Dear Beautiful Souls!

We had a shift come in last night- Crown Chakra expansion. This came in yesterday around 4:00pm U.S. EST and whoa did it ever!! This may have super charged your energy centers and your entire being! Was it difficult to get to sleep last night? Were you up a good portion of the night with extreme creative energy? Did this shift bring some emotional things to the surface for you to sit with and deal with? As this energy came in and literally poured through your crown down through all of your chakras you may have had a major upgrading and downloading experience yesterday or last night. Dreams or visions through this download will hold significant future meaning– Journal It, so you don’t forget.  Today you may feel floaty, light, airy–your right ear tingling or ringing, numb. The last shift affected the left side of the body and receiving the Energy through the left. This shift it is downloaded through the crown and out the right side of your body. Your right hand may feel tingly, or slightly numb today as well with the Energy moving out of the right side of your body.  The last two shifts moved this energy through your entire being. Now your metaphysical abilities and gifts are heightened. Your creative energy off the charts! If you are not working with this energy it will get stuck in a blocked energy center. Work with it to allow it to move through you!! Do not fight this or headaches and aggression will rise. To assist anyone struggling through this shift right now, review your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions from just four or five years ago….were they in balance? Most likely they were not, and because of this you are experiencing the ramifications of your previous level of energetic vibrations you were emitting from your energy field. So if you want to have a better future, you will need to create a better now and that means to follow and understand the universal laws, as well as, clear out the old energetic distortions within your energy field that have not been healed and continue to draw negative experiences to you. You must work with this energy and not against it. 

Oftentimes, we will have hidden distorted beliefs and subconscious patterns we are not even aware of. This will require self introspection in order for you to be able to observe the patterns within your life…. and it will also require you to be brutally honest with yourself about your distortions. These distortions are your learning lessons and each lesson will need to be mastered before you have proven that you no longer need to experience that type of interaction anymore. Until you do, it will be a repeated experience in your life.

One of the best ways to move through your karma and soul lessons is to love yourself, and give gratitude for the opportunity to advance and evolve your soul. Be willing to SEE yourselves working within your higher being….then you will be masterfully playing the game of life. Once the lessons are learned and your energetic frequency is raised through the expansion of your heart chakra ~ then you will be gifted with the power of magnetism and manifestation and the “ask and you will receive” and the “believe and you will see” will be very evident to you because your life force energies will have been restored to a higher level of manifestation and vibrational frequency.

However, until your thoughts and feelings are brought into balance and are focused for the highest good of all involved, you will be limited in your abilities to create things quickly because this ability to manifest instantaneously could be highly destructive for yourself and the Earth. To not allow this to occur until you are ready, you will be a block to yourself. When you are ready, the block is removed. This you agreed to before you incarnated here as a self realization of this mechanism. As you further evolve it will become clear as to why you agreed to this block until you are ready. And, it is very important to continue working through anything surfacing through these shifts. Feel, heal, release and you will experience an upgrade in vibrational frequency by releasing the old to make room for the new. This is what will evolve your soul further in the ascension process. 

For those of you who have done this work and have cleared your energy fields of karma, and past karmic cycles and patterns, this shift brings you manifestation of miracles into your life at this time. Your hard work is about to pay off! All of the sudden doors are flying wide open with opportunities abundant for you. Obstacles easily moved out of your way. People appear out of nowhere to help you and assist you in the next phase of your journey. Synchronicities are now daily guiding you forth in your soul mission tied to your highest good and the highest good of all. This shift that came in yesterday once again is positive, the vibe HIGH! Your vibration has increased even further- your energy levels through the roof! Use this energy to CREATE! There is nothing any longer standing in your way, but yourself. It’s been in your head long enough– now put it to action!! Action is the key here- as the Nike commercials used to say, JUST DO IT! You are not ill equipped. You are well prepared as you have trained many lifetimes for here and now. Trust me, once you start, the momentum will carry you forward blissfully on the next phase of your journey.

Each cosmic solar shift that comes through now with the Parade of Planets through the 20th, and the New Moon energies of now–your intentions are rapidly manifested into your reality with your higher good and the higher good of all within those intentions. Be sure to keep your flow positive for your intentions to blossom. Any negative feedback loop you get yourself into will negate the positive and manifest the exact opposite of what you intend right now. We are all human and negative thoughts can creep up at any time. But now……you’ve learned to catch yourself, because you know the Law of Attraction and Energy will bring you what you DON’T want. If this happens, simply say, CANCEL, CLEAR, DELETE if a negative thought comes in, and start over with the very opposite in the way of a positive thought response.

Watch for the signs, synchronicities and blessings which are about to come into your life. Pay attention to anyone who steps into your field now presenting and opportunity to you to step outside of your comfort zone. When this happens politely accept and go with the flow of universal Divine energy and see where this takes you.

Through this shift, past people will surface in a different way than you knew them before. A positive interaction will occur from this reconnection. You are being brought back together to assist one another through the next phases of your journeys. Do not expect this person to be the same, as they have grown on a soul level as you have. Be willing to accept the new them and move forward with where this reconnection takes you by being open. Know your relationship will not be the same as it was. It will take on a different form now. Be open and willing to see where this takes you both while being open minded and supportive.

Enjoy this highly positive day! Soak up this feel good energy and see your crown and heart merging this powerful energy into a magnificent love ripple flowing through your body and out into the collective field! Many blessings will be attracted right back to you through this simple visualization.

Much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇



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8 thoughts on “Energy Report©- February 10th, 2016

    1. Hm. Zapped by a grey. This is the first I have heard of it, though I do believe I have experienced it! 2010-2012 I was going through episodes of “psychosis” following a DMT breakthrough. The greys (or whatever they are, there were green glowing ones, orbs, shadows, tall dark ones, etc) showed up frequently. I remember lying in bed one night, I had a sense of an alien presence, then I felt shocks in my neck and somehow felt that “they” were zapping me. Oddly enough, I did interpret it as being somehow helpful, and that somehow I had asked for it without being fully aware of the agreement. It was uncomfortable, but mostly just terrifying because I had no idea how to interpret anything at that time. I have dismissed a lot of those experiences as too “out there” to comprehend. I can never be sure that maybe I wasn’t just “psychotic” as the professionals labeled it. Thank you for validating my experience. Now I am curious, what is the zapping supposed to do, exactly?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Namaste :). Well from what I have read about it. Its like getting like a reset…Just zapped kind of like you are describing but I heard it can be very uncomfortable though. But I don’t know how true this is though just have read posts from others in FB groups I am in. Sometimes I feel like I am failing at this whole ascension and transformation process is all 😥


  1. I have been going thru my (Stared)*messages today.And re-read your Update.On the Shifts and Changes. We have all been going through. How Very True this is. On a daily basis. I continue to request continued shifts. For my thoughts,and psychic abilities. This is going on now. I Am feeling, the cdownloads, of information. Also, I feel that my whole being has shifted. Thank You for your updates,and encouraging information. May these Shifts, continue. To be for the. Greatest and Highest good. For All Our Relations. And Our Sister,Brother HEBS. Highly Evolved Beings. As I know, they are constantly, watching over us.


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