Dear Beautiful Souls!

Are you feeling the “BOOST” in Energy today? The etheric realms are completely energized! The animals are hyper as they are feeling it too!

Whatever projects you’ve had on the back burner, today the energy is here to assist you in “Getting Things Done!” The energy vibe is high and charged! If you’re used to taking daily naps due to shifting energies, today you won’t need one!

We do have an active Sunspot which will produce M Class Solar Flares in the coming days, but for now, use this energy to get caught up on projects, clean and organize your home, and work area. You could even add some Feng Shui to your space to open even more energy flow.


~Image Source: Earthegy.com

Today is a fantastic day to cleanse and charge your crystals, it is also a perfect day for a Smudging. When we have highly energetic days it is to our advantage to use this flow of energy to clean, clear, and amplify the energy flowing through our space, work areas and our own being. CLICK THIS LINK FOR A FANTASTIC SMUDGING RITUAL.

By doing this simple grounding and breathing meditation, it will bring this flow to and through you. You’ll be ready to take on your day fully charged!



At this time take a deep breath and feel your energy flowing down, grounding to the earth, flowing down in a column of light down through the layers of earth, all the way down until you reach the light at the core of the earth where you find an incredible light therein. Experience your oneness with this light at the core of the earth and through this, experience your connection to all that is. Now let the light flow up, up through the bottom of your feet, up through your root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakra…

Clearing any blockages, allowing the divine light to flow up, now fueling the flame of your heart, the energy of earth and of divine. Open your heart and allow the light to continue to flow up through your throat, your third eye, your crown, and opening and expanding the energy of your light body. Your aura is being rejuvenated, replenished, as the light of earth flows up through you and up out your crown at the top of your head. Go up with the light now, way up, connecting with the infinite supply of divine light, of source, up above the angelic realm, above the realms of spirit, of ancestors, of ascended masters, going up consciously, imagining you are going up, feeling yourself traveling up in vibration, linking directly with the divine, with all that is. Being here raises your vibration, replenishes your energy, heals your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being, and allows access to knowledge, wisdom, and truth. Breathe and feel the blessings of the divine bestowed upon you now, the blessings of all that is uniting with you in this present moment, and now imagine the light of the divine pouring down, flowing down like a waterfall of light upon you, cleansing away any tension, stress, negativity, doubt, and assisting you in now anchoring your energy once more to the core of the earth.

Ground, becoming present, centered, and aware of your connection to earth, to the divine, and to all that is. When you are grounded your mind is calm and alert. You are open and aware, able to perceive the magic around you and within you, able to choose how to respond consciously. Able to respond with love, and ready to take your next step on your authentic path of becoming more and more in every moment aligned with your highest and greatest good, so that you may serve and love, make a difference, live inspired, awake, in line with your divine path and purpose.
(‘Card pulled from: Melanie Beckler-Ask Angels Oracle Cards’)


ASTEROID TO BUZZ EARTH: A small asteroid named “2013 TX68” will fly by Earth on March 5th, and NASA says it could come as close as 17,000 km to our planet’s surface. That would put it well inside the Clarke Belt of geosynchronous satellites. The space rock is about 30 meters wide, or 50% larger than the asteroid that broke up in the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Russia, three years ago. If an asteroid the size of 2013 TX68 were to enter Earth’s atmosphere, it would likely produce an air burst with twice the energy of the Chelyabinsk event. Get the full story from NASA.

OZONE HOLE FORMS OVER THE UK: For the past week, sky watchers in the UK have witnessed a rare apparition of polar stratospheric clouds(PSCs). Normally restricted to the Arctic Circle, the fantastically colorful clouds have appeared over the British Isles almost every day since Jan. 31st. Colin Fraser photographed the display over Edinburgh, Scotland, on Feb. 2nd:

PSCs form in the lower stratosphere when temperatures drop to a staggeringly-cold -85ºC. High-altitude sunlight shining through tiny ice particles ~10µm wide produce bright iridescent colors by diffraction and interference.

But there is more to PSCs than ice. Some polar stratospheric clouds contain very small droplets of naturally occurring nitric and sulphuric acids. These droplets destroy ozone. Indeed, atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley points outthat a temporary ozone hole has formed over Ireland and the UK. It is the blue patch in this Feb. 1st ozone map from NASA’s Arctic Ozone Watch:

“The acid droplets destroy the stratospheric ozone layer that protects us from harmful solar ultra-violet rays,” says Cowley. “They catalyse unreactive forms of man-made chlorine into active free radicals (for example ClO, chlorine monoxide). The radicals destroy many ozone molecules in a series of chain reactions..”

This outbreak of PSCs is truly unusual. “Prior to this outbreak I have seen PSCs over the UK only twice in the last 20 years!” says Cowley. “This episode is exceptional at such low latitudes.  If it goes on any longer my camera will be worn out.”

Realtime Stratospheric Cloud Photo Gallery


Sunspot AR2494 is growing rapidly and could soon pose a threat for M-class flares.

MORNING PLANETS: Something special is about to happen in the morning sky. On Feb. 6th and 7th, the crescent Moon will join Mercury and Venus, forming a bright triangle in the rosy glow of dawn. This morning, Tom J. Martinez of Pueblo West, Colorado, photographed the Moon en route to the convergence:

“I created a nine-panel panorama which shows all five planets now visible in the morning sky: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter,” says Martinez. “It was a beautiful view.”

And the view is about to improve. Set your alarm for dawn and look east into the sunrise. It’s a great way to start the day. (SOURCE OF SPACE WEATHER)

As mentioned above, today is a highly charged energetic day to get things done. Cleanse physically and energetically, and organize to open this flow of energy in your space and your Being.

Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. ✨💖😇



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