Dear Beautiful Souls!

Today the Energy is calm, peaceful and lazy. It has a go with the flow vibe to it!

As we close the door on the old, which we worked on releasing from the Full Moon energies, expect new doors to open for you now as you begin to relax and just be in the moment. You are being brought further into your alignment of your true, authentic soul purpose.

Past karma and karmic patterns are being cleared and released, which increases your vibration even further! Continue to hold the vibration of love in your heart and all that is, and it will bring you further into your true purpose, and why you’re here aligned to your true self and purpose.

Accept the new opportunities, relationships and doors that open for you now as a sign that you are on your correct path, as these opportunities will further align with your new, higher vibration. Synchronicities will be abundant today, watch for the signs! Be thankful for your Blessings, and allow these new doors to help your wings spread and soar with your passions; and things that bring you joy and fulfillment in service of others.

Enjoy this calm, peaceful, go with the flow day. It is much deserved and much needed to rebalance and center your energies aligned with your higher vibration through the last releasing phase of the full moon.

Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. ✨😇💖

Today’s Card



Your prayers have been answered and a new door is being held open for you.

New relationships and experiences cannot and will not enter your life if all your energy is focused on relationships and situations that no longer serve you. Make room for new loving people and experiences to enter your life. As your life falls apart it also falls together. Let go of the resistance to move into the unknown. Call on your angels and guides to help make this a smooth transition. Your prayers have been heard and a new door is being held open for you. All you have to do is trust and walk through it. (Life Coaching Oracle Cards)

Crystal/Stone of the Day-Meteorite


Image Source: Tiffany Stiles

By: Tiffany Stiles

When I took a trip to my favorite crystal store on the beach the other day, I felt emotionally and energetically imbalanced, agitated, aggravated and was in a very grouchy mood. It happens to the best of us. My go to place when I’m feeling out of sorts is the crystal store to see what stones call out to me. I was immediately attracted to the one and only Meteorite ring they had in the whole store! I asked the sales lady if I may put it on? She handed it to me and I slipped it on my finger and looked at her and said, WHOA this stone is very powerful! I could instantly feel the energy pulsing up my hand, arm and through my chakras. It brought on an immediate sense of calm and peace emotionally, and energetically I was immediately grounded; the grouchies went away…just like that!! I felt grounded, balanced and my vibration instantly increased back to normal. In short, I felt FANTASTIC and I love this Meteorite ring!

Metaphysical Properties of Meteorite

By: Paige Prather- Follow Paige’s Crystal Blog by CLICKING HERE!


Metaphysical Properties of Meteorite

“Gifts from another world”

Being other-worldly there is a lot of contradictory information on these beauties. This is a compilation of information that correlates. They have an odd/unusual energy and are best used by those drawn to them-likely star seeds. Some believe that since there is no Earth connection that they have no influence on Earthlings. 

Meteorite relates to 3rd eye chakra specifically, but may influence all of them. They assist with interdimensional and extraterrestrial communication because they are in tune with the energy of the cosmos, and are capable of increasing energies on a universal level. They can increase energy in the auric field, increase chi flow, balance and align the energy fields of the body, as well as shielding from negativity. They encourage strength and stamina required for endurance- offering hope in the face of a long struggle or physical ailment. Meteorites are an excellent stone for walk-ins; providing them with a stabilizing effect with respect to unfamiliar behavior patterns and new environments. They emit a trusting energy allowing one to be open to exchanges of confidence. It provides introspection to the thoughts of enlightened beings and promotes the reality of All That Is, and assists with the actualization of the purpose of our presence on this planet.

There are 3 types of meteorites- Achondrites or Pallasites, Chondrites, and Nickel-Iron, and each have their own additional attributes.

Meteorites are associated with Moldavite and Tektite. 

Both are natural glass, chemically and structurally unique of meteoric origin.




February 28th & 228 Angel Number Meaning


By: Joanne Wamsley- Sacred Scribes 


Number 228 is a blend of the vibrations of number 2 appearing twice, amplifying its influences, and the attributes of the powerful number 8. Number 2 brings its attributes of faith and trust, insight, diplomacy, mediation and co-operation, intuition and initiative, finding balance and harmony, and serving your Divine life purpose. Number 8 adds its influences of manifesting abundance and prosperity, self-confidence and inner-strength, inner-wisdom, and achieving success. Number 8 also resonates with karma and the Spiritual Law of Karma (Cause and Effect).

Angel Number 228 brings a message that you need to believe that you are worthy of receiving success, abundance and prosperity in your life, and know that it is your Divine birthright. Allow yourself to receive with grace and gratitude and be grateful for the rewards and blessings you are reaping from karmic work well done in the past. Remember, the more you have, the more you have to give.

Angel Number 228 is also a message that a door is about to close for you and your angels are assuring you intuitively that another is about to open. Trust that the angels are guiding you towards and through new doors of opportunity, and these doors are leading to the next steps along your spiritual path and life purpose.

Trust the guidance from the angels and follow your intuitive directions with faith and trust in your actions. Rejoice in life’s abundance and appreciate all that you have. Accept your blessings graciously. (SOURCE)

Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 💖😇✨



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