Dear Beautiful Souls!

Oh what a wonderful day it is! We have an optimistic, positive and joyous day on tap with creative energy giving you a spark to create! The birds are singing a happy song here in Florida, as the animals are feeling it too!! As a matter of fact you may have woken extra early today and are not tired at all from this positive energy signature, which will carry through the day until the next shift that comes in.

The symptoms should have subsided from the last shift that came in with extreme lathargy, headaches, etc… Enjoy this very positive, and uplifting day with this fantastic love and creative energy giving you a hop, skip and a jump in your step!

We do have another shift coming in tonight or tomorrow morning for more heart chakra expansion! See below for the details.


INCREASING CHANCE OF FLARES: NOAA forecasters have boosted the odds of an M-classflare today to 25%. The probable source would be sunspot AR2488, which has developed an unstable ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field with pent-up energy for strong explosions. Any M-flares today could produce minor shortwave radio blackouts. Solar flare alerts: text or voice

INTENSIFYING COSMIC RAYS: For the past year, neutron monitors around the Arctic Circle have sensed an increasing intensity of cosmic rays. Polar latitudes are a good place to make such measurements, because Earth’s magnetic field funnels and concentrates cosmic radiation there. Turns out, Earth’s poles aren’t the only place cosmic rays are intensifying. Spaceweather.com and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have been launching helium balloons to the stratosphere to measure radiation, and they find the same trend over California:

In the plot, neutron monitor measurements from the University of Oulu Cosmic Ray Station are traced in red; gamma-ray/X-ray measurements over California are denoted in gray. The agreement between the two curves is remarkable. It means that the intensification of cosmic rays is making itself felt not only over the poles, but also over lower latitudes where Earth’s magnetic field provides a greater degree of protection against deep space radiation. (Source of Solar Alert-spaceweather.com)



Take time out to celebrate.

Whatever it is that you are doing, keep doing that! This card showed up for you today to congratulate you on something you are doing right! It is easy to focus on all the things that we need to do and forget how much we have accomplished. You have worked hard to get where you are. You have done the inner work and taken the action steps required. If you have not reaped the rewards for all your hard work, you soon will! Take time out to celebrate, things are about to shift for you. You have come a long way on your journey. Today, take time out to look at how far you have come and give yourself credit for all of the amazing accomplishments in your life. Today is a day of celebration. What are we celebrating you ask? We are celebrating You! The sun is out, the clouds are gone and the birds are singing. Can you feel it?

Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 💖✨😇



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