Dear Beautiful Souls!

Whoa What A Download! Are you feeling it?

Over the past three days we had a very intense downloading and upgrading in progress. This one affecting the throat chakra with authentic expression and speaking your free will/truth. Sore throat, scrathy throat and throat clearing all accompany a throat chakra expansion. 

Solar plexus chakra expansion expanding your free will and independence. This will bring on pangs and waves of nausea that will come and go as you move this expansion to the throat and express it. And the heart and crown chakras. Headaches, body aches, backaches, sinus issues all common through this upgrading and downloading shift. 

With the heart chakra expansion; heart palpitations and body vibrations accompanying this, but with this downloading a major healing and releasing has taken place with the assistance of this FULL MOON IN VIRGO which we will still feel the affects of through tomorrow. This affecting ALL relationships in your life, past and present, children, parents, spouses, co-workers, significant others, and past romantic relationships resurfacing in your life for healing and releasing. This moon highlighting the treatment of women. If you are a woman in an abusive relationship, this Moon is an extremely powerful one for you.  This current relationship and everything within it surfacing for reflection, lessons learned and a releasing/healing as this is not serving your higher purpose anymore. Free will and Independence being highlighted through the solar plexus chakra and expressed through the throat chakra.  

Through this Moon there is much projecting going on. Others projecting their own emotions, thoughts and feelings onto you as if it were your own. You are the “mirror” for these people to see what it is that needs changing and healing within. Don’t take this personally and know much mirroring is happening through this Moon phase. 

Oh but that’s not all…The Twin Flame Gateway and Portal opened beginning on 11/11- November 11th, 2015 and this becoming more and more intense as we moved through Valentine’s Day with Venus amplifying Twin Flame activity. It will continue to intensify as we move to the Spring Equinox and the birthing anew. Many of you have already reunited with your twin flames and are moving through the various stages of the twin flame reunion. To See The Various Twin Flame Reunion Stages Click Here. Some of you are currently in relationships or marriages and your twin flame has magically surfaced for you and you’ve reconnected at this time, and are struggling with both relationships.  What and which is best and for your higher good at this time? Your twin flame reunion is the most important relationship you will experience for the most soul growth in this lifetime. Twin Flames are merging now for a reason and purpose; that being once you move through the phases and meet end bliss, you are united in love and light. This energy is very powerful when combined. You are being brought back together to assist one another to this final phase for ultimate healing and in uniting as one, using this strong force for healing of others and the planet as a team.  ~Tiffany Stiles 

How Do You Know If You’ve Met Your Twin Flame?


~14 Signs You’ve Met Your Twin Flame~

1.) Instant Bond

If you have met your Twin Soul, the bond is immediate.This meeting is often marked by the feeling of finding the one you’ve been looking for, before a word has been exchanged. You instantly find yourself comfortable with this person, as if you already know them.

2.) Telepathy

You are naturally telepathic with each other. You can hear each other think sometimes, especially when the thought is about you or addressed to you. You may also decide to call or text each other at the exact same time or without thinking reply to a question that was never spoken.

3.) Eye Contact

The eye contact with your Twin Soul is either extremely comfortable or extremely difficult. If it’s just the two of you, it can last forever, but if there are people around who can’t find out how you’re feeling for each other, you will rather turn your backs to each other than look each other in the eye because the eyes reveal everything. It is hard for you both to keep your eyes off each other.

4.) Aligning birth dates or other special anniversaries or dates.

You should be able to find birth dates that align in a wonderful manner – same or close birthday, different year, one of you is born on a day that is significant to the other somehow…

5.) Overwhelming feeling of absolute unconditional love.

The most ‘required’ sign of all of these is the feeling of absolute unconditional love towards your Twin (and absolute unconditional hate at times…) The feelings toward your Twin Soul are never tame.

6.) Explosive Chemistry.

The passion is like nothing you have ever experienced.

7.) Unpredictable Separation.

You can say or do no wrong when you are in the loving phase, but approaching the separation phase, the smallest thing can blow everything up and separate you for years. A little spat may end up causing a massive rift between you, and it maybe something you’d never fight over with anyone else. You’ll be forgiven for anything (given time) and no normal relationship rules apply.

8.) All emotions are heightened and exaggerated.

Both negative and positive emotions towards your Twin Soul are exaggerated compared to a normal relationship. When it stings, it stings good – and when it’s good it is amazing. Twin Soul relationships may be very turbulent, your only chance of harmony is to clear as much emotional baggage as possible.

9.) Meeting young – separating – reuniting.

Usually Twin Soul pairs meet quite young, in early twenties or younger, and meet up again after living and learning a bit. Perhaps even happily ever after? Maybe.

10.) Chakra pull – vibration.

You may feel a vibration or a pull in one or more of your chakras – usually the heart chakra when you are together or conversing telepathically. You can feeling each other.

11.) Breathing each other’s soul.

When aligned, you may feel like you were breathing in each other’s souls.

12.) Shared dreams or reoccurring dreams of “a mystery man” or “a mystery woman.”

You may have had dreams about a mystery man or a mystery woman, or you may have shared the same dream. You also may have seen the places your Twin Soul has visited or lived in in a dream or a vision.

13.) Reoccurring numbers.

You may be ‘haunted’ by certain numbers, they could be anything that mean something to you, but usually a repeated pair of numbers, most often 11:11 but may not be that. Usually they appear on a clock, but can appear anywhere. There may also be number triplets, in this case most often 111. Also pay attention to repeated dates.

14.) “Knowing” you are meant to be together.

Feeling of belonging together, feeling of being two halves or a part of the same being. (SOURCE)

To See Maria’s Grid Report CLICK HERE!

Crystal/Stone To Assist You Today ~ Bismuth

By: Paige Prather Follow Paige’s Crystal Blog Here!


Bismuth- Calms disorders and pushes change in the right direction. Protects you from being overwhelmed by responsibilities while increasing your energy to deal with them. It is a stone of cohesiveness, relieving feelings of isolation and loneliness and helping with group and/or relationship dynamics. It helps you enjoy the journey towards achieving your goals through togetherness of teamwork, groups, or relationships. It stimulates energy so lessens catatonic states, eases fevers, and can clear the biologic field to help ease muscle conditons, find new treatments for chronic illnesses, and bounce back after surgery. Ascension symptoms include muscle aches and fevers, which this would be great for! The recent relationship/twin flame issues brought to the surface for healing should be soothed with the use of bismuth. Keep within your aura, keep one in your pocket or wear a beautiful piece of jewelry! Only use an INDIRECT process exlixer. References/sources Click here.

Angel Number Meaning 223


By: JoAnn Wamsley- Sacred Scribes

Angel Number 223 is a message from your angels and the Ascended Masters that they are fully supporting and encouraging you on your life path. Stay positive and do not allow any negative energies or feelings hinder or obstruct you. Push through any negative emotions with the knowledge that you are on your Divine life path and all is going to Divine plan. A positive attitude will reap positive results.

Angel Number 223 encourages you to have self-belief, faith and trust in yourself and the angelic and spiritual realm. Listen to your intuition and angelic guidance and have full faith in the messages and soul promptings you receive. Maintain faith in the processes of the Universe, and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this time. Maintain a clear, strong connection with your angels and the Ascended Masters, and have faith and trust that your prayers will be answered and your wants and needs manifested and met.

You can ease your own stress and that of others with humour and laughter. Learn to feel happiness and joy no matter what is happening around you. (SOURCE)

Card Of The Day



Your spiritual team is guiding you through this difficult situation.

This card comes to you today because you have a spiritual team standing by your side in this moment. Your loved ones are coming through to tell you that, no matter what you are going through, you are loved and protected at all times. Your spiritual team consists of your angels, source, spirit guides, and loved ones that have passed over. They are guiding you through this difficult situation, and they are pouring love into the hearts and minds of everyone involved. Their message for you today is “This, too, shall pass”. You are loved in more ways than you fully understand. You are not alone: you are being looked after, and cradled in their arms. Ask for them to show you that they are near you. They will be happy to show you if you ask. You have free will, so if you wish to communicate with your spiritual team, you have to ask them to do so. They can and will show you that they are guiding you through this situation. Close your eyes, take in a few deep breaths, and ask for your spiritual team to communicate with you. Heavenly Helpers are by your side, loving and protecting you, at all times. (Life Coaching Oracle Cards)

Much Love, Light and Divine Blessings on your continued journey. ✨😇💖



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8 thoughts on “Energy Report©-February 23rd, 2016

  1. This is so true! I made a powerful writing and i totally really feel my throat chakra activating cleansing and clearing up! with the weird sudden cough mucus thing in my throat too. I want to share this with you~ especially when you say woman in abusive relationship, I came into a photo that inspired me to speak on my integrity based on many quotations and affirmations on “I refuse”. Please read on if interested of what I came up with! http://meredithmynrose.com/2016/02/23/clarity-to-carry-integrity-daily/


  2. Beautiful 💕✨ …thanks for your energy reports it really helps when you validate what I’ve been experiencing the last few days. With the body symptoms and buzzing energy that have increased my insomnia.

    The twin flame stuff is so on point. We met in our teens but didn’t really talk we had mutual friends, we went on to live our life experiences, reconnected last spring after 18yrs and it was instant chemistry. (he’s totally awakening but doesn’t realize it) I started to talk about Ascension and I think it scared him cus we separated. I reached out in November but no response. And on Valentine’s Day my friend brought him up in conversation and later that night I saw him at a coffee shop parking lot. He never saw me and curiously the song on the radio that popped on was “Don’t you by Simple minds” and I laughed cus it was 11:11 on the clock. I thought we were done so seeing him again has only confused me because I’m not sure if it’s a second chance or if it’s supposed to be a releasing so I’m just trying to figure out what the next step is.
    …just gonna ride the wave and see where it takes me 💕💕💕


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