Dear Beautiful Souls!

We may have had some solar wind reach us from a Coronal hole that has left the sun a few days ago. This would have brought on feeling tired and blah yesterday, but today is a new day! We have a positive day in the etheric realms!

When I woke, I had 222 in my head as the Energy Signature Of the day. I did the breakdown of today’s date 2-4-2016 which equals 222 in Numerology. This would ultimately work down to a 6, but that is not the energy I feel today, I feel 222 which also correlates with 2016, reaping what we have sowed from 2015.


Per Doreen Virtue, the number 222 means to “Keep the Faith.” It’s a sign that you have planted your seeds, and now must keep tending to them even though you can’t yet see the seedlings. 

Metaphorically, this means to invest your time and energy into your dreams, and keep the faith that all of your work will soon pay off. The more 2’s that you see, the stronger this message is for you. (SOURCE) 

Today, focus on tending your garden of dreams and aspirations. We have creative energy backing this flow today through the Parade of Planets. Today the energy feels positive and the vibe high, with a calm flow behind it and creative energy assisting you with your endeavors. Collaborations and partnerships are highly favored through this energy flow, as this energy will back smooth communication.

~Crystal To Assist You Today~


~Card Of The Day~



What you are working on now is divinely guided.

You are on the right path. It is all in divine timing! You may even be second guessing whether or not this is the right path for you, because you may not be seeing the movement that you were hoping for. Regardless of what you see with your physical eyes, what is happening on a spiritual plane are things being lined up for your perfect outcome. Your faith is being tested, and the time has come for you to strengthen your resolve. You had a strong sense of knowing, when you embarked on this journey, that this was the right path. That was divine guidance speaking through you. Do not second guess this guidance, instead, continue to focus on your vision with a steadfast knowing that everything will unfold in divine timing.

This is your sign from above that everything is coming together perfectly, regardless of what it looks like on the physical plane. Raise your awareness, and release the need to know all of the details. Everything is exactly as it should be. It is all happening perfectly in divine timing. Patience, faith, and trust in yourself and the guidance you received is what is needed now. (Pulled from Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards)

~Spirit Message Of The Day Comes From The Butterfly~


Major transformation are taking place right now with the outcome being different than what you expected. Go with the flow. ~ Butterfly (Source)

Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. ✨💖😇



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