Energy Report©- February 10th, 2016

Dear Beautiful Souls! We had a shift come in last night- Crown Chakra expansion. This came in yesterday around 4:00pm U.S. EST and whoa did it ever!! This may have super charged your energy centers and your entire being! Was it difficult to get to sleep last night? Were you up a good portion of … Continue reading Energy Report©- February 10th, 2016

Seven Pictures to Re-Energise You and your Chakras

I love this exercise!! Try it and let me know your thoughts. 💖

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Chakras are energetic gateways or portals. Each has its own colour, and governs different areas and emotions within the body. I have meditated on each of the following images, and programmed each picture to energise, open, balance and heal your chakras.

How to use today’s blog:

  1. Slowly scroll down the page, gazing at each picture in turn.
  2. Notice which picture (or pictures) is more vibrant and attractive to you.
  3. Go back to that image (images) and spend a little longer.  Draw that colour deep into your body.  See if any words, impressions, emotions or images come up for you. You might even want to use that as the beginning of a journalling activity. These colours will feed and energise your chakras and are great indicators of what chakras are already flowing and working well or in the process of opening and healing.
  4. Also pay attention to any pictures that seem…

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