational Bath; 6 drops of lavender or lemon essential oils, Himalayan Sea Salt and a Clear Quartz Crystal to cleanse the aura, remove negative energy and elevate your vibration.
10.) Call To The Angels for Guidance and Comfort
11.) Disengage from social media and electronics.
12.) Do a Smudging Ritual
13.) Get a Massage

If something surfaces for me to deal with it, I sit with it until it’s ready to be healed, cleared and sent to the Light for releasing.

Even the most seasoned Lightworkers are still working on releasing as it is an ongoing process of many lifetimes over now surfacing to this one here and now. It is imperative to work through whatever surfaces for you to continue progressing forward on your path and evolving to the soul you came here to be. You are not ill equipped as you have trained many lifetimes over for this task before you volunteered to come here for your Divine purpose. Know that as you walk your authentic path, you are Divinely protected at all times. There is NOTHING to fear, *release fear and *release karma, this is the massive purge that will initiate many blessings in your immediate future. You can look forward to many positive blessings to manifest as you complete this challenging and hard work through this phase.

Crystal To Assist You Through This Shift ~Citrine


Much Love, Light and Blessings on your continued journey. 💖😇✨


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