Nordic Alien
Grouping Alleged extraterrestrials
Similar creatures Nordic aliens
First reported 1976[1]
Other name(s) previously known as Pleiadians
Country Switzerland

The Plejaren, pronounced “Play-Yar-En,” is the name of an extraterrestrial race, according to alleged Swiss contactee Billy Meier. He claims to have had hundreds of contacts with the Plejaren since 1942 (when he was five years old).[2] Meier was instructed to write down his discussions with the Plejaren in a series of over 600 Contact Reports, starting in 1975, which have produced a vast amount of information regarding the Plejaren, including the reasons for them visiting Earth.

The Plejaren were given the name Pleiadians by Meier up to 1995.[3]


Meier states that the Plejaren come from a planet called Erra, which is only fractionally smaller than Earth, and has a population of around 500 million people. Erra is one of ten planets which orbit their central sun which is called Tayget, located in the Plejares system. Four of these ten planets are inhabited.[4] The average life expectancy of a Plejaren is 1000 years. This is due to their higher level of evolution as well as genetic factors.[5] Meier reports that the Plejaren look similar to humans from Northern Europe.

Until 1995, the Plejaren and their allies had three secret stations on Earth, located in Switzerland, North America and Asia. Between 1975 and 1988, the total number of extraterrestrials stationed there were no fewer than 2862 individuals. The Plejaren and their allies withdrew from Earth in 1995 and the three stations were vacated and completely eliminated. The withdrawal was linked to future events which were not specified.[6]However, Meier says he still has ongoing contacts with the Plejaren.

The Plejaren state that they are the descendants of our common ancestors that inhabited Earth tens of thousands of years ago. These ancestors influenced the development of the earth population in both positive and negative ways. The Plejaren have felt partly responsible for the behaviour of their early ancestors.[7] The main reason the Plejaren have come to Earth is to communicate the universal “teachings of the spirit” in order to neutralise the negative effects of various religions. Pleiadians are Angels from the bible. [8]

Eugenio Siragusa researcher and writer Italian well known within the New Age movement , specifically called Movements UFO . Became internationally known for claiming that he had been contacted by beings from the Pleiades. He admitted that his life had 19 meetings face to face with alleged extraterrestrial beings, including the best known are: Ashtar Sheran , Aaron Johnson James, Ptaah, ITHACAR, Adoniesis, Woodok and Link, all members of the Interstellar Confederation creatures long-lived, some can live for thousands of years. He also claimed to have thousands of contacts via telepathy with them.

he said that he was given a message to reveal to the authorities, Siragusa ensures that the message sent by telegram to all Heads of State and scientists investigating nuclear energy. Message, in its fundamental paragraphs read as follows:

“… With displeasure we must necessarily warn of the danger of your nuclear experiments. It pains us to assert that nothing can be done to prevent your world suffers a blow to disastrous and deadly nature. If you want your planet does not become the suffering body of a distant time, you must leave a definitively and forever your deleterious nuclear experiments. We’ve been ordered to monitor your destiny, because we have confidence in your future. Be absolutely sure that if you have the strength and courage to make a strong connection between all the inhabitants of Earth and you carry out the complete destruction of nuclear weapons, now more than ever they will proudly harmful and morbid aggressive all be possible … ”


Meier says that the Plejaren call their spacecraft “beamships”, and that he was allowed to take photographs of them in the 1970s and 1980s. The authenticity of those photographs has been challenged.[9][10] Meier describes the craft as disk-shaped, 7 to 21 meters in diameter, with an outer skin composed of a copper, nickel, and silver alloy fashioned into a single seamless casing. He claims that beamships can fly silently (and invisibly if needed) at extreme speeds, and that some are capable of time travel, both forward and backward.[11] Larger Plejaren spacecraft, several kilometers in diameter, are purportedly used for interstellar travel.


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