Dear Beautiful Souls!

Holy Yowzers – we have a lot going on! First off I’m going to start this report off with Space Weather as we have more heart/crown energy coming in backlit by the beautiful Moon glow!


SPRING IS AURORA SEASON: Northern Spring has arrived. To know this is true, one only has to look at the night sky over Alaska. Why? Because Spring is aurora season. Dirk Obudzinski sends this picture, taken March 19th, from Fox, Alaska:

“The auroras were brighter than the surrounding moonlit clouds,” says Obudzinski. “It was a fantastic display despite most geomagnetic predictions signaling quiet conditions for last night. You just never know!”

Indeed, this is the time of year when you just never know. For reasons that are only partially understood, the weeks around equinoxes favor geomagnetic storms. Even a gentle gust of solar wind can spark a magnificent display. Stay tuned to the photo gallery for more Spring Green.

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery

COMET (and FRAGMENTS) APPROACH EARTH:On March 21st, green comet 252P/LINEAR will fly by Earth only 5.4 million km away– the fifth closest cometary approach on record. One day later, a suspected fragment of the comet will pass even closer (3 million km). The name of the fragment is “P/2016 BA14,” and Gregg Ruppel has photographed it zipping among the stars over Animas, New Mexico, on March 18th. Click to view a 40-minute time lapse video:

“I observed P/2016 BA14 using a 10-inch telescope and a STL11000 deep-sky CCD camera,” says Ruppel.

By all accounts, the comet fragment is “pitifully faint.” The parent comet, however, is relatively bright. Indeed, it is now on the threshold of naked eye visibility for observers in the southern hemisphere. Last night, Gerald Rhemann had little trouble photographing the 252P/LINEAR’s green atmosphere from his backyard observatory in Namibia, Africa. (Source)

The Spring Equinox

Today begins the spring equinox. Same like solstices, equinoxes also have esoteric importance. Esoterically, solstices and equinoxes symbolize the path to awakening. It’s really incredible that the stars itself are showing this huge importance of the path to awakening, known to so many ancient people. This spring equinox signifies the resurrection aspect of the esoteric work; it is a time when days start to get longer and longer, and the light predominates over darkness.

Many ancient people have celebrated spring equinox (as well as solstices and autumn equinox), and have even aligned their temples to it. One of the most famous of such sites is the Great pyramid and the Sphinx in Egypt. It’s incredible that Sphinx’s gaze rests exactly upon the rising sun of the spring equinox, and also that at the noon of the spring equinox day, Great pyramid cast no shadow. Another important ancient site is the one in Cambodia, called the Angor Wat, also aligned to the spring equinox, so that as the sun rises, it crowns the pinnacle of the temple. There is much more to it, and also there are many of such sites around the world aligned to the spring equinox. Read more about it here: http://belsebuub.com/articles/the-spiritual-meaning-of-the-spring-equinox

IF you stay open for the possibility of something going on, and have intention and make some efforts to have understanding and experience of it, you can tune into the cosmic forces that are behind it and have amazing experience.

Astrology/Spring Equinox

By: Molly Hall, Astrology Expert
The Solar Wheel – Turning Point

Spring Equinox (March 19th) is the time to burn intentions into your being, and begin to live “as if” you’re on the way to making them happen. With Sun into 0 degrees Aries, the theme is action, vitality, courage.
At Summer Solstice, the Sun is at a peak, what’s been set in motion is bearing fruit and ripening. The Cancer Sun equates to flourishing, and acting to secure home base.

The Fall/Autumnal Equinox is a time to see what’s being harvested, and weigh options. Libra’s balance is with us, to refine, or alter the course.
Winter Solstice is the dark time when creative visions gestate. The Sun is in Capricorn, for strengthening the constitution and soul searching.
Solar New Year

The Vernal/Spring Equinox is the launch of the astrological year. Happy New Year! Equinox means equal night. Now the Sun wins over darkness, and the fire sign Aries brings warmth, a lust for life and Spring Fever.

Big rewards come from taking the time to put your attention on what you truly want to create. There is great momentum behind your intentions now, with the life force of Aries. This is a chance to set forth your wish list for the year. Clearing psychic space to have a ponder, meditating, sitting in your sacred grove, walking in nature, making a New Moon vision board/collage — all these help you rally your whole being behind your intentions.

Your intentions are your magic beans, to grow over the next three months to the Summer Solstice.

Resurrection and Rebirth

Mars-ruled Aries signals the beginning, and from Mars we get the name for March. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ, the Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox.

The natural pulse of the season merges with ancient rites and the theme of resurrection for high spirits at Easter. Some seasonal rites have roots in Saxon indigenous traditions and Teutonic (Germanic) myth. The storyteller Grimm writes in Teutonic Mythology that “Ostara, Eástre, was goddess of the growing light of spring.”

It’s noted in the Druid Animal Oracle, that the hare (original Easter bunny) was sacred to the Saxons’ goddess Eostre, who made lapwings eggs magically appear. From the Oracle: “As goddess, the hare has brought new life — rebirth — at the Equinox. The Christianized version becomes the Moon-determined time of Easter, when the appearance of ‘bunnies’ and chocolate or painted eggs marks the time of the resurrection of Christ.”

Myths and Phenomena

The Great Sphinx of Egypt is said to be positioned facing the rising Sun at the Spring Equinox. This is just one of many Ancient Sacred Sites Aligned to the Spring Equinox around the world. The sites were power spots, to deeply attune to the eternal, and experience this annual rebirth.
Spring’s arrival harkens back to the mythic return of Persephone from the Underworld, where she dwells with Hades for the winter months. The spiritual meaning is that after every descent and time in an initiatory experience — sometimes dark — there is rebirth.
A site called America’s Stonehenge in Mystery Hill, New Hampshire, has alignments to the Spring Equinox and other solar/lunar points. It’s 4,000 years old and has several ancient European scripts on it (including Ogham). ~Molly Hall


Energy Shift Update

By: Tiffany Stiles

The Spring Equinox begins on March 21 and marks the start of the new astrological year in the tropical zodiac since the Sun will enter Aries — the first sign in the zodiac. This is typically a time of new beginnings and we have come to associate the Spring Equinox with a “fresh start.”

With March we’ve dealt with a lot of masculine energy which is crucial to the manifestation process. However, we merge into the spring equinox which equals that of Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine energy. The equinox enters in firery Aries as we approach the FULL Moon/Lunar Ecplise in Libra.

Balance in all areas of life are challenged during this time. Ecplises tend to shake things up for us to see a new perspective, especially in our relationships. It also brings old fears, emotions and thought patterns to the surface to heal, release and purge. This has been a major and intense purging month which involved all of the chakras, especially the Solar plexus chakra and your free will. Waves of nausea set in to bring this energy center to your attention with setting boundaries, and putting yourself and well-being first. We’ve also had the fiery red root chakra energy come into play last week coupled with fiery Aries into the spring equinox transition. This brought more fears to the surface with anger, aggression and impulsive and unpredictable behaviors. The heart chakra/crown/pineal expansion has been and ongoing process through each shift progressing you further into love, light, unity, compassion, empathy and oneness connected to the unified grid. The pineal expansion has catipultitated your metaphysical gifts and abilities to leaps and bounds as the veils are gone!! Inter-dimensional reality is reality. What was in the past hidden, is now revealed. Your senses are heightened and your awareness at its peak. Your intuitive senses are coming alive or have been intensely amplified. You’re begining to watch the signs and listen to the subtlety of the synchronicities in your life to guide you on your correct path. Your Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Ascended Masters are available to you, and have been opening and closing doors for your higher good through these intense shifts– sometimes swiftly and without warning!

Miracles of manifestation have occured throughout this month, also Divine Intervention and blessings have stepped up to the forefront prevent you from making a heartfelt mistake that could derail your progress and set you back instead of moving you forward.

This month has brought much purging and releasing, a lot of tears came out of nowhere to heal your inner child and cut cords that have binded you for years.

The full moon always represents letting go of that which is no longer serving your higher purpose. This full moon with ecplise will shake up your relationships, rapid entrances and exits will occur. Clarity will be crystal clear for your higher good of whom to release and whom to embrace. Do not fight this energy as it IS for your higher good. Listen to your gut and follow your instincts!

Venus is also in play which can bring new love into your life or could cloud your judgement on an old one who it is time to cut the cord with. Follow your intuition once again.

Emotions are running high and energy is boosted through this phase over the next 7 days. Aries brings the boost in energy along with Full Moon energies. Creativity will peak for you through this phase, although collaborations will not be favored as communications will remain challenging to say the least. It is best to work alone, retreat within and focus on yourself through the next 7 days. It will be imperative to not allow others to sway you concerning important decisions. What is for your higher good dwells within your higher self. You have the answers, follow your gut and intuition. The signs and synchronicities are ever present, pay very close attention.

You may have some financial snafus through this phase or you may have good luck with unexpected monies coming your way, or both!

Being around or in water as much as possible through the next 7 day phase will balance your emotions and temper the fiery Aries energy to bring balance into your life. Use the powerful energy boost to get things done you have procrastinated on in the past, then rest, relax and use water to provide balance at the end of your day. Being active through this phase will be key. Be out in nature, go for walks, grounding with Earth, yoga or swimming in a pool or preferably the sea will provide more balance to the hot, firery energy of Aries. Things you are passionate about will surface with a creative spark to get you moving in the right direction!  ~Tiffany Stiles

Crystals To Assist You


Goddess Oracle Card



Goddess of Transformation.

Believe in your wishes, your aspirations and dreams. Now is the time for you to welcome change in your life and pursue that which you desire. Reach for the stars and believe that the wheel of change will turn and bring you your heart’s desire.

Arianrhod is a Celtic Goddess of Transformation, originating in Wales, and she is depicted as holding a silver wheel, which turns as your life changes. She is the Goddess of the Moon, the Stars and the Dawn as well as the Corona Borealis. The silver wheel that she holds represents the turning wheel of all transformation and change, including reincarnation.

Ask Arianrhod for help when you are seeking to change the events of your life, when you need the wheel to turn for you.

Ask for the intuitive insight that she can give you as a Goddess of the Moon; ask her for the hope and optimism she can give you as a Goddess of the Stars and the ability to make a fresh start as the Goddess of the Dawn. As the Goddess of Reincarnation, she can help you to reinvent yourself, to pick yourself up and start all over again. (Goddess Enchantment Oracle Cards)

Much love light and Divine shifting blessings. 💖😇👑✨



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