~What Does The 11:11 Code Of Awakening Mean?~


Simon Matthews says, The number 11:11 is a symbolic code that stirs within us a deep cellular memory, a most sacred and divine awakening to the innate power of our Soul. When we see 11:11 our heart opens to the eternal nature of spirit and we are compelled to awaken to our deepest truths and the highest vision of our Soul Purpose here on Earth.

When we ‘see’ 11:11 everywhere we are waking up and activating or turning on our so-called ‘Junk’ DNA. As our DNA turns on, we free our-selves from the illusion of the physical world and awaken to the sacred field of creation and divine beauty and LOVE of Source within us all – the Unity of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine.

Our physical body begins to heal as it oozes vitality, emotionally & mentally we transcend fear based struggle, pain & separation and spiritually we evolve into a conscious and enlightened Soul relishing in the human experience here on Earth. We embrace WHOLE-HEARTED Living – being an active participant in global consciousness based on collective values of compassion, reverence for life and LOVE for one another.

The first number ‘11‘ in ‘11:11′, represents the two strands of our DNA double helix spiral and the second number ‘11‘ in ’11:11‘ represents the 11 energetic bodies or auric fields that surround EVERY DNA helix spiral within EVERY cell of our body. When we ‘see’ 11:11 we are resonating our DNA’s auric field and hence activating or turning on the expression of our physical DNA.

Our ancient ancestors consciously worked with the 2 physical strands of DNA + the 11 energetic bodies of DNA (thus the 13 levels of DNA consciousness) in order to activate aspects of their DNA that in today’s terms are referred to as ‘junk DNA’.

Each energetic body of the DNA relates to one or more junk ‘codons’ on the DNA – referred to as DNA Light Codes. Just like our ancient ancestors, we have the same potential to turn ‘on’ our Light Codes and awaken those aspects of our DNA that are ‘asleep’.

Benefits of Activating & Attuning your DNA

Activating and Attuning our DNA Light Codes to their highest frequency, means that we are using higher and higher percentages of our DNA.

Rather than being a victim of circumstance, or having a DNA expression that is the result of living in an environment based on a paradigm of fear, we have the potential to stand outside of the box and express our DNA to its highest potential.

As all 64 DNA Light Codes are ACTIVATED and then ATTUNED over time, we begin to experience changes within our physical, emotional/mental and spiritual ways of beingness.

Physical Benefits –

Activation of DNA
*Improved Cellular Metabolism, increase vitality & energy
*Natural fat/muscle balance
*Appetite for more healthful foods – raw, organic, wholefoods, seasonal, local
*Desire to cleanse your body with vital water
*Decrease desire for over-consumption and heavy sluggish foods
*Detoxification, glowing skin
*Improve digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients
*Increase hair growth, nails and eyesight improves (multi-dimensional sight)

Emotional/Mental Benefits – Activation of DNA

*Improve memory, mental clarity, primarily for ancient wisdom (not stuff !!!)
*Self-Love, appreciation, compassion & gratitude
*Decrease anxiety, stress
*Transcend negative self-talk, embrace authentic speech (self & others)
*Release struggle, resistance and impatience
*Improve dream recall, and use of dreams for guidance & clarity
*Release of old issues and ‘triggers’ as old cellular memories are transcended
Feel LOVED, sense of wellbeing, purpose, security, ONENESS
*Belief in Self, you matter, you KNOW you can be the change.


Spiritual Benefits – Activation of DNA

*Live LIFE from a higher wisdom, a universal truth, from a place of LOVE
*Transcendence from the material, living life from the spiritual
*Understanding & Inner-knowing of Universal Laws
*Living LIFE through these Universal Laws as a natural stage of BEINGNESS
*Knowing & Being your Soul Purpose for your evolution & the greater good of ALL
*Awaken & develop your gifts – Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience etc..
*Embrace the full multi-dimensional spectrum of our Galaxy / Universe… the only limits you have in living in a physical body are the limits you place on yourself.
*Re-remembering on a deep and profound level

How to Activate DNA through the 13 Levels of DNA Consciousness 

There are many ways to consciously work with the highly intelligent biologic language of our DNA and ‘wake up’ the 95% ‘junk dna’.

Our ancient ancestors of Lemuria & Atlantis developed a highly evolved healing system that worked with a Souls 13 Chakra Energy System in order to Activate & Attune DNA.

Activation involved ‘turning on’ of non-active DNA, whilst Attunement referred to resonating the DNA up to its highest level of resonance. As an analogy, ‘Activation’ could be akin to the turning on of light switches and ‘Attunement’ the process of raising the hertz vibrational frequency of turned on switches by turning up the brightness on the dimmer switch.. albeit an infinite dimmer switch – meaning there is no highest level of Attunement or resonant frequency to reach, Attunement is infinite.

Activation of DNA was made possible by weaving certain frequencies within the environment through one or more of a persons 13 Chakras. These frequencies included crystalline vibrations, sound, colour, musical notes, ancient sound codes/tones, sacred geometry and energetics of the elementals. The weaving involved ‘fibonnacci spiralling’ the above frequencies into individual Chakra’s such that each chakra spiralled with the spiral of the Galaxy and embraced the highest resonant frequency of divine template from which it is manifest into form.

These resonant frequencies through the Galactic Spiral would then bath every cell of the body in a cosmic soup of pure potentiality (the environment of the DNA was altered) and thus stimulate the Activation of junk DNA ie the highly intelligent biological language of the DNA.

Attunement was then made possible through the Cosmic Breath or Galactic Heart Breathing… raising a persons vibration such that the Heart beats, breaths and pulses in alignment with the ONE BREATH, the ONE PULSE the ONE HEARTBEAT of the LOVE of SOURCE.

All the above frequencies were synergistically blended together via the Wave of LOVE Ancient affirmational words to catalyse the DNA Light Code Activation and then final Attunement.

With the Pineal Gland-Primordial Cell Communication Pathway activated, this TURNING ON of DNA (via each Chakra Energy Center) would firstly take place within the Primordial cells and then entrain EVERY CELL within the body.

By: Simon Matthews –Sources of article:http://www.universallifetools.com/author/smatthews/#rr5

Click HERE For DNA Activation Symptoms


It is a time to create your world from the inside out. Rather than focus on the pain of the planet, focus your energy/emotions on a vision of a new world, a place of peace, joy and unity… and set the foundations in place for the future.




Tiffany Stiles

Metaphysical Life Coach



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