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It is time to move past your comfort zone and into the unknown.

It is safe to take a risk. You are being guided to take a leap of faith and learn and experience something new. It is time to grow and move into a whole new chapter of your life. Things may not seem familiar to you at this time. Things are changing at a rapid pace, and new opportunities and circumstances are coming forward into your experience. You are being asked to allow yourself to stretch past what you are normally comfortable with. As you allow yourself to stretch, you create an expansion from within your soul that becomes the driving force of all of your actions.

Your soul is yearning to expand. You cannot expand if you continue doing the same everyday routine. It is time to ask yourself, “In what ways am I playing it safe?” If you are feeling guided to take a new class, open a business, or start a new venture in any way, this is your sign! You are on the right path. Take a leap of faith and turn the pages to an exciting new chapter in your life!




Blending together all of your talents helps you to create an energy signature that holds within it your authentic creative expression.

Your gifts and talents are not separate or individually their own. They all come together to make up the whole of who you are. You may be trying too hard to figure out how to move forward with something specific. This is because you are looking at everything as separate when, in fact, they all meld together to make up who you are. It is in the combination of your gifts, talents, and abilities that make up the entirety of what it is you have to offer.

You are being guided to bring together different aspects of who you are to create something new and exciting. This card represents your creative talents. You have an abundance of creative energy ready to burst forth from within you if you embrace all of the aspects of your true nature. This card comes to you today to help you understand that everything you have learned, all of the skills that you have developed, and all of your gifts work together as one unit to birth a creative solution.




You are creating your life based on the intentions you send out into the universe.

When you are truly in the flow of the law of attraction, magic begins to happen! Synchronicities start to become a part of your daily life. It is a truly magical experience. Sometimes we think we are in harmony with the law of attraction, but we are really separated from it. We separate ourselves from it by becoming resistant to what we want. Resistance shows up because of fear of change or a feeling of unworthiness. It is time for you to open your heart to receiving. You are worthy! Take this time to focus on what you really and truly want.

What is coming forward from within you that you wish to experience? Once you have a clear inner knowing of what you want, hold the image in your mind of you receiving it on a daily basis. You will call it forth into your experience by the excitement that you feel! If you truly believed it was going to happen, wouldn’t you feel excited? You would! Get excited in the knowing that you are going to experience it, that you will receive it, and that it is here now! This card showed up to you today to remind you that you have the ability to create whatever you wish to create! You have every reason to feel excited. You are getting ready to experience the magic of manifesting your reality!




You are being asked not to pre-judge your current set of circumstances.

This situation is not what it seems. You may be surprised to find that you asked for something quite different than what you received. Your original reaction may be one of confusion as you ask, “Why, why would this happen?” This card comes to tell you that you might not think it is the “right” job, opportunity, or even circumstance for you. You may feel as if the universe made a mistake. There may even be a situation that seemed to go terribly worse than what you had first imagined. It could even be a situation that fell through at the last minute, and you believed it to be the answers to your prayers. Be careful not to judge this situation too soon.

The universe makes no mistakes, and you did nothing wrong to attract this situation. In fact, this is a blessing in disguise. If you had plans that suddenly fell through at the last minute, know that this is for your highest good now. If you have absolutely no control over this seemingly upsetting situation, it is time to allow and accept that there is a plan. Things are never as they seem, and this situation actually holds within it a surprise ending that will surely be a blessing in disguise. You are being asked to let go of all judgments and trust that the universe will deliver in the most unexpected ways.

Love, light and Divine Blessings💖✨😇



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