Look at the images. Which one is pulling you in for a personal message today? Take a deep breath and use your intuition to guide you to the message waiting to be revealed to you today.




What you are working on now is divinely guided.

You are on the right path. It is all in divine timing! You may even be second guessing whether or not this is the right path for you, because you may not be seeing the movement that you were hoping for. Regardless of what you see with your physical eyes, what is happening on a spiritual plane are things being lined up for your perfect outcome. Your faith is being tested, and the time has come for you to strengthen your resolve. You had a strong sense of knowing, when you embarked on this journey, that this was the right path. That was divine guidance speaking through you. Do not second guess this guidance, instead, continue to focus on your vision with a steadfast knowing that everything will unfold in divine timing.

This is your sign from above that everything is coming together perfectly, regardless of what it looks like on the physical plane. Raise your awareness, and release the need to know all of the details. Everything is exactly as it should be. It is all happening perfectly in divine timing. Patience, faith, and trust in yourself and the guidance you received is what is needed now.



It is time to move past your comfort zone and into the unknown.

It is safe to take a risk. You are being guided to take a leap of faith and learn and experience something new. It is time to grow and move into a whole new chapter of your life. Things may not seem familiar to you at this time. Things are changing at a rapid pace, and new opportunities and circumstances are coming forward into your experience. You are being asked to allow yourself to stretch past what you are normally comfortable with. As you allow yourself to stretch, you create an expansion from within your soul that becomes the driving force of all of your actions.

Your soul is yearning to expand. You cannot expand if you continue doing the same everyday routine. It is time to ask yourself, “In what ways am I playing it safe?” If you are feeling guided to take a new class, open a business, or start a new venture in any way, this is your sign! You are on the right path. Take a leap of faith and turn the pages to an exciting new chapter in your life!



Look around you for clues. The answer to your question is right in front of you.

Wondering what to do next? Where to go from here? Your Angels and Guides are coming through to let you know that you already know what to do. You are being given clear guidance that you may be dismissing as something in your imagination. If you take the time to look for the signs that are all around you now, you will notice the answers are right in front of you. You may be receiving guidance in the form of synchronicities, coincidences, a gut feeling, or even an instant knowing. If you dismiss this guidance it comes back to you even louder.

What signs are all around you that you are not paying attention to? It could be something as simple as seeing a poster that has the message you have been hearing in your mind. It could be that a friend begins to tell you something that you already know. It could be that you think of someone you need to call and run into them in the grocery store. Today, take the time out to be present, to observe your surroundings, and listen to your heart. Your Angels can assure you that you already know what to do. The question now becomes: are you willing to listen?



You are creating your life based on the intentions you send out into the universe.

When you are truly in the flow of the law of attraction, magic begins to happen! Synchronicities start to become a part of your daily life. It is a truly magical experience. Sometimes we think we are in harmony with the law of attraction, but we are really separated from it. We separate ourselves from it by becoming resistant to what we want. Resistance shows up because of fear of change or a feeling of unworthiness. It is time for you to open your heart to receiving. You are worthy! Take this time to focus on what you really and truly want.

What is coming forward from within you that you wish to experience? Once you have a clear inner knowing of what you want, hold the image in your mind of you receiving it on a daily basis. You will call it forth into your experience by the excitement that you feel! If you truly believed it was going to happen, wouldn’t you feel excited? You would! Get excited in the knowing that you are going to experience it, that you will receive it, and that it is here now! This card showed up to you today to remind you that you have the ability to create whatever you wish to create! You have every reason to feel excited. You are getting ready to experience the magic of manifesting your reality!

Much love, blessings and guiding light on your continued journey. ✨💖😇



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