The 11:11 Code Of Awakening

  ~What Does The 11:11 Code Of Awakening Mean?~ Simon Matthews says, The number 11:11 is a symbolic code that stirs within us a deep cellular memory, a most sacred and divine awakening to the innate power of our Soul. When we see 11:11 our heart opens to the eternal nature of spirit and we … Continue reading The 11:11 Code Of Awakening

The Plejaren Formerly Known As Pleiadians

  Nordic Alien Grouping Alleged extraterrestrials Similar creatures Nordic aliens First reported 1976[1] Other name(s) previously known as Pleiadians Country Switzerland The Plejaren, pronounced "Play-Yar-En," is the name of an extraterrestrial race, according to alleged Swiss contactee Billy Meier. He claims to have had hundreds of contacts with the Plejaren since 1942 (when he was … Continue reading The Plejaren Formerly Known As Pleiadians

Energy Report©-February 11th, 2016

Dear Beautiful Souls! Today's energy is revolving around the Moon in Aries and how this will affect the flow of Energy in our lives today. This energy signature came through yesterday around 8:00pm U.S. EST. Before I get into that, yesterday's Energy Report revolved around the Crown Chakra download we received. This excerpt from gives … Continue reading Energy Report©-February 11th, 2016