Energy Report©-January 28th, 2016

Dear Beautiful Souls! We had a major heart shift come in last night! This expanding the heart chakra big time. With a heart chakra expansion you may feel heart palpitations, anxiety, grief surfaces to be healed and released. Old karmic patterns surface for you also to release and let go. Now is the time if … Continue reading Energy Report©-January 28th, 2016

~Vibrational Energy Oracle Reading~

Look at the photo. Which Vibrational Energy image are you being pulled to for a special message to be revealed to you today? Allow your intuition to guide you to one or more images for your message. {Please feel free to share}💞 ~IF YOU CHOSE ONE IT WILL HOLD THIS MESSAGE ~ [ UNTAPPED INNER … Continue reading ~Vibrational Energy Oracle Reading~

Client Testimonials

Tiffany, I love it when you can tell me what it is I'm going through Tiffany because yesterday for me knocked me for 6! It is the second time now I have had the same symptoms and having surrendered by curling up into a ball and slept 12 hours + solid! Wow.... I'm so appreciative … Continue reading Client Testimonials

Solar Alert- (DNA Upgrade In The Offing) January 28th – 30th, 2016

First off I'm going to say ground yourself. If you are sensitive to energy, then you are definitely feeling this. The remedy is to ground with Mother Earth to balance out the incoming cosmic solar energy with Earth's healing Electromagtic Field. I cannot stress it enough.  HOW TO GROUND YOURSELF- CLICK HERE. We Have A … Continue reading Solar Alert- (DNA Upgrade In The Offing) January 28th – 30th, 2016