Dear Beautiful Souls!

We had a full blown light body activation shift come in last night. This reving up all the Chakras; from the root to the crown! You may have felt tingling in the base of your spine with kundalini rising, to a floaty, dizziness up to your crown. Today is a detox day as you will feel bloated from a full body shift. drink plenty of water and fasting is a good idea today.

This will also bring anything to the surface to heal and release that is not serving your higher good. Let It Go! If you try to hold on to lower vibrational energies, emotions, people and situations through these light activations you will experience a lot of negative emotions and depression due to fighting against this energy vs. flowing with it and allowing it to integrate with you. If you are going through a shadow period, work through it, sit with it, FEEL it and then release and Let It Go!

These shifts are coming so fast and furious there is not much downtime to integrate each. By now we should be getting to “pro status” with these shifts as we know exactly what to expect when one arrives, the challeng comes with the work we need to do on our end. We must work WITH this energy for it to work with US. Be in the moment, the here and now. Take in your environment, breathe, see your heart chakra spinning in a wide circle expanding the love energy within to the outter layers of your area, and even further. Share this love energy, this is what is healing others and this planet on a unified level! The highest vibrational frequency is emitted through unconditional love, each time you share love you are transmuting thousands of lower vibrational energies, not only within yourself, but within the unified consciousness and the planetary grid. If the negative Nellies set in, feel what is causing it to surface, this is where work is needed.

It is extremely important to remain positive through the Parade of Planets Gateway and Portal as manifesting is instant with the Universe taking snapshots of your thoughts and words and bringing immediate return to you. Use the creative energy flow of this rare planetary alignment to manifest the life of your highest good tied to your soul purpose!!

To know if you are receiving frequency upgrades and DNA upgrades, you will notice your hair and nails are growing so much faster now. Are you noticing smoother skin, glowing skin? You don’t allow things that used to trigger you in the past to trigger you now. You live in the here and now working with the Divine Universal energy, following the daily synchronicities to guide you on your path. If you are at this level it doesn’t mean you will no longer experience shifts, you do, but they integrate with you much quicker, and don’t effect you as intensely as you work with it — it flows much easier with you. You are one with the energy. If you are here, then now it is time to share the love you feel inside. Love heals and transmutes all lower energies.

These are all signs of vibrational frequency increases in and within your body. Some of these shifts are very intense bringing on body vibrations and heart palpitations with an integration of frequency increases. Know all is well and these shifts are activating your merkaba within; your crystalline light body merging with Earth’s crystaline grid. What a major love expansion shift this was that came in last night activating the whole body!! I’m so feeling it, the animals and birds are quite active today as well with positive energy flow!

Thanks to Venus being very active in the PARADE OF PLANETS through February 20th you can expect further expansion of love, love of yourself and everyone (unconditionally) through the Law of One. This energy peaking on Valentine’s Day! 💖


Twin flame unions are taking place all over the world, but the next Gateway and Portal of Light and Unity on March 6th, 2016 ~ (THE 369 GATEWAY & PORTAL OF LOVE & UNITY), there will be many TWIN FLAMES that will unite through a walk-in situation. If you have been waiting for your Twin Flame and you’ve been sending that intention out, there’s a very good chance of manifesting this reunion through this Gateway and Portal. Get ready this is going to explode Love and Unity all over this planet! A tsunami of love a love wave will run through the planet affecting everyone and everything with love energy, unity will commence following this WAVE. Are you ready? Now’s the time to prepare for this wave by releasing all now which no longer serves tour higher good. When we release the old, the new comes pouring in!

Love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇



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One thought on “Energy Report©-January 30th, 2016

  1. I love these! I just found and started following you this week and these are so right on. Perfect timing. I just woke up from a really interesting dream of seeing Saturn in dotted purplish pink colors and then these overlays started flashing over it. Layers and layers like a computer screen or tv screen rapidly changing scenes. Whatever it was, it was a huge download.
    Thanks for writing these!

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