Dear Beautiful Souls!

Even though we are in the wake of the next cosmic solar shift, the Energy feels fantastic today! This may have kept you up last night, or the reverse and you slept like a baby. Depending on where you are on your ascension journey you could be experiencing either. The energy has a high vibration to it today which gives us a boost in energy, but also with a calm, cool, collected feel behind it.

As far as physical symptoms with this shift it is affecting the shoulders and back areas as you integrate with the energy and it moves up your spine to your crown chakra. With the new moon in Aquarius and Mars, some aggressions may surface. If you feel like you’re about to loose it on someone, breathe, and re-center and balance your energy to your heart center. Be patient with yourself and others as we all are experiencing these shifts in our own ways.

~The Waves Of Ascension~

If you began your awakening 2008-2012, you are the front runners who are now assisting others through their awakening and ascension journey. If you began your awakening 2013-2015, you may still be experiencing many uncomfortable upgrading and downloading symptoms as your vibrational frequency increases and your DNA is upgraded. If you just began your awakening in 2015, you are in the beginning stages of learning your truth, and the truth of all that is, which will propel you further through the ascension process. For those just now awakening, you have many front runners to assist you through this process. We are guiders, not answer givers, as it is important to learn your own truth attached to your own vibrational frequency at this time. We will guide you with assistance, but it is up to you to do the work as we have. As you connect with mentors through your awakening, it is important to use your own discernment and question everything. I say, if it resonates tuck it in your memory bank, if it doesn’t, chuck it in the bucket! Some things will resonate with you greatly, while others not at all. This is your discernment and intuition guiding you on your own path. Listen and follow your own intuitive navigation. It will never steer you wrong.

This ascension process has been Divinely planned how it will occur for Earth and humans. It will occur in stages with each wave having their own responsibility in assisting others. This is both an individual and collective effort for all who have chosen this experience.

When I do my Energy Report, I am giving the energy signature of the day to help you prepare for incoming shifts, and so you know the symptoms you may be experiencing are normal through the upgrading and downloading process of ascension. Ascension being simply the raising of ones own vibrational frequency within, and understanding the individual connection to the collective and all that is through the Law of One. This is activated through solar cosmic energy shifts that have intensified since 2012 initiating the awakening process for millions of Souls!

When one comes to this understanding and who has been on the ascension journey for many years, they are cognizant of their own energy and how it effects the collective unified field. They are responsible for the Energy they bring into any space or that they send out into the field. The reason being, in order for the Earth to continue to ascend and the continued raising of her own Schumann Resonance and heartbeat, the energy must remain high and the vibrational frequency high through Earth’s grid for Earth to also shed lower vibrational energies and that of fear.

The ones who have chosen not to awaken at this time are rooted in the 3D matrix of fear and control, and function from an ego standpoint. This group assists the front runners in remaining grounded as we walk through interdemensional reality. And the front runners assist them in releasing fear, breaking free of the matrix and regainging of their own free will. We are all here assisting each other.

As each person awakens they subconsciously affect those close to them; siblings, significant others, friends, co-workers, aquaintances, etc… And may begin these people on their own journey. Or the reverse will occur through cognitive dissonance, and they will be repelled out of your field as you are not a vibrational match. If you are reading this now, you are well on your awakening journey, and through this you have learned there are those who you can discuss these things with who will “get you”, and those who look at you like your head has spun around in a circle. This is your indication of who is a vibrational match and who isn’t. Information can only be given and received on the same vibrational frequency to be understood. For this very reason you have chosen to seek like minded Souls who are on the same journey who you connect with, and this is very important for your own growth. As you increase in vibrational frequency, you attract your “soul tribe.” The Law of Attraction begins working in your favor bringing you exactly what you are sending out. Synchronicities become abundant in your life, abundance in all forms becomes the norm, and instant manifestation begins to occur. Your ego falls away through the Dark Night of the Soul. You kundalini rises, your merkaba is activated through your energy centers (chakras), and you become heart centered and balanced. You are the giver and receiver of unconditional love. You are at peace and exude inner peace to those around you. The things that triggered you in the past no longer affect you. You go with the universal flow of energy, while you live in the moment. Stress falls away, lower vibrational emotions surface and are released more quickly and easily. You are at peace within. You have cleared your karma and all past karmic debt and patterns through many previous lifetimes through much shadow work, time alone and the releasing of the old.

When you are here, you are in 5D, and you are very aware of interdemensional reality. You can easily walk between the dimensions and function normally in 3D and 5D. And at this point, you are living your authentic soul purpose and serving your divine mission you came here to serve in a service to others manner. Through your upgrading and downloading process your metaphysical abilities and gifts were activated and at this point you’ve become confident in using them in service of Earth, others and animals.

I have laid this report out in this manner because I often get the question, “When is this ever going to end? These shifts are driving me nuts, and the physical symptoms are so intense! I don’t know how much more I can take!” As you can see there is much work to do on an individual level and a collective level. You do not ascend without hard work of releasing the old to make room for the new. The energy shifts that are present, and ever so frequent are here to assist you in your own process, but you must work with it to integrate the new, and allow the energy to begin to flow and move through your energy centers instead of fighting against it. You must remain constantly grounded with Earth’s Electromagnetic Field, which will provide healing energy to you and keep you grounded through this process. Meditatation is key to calm your mind and allow the Divine energy to flow down through your crown. When it becomes habit that you ground daily, and take a half hour or hour to yourself to meditate, you are “daily”, bringing Earth’s energy up through your core, and bringing the Divine energy down through your crown and core, having it meet in your heart center to expand it out into your immediate field, and the unified grid.


You become an anchor for this energy to have it go and flow where you guide it; either for individual healing, anchoring into the Earth portals, ley lines and vortexes or by transmuting negative to positive, or by healing animals.


Love is the highest vibrational frequency you can carry within and emit. Love IS the healing energy which you become a conduit for through Divine universal energy. This is what assists you in keeping your chakras open, clear and balanced to allow this daily energy to FLOW THROUGH YOU and out into the collective field.  When you do this the shifts no longer affect you on an intense level. You ground and go on with your day serving your authentic purpose in peace and love. This is by far not an easy process, however, in the end and on the other side it is so worth it to go through the dark to reach the Light.

We do have a Solar Alert in effect right now.


MINOR CME IMPACT POSSIBLE TODAY: NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of minor geomagnetic storms today, Feb. 9th, when a CME could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magetic field. The nearly-new Moon favors dark skies for Arctic auroras. Aurora alerts: text or voice

COSMIC RAYS CONTINUE TO INTENSIFY: Last month, we reported that cosmic rays are intensifying. Measurements so far in February indicate that the trend is continuing. In fact, the latest balloon flight over California on Feb. 5th detected the highest value yet:

The data show that cosmic rays in the mid-latitude stratosphere now are approximately 10% stronger than they were one year ago. All of these measurements were collected by Spaceweather.com and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus(Source of Solar Alert)

To reiterate, even with this shift being upon us now, the energy flow today is high, positive, with a calm, cool collective flow to it. Which will give you a good boost in energy today to get done what you have on your list. Know the new moon in Aquarius and Mars can surface aggression, breathe and remain heart centered and balanced being patient with yourself and others.

Much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey. 😇✨💖




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6 thoughts on “Energy Report©-February 9th, 2016

  1. Thank you Tiffany! Your messages resonate so deeply with me, and I feel very comfortable in the energy of your posts. Thank you for your time, Love and service, you are a great inspiration to me!



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  3. Love love love this! I notice in my dreams like when I am asleep at night or even when I am napping. I can actually FEEL downloads coming in like my head slightly bounces up and down like something is being beamed into my mind at a fast rate. Have you ever had anyone experience this?!

    light and love Tiffany

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