GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN PROGRESS: Earth is entering a stream of high-speed solar wind, and this is causing G1-class geomagetic storms around the Arctic Circle on Feb. 16th. This is not the CME we have been waiting for since Valentine’s Day. Instead, the solar wind is flowing from a coronal hole on the sun, shown here in an image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

Coronal holes are places in the sun’s outer atmosphere where magnetic fields spread apart and allow solar wind to escape. The outward flow is traced by white arrows in the image.

Last night, as Earth was entering the stream of solar wind, “lovely coronas exploded overhead,” reports Sarah Skinner of Abisko, Sweden. “I took this picture from inside a Sami structure at our location.”


More lights are in the offing as Earth moves deeper into the stream of solar wind. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of continued geomagnetic storms today, increasing to 55% on Feb. 17th. Monitor the photo gallery for sightings. Aurora alerts: text or voice (SOURCE OF SOLAR ALERT)


  With these vibrational shifts we can experience the following physical symptoms in the coming days:

*Lathargy as the pineal gland and melatonin production becomes over stimulated during shifts.

* High pitched ear ringing

* Leg and foot cramping

* Headaches

* Back, shoulder and neck aches

* Dizziness, vertigo

* Dry, blurry eyes as the 3rd Eye Chakra activates and expands.

* Heart chakra activation with Heart palpitations, and a feeling of all encompassing love. (Use rose quartz to assist in expanding the heart chakra, deep breathing and be in nature.)

* Angelic visitations and interdemensional awareness

* Time line jumping and loosing track of time.

* Crown chakra activation with headaches, itchy head, pressure on the head, rashes. (Massage the head, meditate, use Lavender essential oils and Amethyst crystal to relieve headaches and pressure.)

* Extreme thirst and weird food cravings as the body increases in vibrational frequency. (Listen to what your body needs.)

* Metaphysical gifts expanding concerning energy. (Begin using)

* Vivid dreams and visions (journal). Many people will experience channeling sessions during energetic shifts as the Crown expands connecting you to Divine Source and all that is.

* Depression as the pineal gland is overstimulated in producing or reducing the flow of Serotonin, (the feel good hormone).

Key Words: This too shall pass. Keep riding the wave!

Be sure to ground yourself, drink plenty of water, rest, BREATHE, and eat a healthful diet. Funky cravings excluded😜

These shifts are activating your Crown and Heart Chakras, merging them. These Solar cosmic shifts will bring any lower vibrational emotions or karmic patterns to the surface to heal and release, bringing shadow work into play. Be prepared to sit with anything that surfaces to heal and release. To accept and integrate with this energy you must release the old to make room for the new.

This is what you can expect from Crown expansion.

Your crown chakra is your connection to the Universe on a cosmic scale. Its complete activation brings the ultimate state of human achievement, and enlightenment, that of cosmic consciousness. It is the point of entry of the Universal mind of God Consciousness, and complete oneness with the cosmos.

When you are in a complete state of unity with the Divine, the Spiritual gifts, and super normal powers you will receive are nothing compared to the expansion of your consciousness as it unfolds into infinity. When this seventh chakra expands, any blockages remaining in the other six dissolve, and their energies begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies.


We’ve had back to back Solar cosmic shifts come in from 2015 to present, expanding the heart chakra and crown chakras; this expanding your love for ALL, and your connection to the Cosmos and Universal Divine Source AND “All That Is” bringing you into the “Law of One” realization.  These solar cosmic shifts are what is initiating your ascension process, your DNA upgrades and your vibrational frequency increases!

COSMIC RAYS CONTINUE TO INTENSIFY: Last month, we reported that cosmic rays are intensifying. Measurements so far in February indicate that the trend is continuing. In fact, the latest balloon flight over California on Feb. 5th detected the highest value yet:

The data show that cosmic rays in the mid-latitude stratosphere now are approximately 10% stronger than they were one year ago. All of these measurements were collected by Spaceweather.com and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus(Source of Solar Alert)

As you can see by the above, the shifts are intensifying, becoming more frequent. This IS love energy being poured onto this planet!! Feel the love within rippling like a wave through your body, send this love energy out into the unified field. You are the conduit and you are the anchor. And WE as a collective are who are healing Earth and assisting in the shift from 3D to 5D.  If you are reading this, this is why you are here now! You are one of millions of volunteers to chose to come to Earth to assist in this process, and be apart of the most exciting time on Earth EVER, as this has never been accomplished before…(the shifting of an entire planet from one dimension to another- 3D to 5D). We are already in this process now, but it takes not only the front runners, but also the third wavers who are now stepping into your awakening process, it takes us ALL to heal and shift, not only ourselves, but Earth too. How, you say? First by forgiving yourself and those who have hurt you in the past. It no longer matters now, IT IS IN THE PAST! LET IT GO! These were all life lessons you chose to carry you through to HERE AND NOW! They were not meant to keep you caged a prisoner of the past. Second, love yourself and accept yourself for who you truly are. When you step into your authentic skin, you attract the RIGHT people into your field (your soul tribe), who you contracted with before you got here to assist you now. FEEL, HEAL RELEASE, then become heart centered and balanced, the conduit and the anchor for giving and receiving unconditional love. It takes a lot of hard work, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Patience with yourself and others is key through this gradual upgrading and downloading process of ascending. Know everything is happening right on schedule with Divine right timing. Know there are no chance meetings, all who enter your life are there for a reason and a purpose- for a contract to be fulfilled. Be ever present and aware of the signs and synchronicities that come into your life from your Angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, God/Source such as: Certain animals reappearing to you in the physical or dreams, there’s a message. Repeating number sequences, there’s a message. Physical things such as; dimes, pennies, feathers, music, etc.. Getting a download of information, and you go to research and you are Divinely guided to the right source or website to assist you in clarifications. Follow your intuitive navigation, and let it be your guide. Be discerning, and always question everything. Everyone is running on their own vibrational frequency, each receiving and perceiving information through their personal frequency. What resonates to one, may not resonate to you. If it doesn’t chuck it in the bucket, and take what does resonate and incorporate it into your growth. Your discernment is key to your personal growth and ascension process.

The point to all of this is bringing you back into alignment with your Divine template. Your crystalline light body guided by your heart and soul and not your mind in disconnection to Divine Source and all that is. Before asending meant the soul leaving the body and going home. Now your soul is ascending WITH your body in vibrational frequency by receiving these DNA upgrades, in turn gifting you with metaphysical abilities and gifts to heal others and this planet we inhabit. Feel the love, be the love, share the love. Love is the highest vibrational frequency you can hold and emit. This is the vibrational frequency that heals and transmutes ALL lower vibrational frequencies. When you do this, JUST YOU walking into a crowded Mall, or anywhere– your energy will affect thousands of people by you just simply being present. Your energy will SHIFT the area’s energy and transmute it from lower vibrational energy of fear to that of love. Yes, YOU are that powerful!! By doing the simple meditation below you are allowing this energy to integrate with you, and move through you, thus giving you the ability to then expand it out into your field, your home, your neighborhood, your community, your state, your country and the Earth! BUT you must work with the Energy and not against it to become the conduit and anchor you came here to be at this time to assist Earth and humanity in the continuing shift to 5D. When we all work together, we are the unified collective field and force that transforms education, politics, the medical field, the industrialized military complex, we end war! We end starvation, we end suffering, we end fear, we end 3D density and SHIFT this planet to one of unconditional love, peace and compassion where we all work together in unison helping each other with our own God given gifts and abilities IN SERVICE TO OTHERS! The barter system is the way of the future as each soul steps into their Divine purpose and soul mission. It starts with individual healing, forgiveness, self love and acceptance, then you enter into the unified field to continue this work for the higher good of all. You must LOSE FEAR and KNOW you are Divinely protected as you walk this path because you chose it and you were chosen to be here now. You are not ill equipped as you have trained many lifetimes for this task. Or you chose to be here now with zero past karmic debt to step into this mission and hit the ground running. If so, you fully prepared before you got here with all of the tools you need to assist you on this path.

I have people ask, when will these shifts stop? I don’t know how much more I can deal with it! If you are asking that question, you are working against it and not with it. Welcome these shifts as this IS what is propelling humanity and Earth into New Earth in 5D.

To assist you with integrating with these shifts the simple meditation below will ground and center you allowing you to assist this energy in moving through you and not having it get stuck in a blocked energy center (chakra).

By doing this simple grounding and breathing meditation, it will bring this flow to and through you. You’ll be ready to take on your day fully charged!



At this time take a deep breath and feel your energy flowing down, grounding to the earth, flowing down in a column of light down through the layers of earth, all the way down until you reach the light at the core of the earth where you find an incredible light therein.

Experience your oneness with this light at the core of the earth and through this, experience your connection to all that is. Now let the light flow up, up through the bottom of your feet, up through your root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra…

Clearing any blockages, allowing the divine light to flow up, now fueling the flame of your heart, the energy of earth and of divine. Open your heart and allow the light to continue to flow up through your throat, your third eye, your crown, and opening and expanding the energy of your light body. Your aura is being rejuvenated, replenished, as the light of earth flows up through you and up out your crown at the top of your head. Go up with the light now, way up, connecting with the infinite supply of divine light, of source, up above the angelic realm, above the realms of spirit, of ancestors, of ascended masters, going up consciously, imagining you are going up, feeling yourself traveling up in vibration, linking directly with the divine, with all that is. Being here raises your vibration, replenishes your energy, heals your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being, and allows access to knowledge, wisdom, and truth. Breathe and feel the blessings of the divine bestowed upon you now, the blessings of all that is uniting with you in this present moment, and now imagine the light of the divine pouring down, flowing down like a waterfall of light upon you, cleansing away any tension, stress, negativity, doubt, and assisting you in now anchoring your energy once more to the core of the earth.

Ground, becoming present, centered, and aware of your connection to earth, to the divine, and to all that is. When you are grounded your mind is calm and alert. You are open and aware, able to perceive the magic around you and within you, able to choose how to respond consciously. Able to respond with love, and ready to take your next step on your authentic path of becoming more and more in every moment aligned with your highest and greatest good, so that you may serve and love, make a difference, live inspired, awake, in line with your divine path and purpose.
(Grounding From: Melanie Beckler-‘Ask Angels Oracle Cards’)


I’m choosing this card today to give those a sign who have been looking for one who’s hearts remain closed, bruised and chained.



You, or someone you know, is withholding love and creating a very emotionally painful experience for everyone involved.

Withholding love is one of the most painful feelings you can experience. It may be that you feel you are in a situation with someone that you show love to, but they refuse to show you affection in a way that makes you feel loved. Love is a feeling, it is also an act of kindness, and it is being given to others when we sincerely compliment them and when we sincerely connect with them on a deep level. You are learning to love yourself unconditionally, to love others unconditionally, as well as allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to let love in.

You or others around you are learning to let down heart walls that keep you from connecting with people on a very deep level. If you feel that you are always giving out love and not getting it back, it is because you have a hidden belief that makes you feel unlovable at times. This belief makes you buy into the illusion that you love people more than they love you. This card suggests that you are currently in the process of a heart opening. This represents your ability to love others, to let others love you, as well as loving yourself. You are allowing yourself to give and receive love in a way that will change the essence of every relationship you have. It will be a relationship based on unconditional love, versus one based on conditions. This is a truly beautiful time of heart opening. Enjoy this blissful state that is on its way to you now. (Guiding Light Oracle Cards) 💖


 Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. ✨💖😇 I love you all and I am here to assist you in the ascension process. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 💖



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6 thoughts on “Solar Alert-February 13th – 15th, 2016

  1. Thank you, Tiffany, for putting into words what I’ve been feeling recently. Yes, I am definitely feeling the shifts. You are a beautiful gift to this world – a real gem. Many blessings and abundance to you. Light, Love & Peace 🙂 xoxoxo


  2. Tiffany your article was a non accident 🙂 I have shared it a zillion times with all my FB friends and most have replied – ah thanks I was having trouble with my eyes, head… I personally love this for it has united me with my core purpose and given me the wings to ‘be fearless in the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire’ and also I have this notion-hiddenbelief- that people can not possibly love me at all !!
    Thanks humble gratitudes and merriment rays I send thee 😀
    I shall definitely be back here 🙂
    Love, light n joy


  3. Oh so helpful! This explains so much. Recently had Reiki and was told there’s work going on to connect my heart Chakra to my third eye and crown chakra. I’m open and accept this shift. With love and gratitude 🙂

    Thank you for this message, prayers answered !



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