With this New Moon in Aquarius today, February 8th, the Goddesses will assist you through any transitional periods you are going through. Look at the images and allow your intuition to guide you to the message waiting to be revealed to you today from one or more Goddesses. 






Goddess of Transformation.

Believe in your wishes, your aspirations and dreams. Now is the time for you to welcome change in your life and pursue that which you desire. Reach for the stars and believe that the wheel of change will turn and bring you your heart’s desire.

Arianrhod is a Celtic Goddess of Transformation, originating in Wales, and she is depicted as holding a silver wheel, which turns as your life changes. She is the Goddess of the Moon, the Stars and the Dawn as well as the Corona Borealis. The silver wheel that she holds represents the turning wheel of all transformation and change, including reincarnation.

Ask Arianrhod for help when you are seeking to change the events of your life, when you need the wheel to turn for you.

Ask for the intuitive insight that she can give you as a Goddess of the Moon; ask her for the hope and optimism she can give you as a Goddess of the Stars and the ability to make a fresh start as the Goddess of the Dawn. As the Goddess of Reincarnation, she can help you to reinvent yourself, to pick yourself up and start all over again.




Bringer of Light.

The time is right to start new ventures or a new health regime. Forge your plans and ideas and nourish new projects. Pay particular attention to your health and well being as this is a good time for healing or the resolution of disputes.

Bridget is the Celtic Goddess of Renewal, Healing and Work who originated in Ireland. She is a midwife, a compassionate mother and protector of the hearth and home. Bridget is sometimes shown as a triple Goddess and has three main aspects: the Midwife; the Healer and Goddess of Smithcraft. Working with Bridget can help you breathe life into your dreams and forge them into reality.

This is a good time to purify and refocus your approach to work. As the Midwife, Bridget can help you give birth to new ideas and projects and protect them as they grow. Bridget’s healing waters come from the sacred well and can inspire you with dreams and visions. Look at what needs to be healed in your life and embrace the solutions as they are presented to you.




Nurturing Creation.

Now is the time to nurture the creative power that emanates from you and surrounds you. This is a good time to nourish yourself and allow your magical creativity to expand and fill your consciousness. Turn your attention to creative projects that have been delayed or remain unfinished. Meditate upon the Mother of Creation to receive inspiration and creative flow. Feel the creative process growing in your belly and bring deliver your ideas and projects to manifestation.

Plant a seed, or bulb or young plant and tend it with care and love, all the while focussing on that which you wish to manifest in your life. Ask the Mother of Creation to nurture your desire and sustain it on the earth plane and give thanks for all that she has gifted you already.

We look to Mother Earth as the Goddess of Creation and it is to her that we turn to nurture the creative process within ourselves and around us. Honour the power of Creation that surrounds us when asking for help in creating that which you desire to manifest on the Earth plane.




Keeper of the Cauldron.

Through the wisdom of the cauldron comes the answer that you seek. Memories and dreams bring you answers and insight from your ancestors. You have the power to weave your dreams and stir the ancient Cauldron. As you do, think, feel and see your wisdom as your dreams become manifest. This can be a good time for developing your psychic abilities, especially mediumship.

Cerridwen, whose name means ‘White Sow’, is the Celtic Goddess of Death and Rebirth as well as poetic inspiration. She is the Crone of Wisdom, the keeper of the cauldron. She is both a healer and a poisoner, a sorceress, a shape shifter and one who knows the secrets of the Underworld.

Cerridwen is a lunar Goddess and seen both as mother and crone. She has powers of prophecy and can be called upon when you wish to gain insight or psychic power. As the stirrer of the cauldron, she can help with herbalism, healing, cooking or creating potions. She can help you understand your inner self and your power animal, or to adapt to circumstances as she can assist you to become a specific character when taking on a particular role. As Goddess of Death and Rebirth, she can help you move on from a situation that has ended, allowing new energies to emerge. She is the Goddess of bards, musicians, writers and poets and is invoked to bring inspiration.

Much love, light and New Moon Blessings to you. Blessed be.



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