Holy Cow! Can you feel it?!!

This energy has you bouncing off the walls one minute, and curled in a lethargic ball of sleepiness the next! This shift, as it further expands the heart chakra will bring on anxiety, heart palpitations, shakiness, shortness of breath, and it can bring on depression. It will also bring grief to the surface to heal and release. This energy can also bring on agitation and aggression. This calls for alone time, shadow work with oneself, grounding and releasement work.

This energy is also bringing on dizziness, vertigo, spaciness, and a floaty feeling from Crown expansion which is lending itself to accidents as the footing becomes off balance. I’ve had a few friends in two days have close calls. One who is a lineman, working on power lines to restore power to those who lost power in storms just got zapped by 14,000 volts of electricity an hour ago!…. BUT, the Guardian Angels are always on standby for Divine Intervention, he doesn’t have a scratch on him and he is fine! The other had a nasty fall which resulted in a sprained wrist vs. a broken one. The other several accidents over the past week. I lost my balance a couple of times over the past weekend as well. Be careful and watch your footing and balance. If you feel dizzy sit down first, then go and ground yourself to relieve these symptoms.

This energy coming in is extremely powerful!!!  And you need to stay grounded and connected with Earth’s Electromagtic Field to balance out the overloads of Cosmic Solar Energy that is coming into the planet now and into all of us. Those who have followed this advice report back to me immediate and instantaneous relief from shifting symptoms!

Some self care is needed through this shift, some pampering, time alone, and time to rest and integrate this energy. Listen to your body, and if it is telling you I need rest, then rest. If you’re restless, hyper and can’t sleep, this is time to create, write, journal, let your creative juices flow freely and see where it takes you. Over the next couple of days thirst will become prominent, and dehydration will set in quickly, stay hydrated. It takes a lot of energy within at cellular levels to integrate with this energy– water is a must to assist this process. Eat light and healthful and exercise.


We Have A Solar Alert In Effect Right Now and have had one shift after the other since mid December!!!



A filament of magnetism snaking across the sun’s southern hemisphere erupted on Jan. 26th (~1800 UT) and hurled a part of itself into space. Click to play a beautiful movie of the event recorded by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

Debris flying away from the blast site ripped through the sun’s atmosphere and created a coronal mass ejection (CME). Newly-arriving coronagraph imagery suggests that the CME will not hit Earth. However, this preliminary conclusion could be overturned by further analysis, so stay tuned. (By:spaceweather.com)

This is a scale from spaceweather.com showing how intense these cosmic solar shifts have been over the past 11 months.

Image Source: spaceweather.com


For the past 11 months, neutron monitors around the Arctic Circle have sensed an increasing intensity of cosmic rays. Polar latitudes are a good place to make such measurements, because Earth’s magnetic field funnels and concentrates cosmic radiation there. However, it turns out Earth’s poles aren’t the only place cosmic rays are intensifying. Spaceweather.com and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have been launching helium balloons to the stratosphere to measure radiation, and they find the same trend over California

In the plot, ground-based neutron monitor measurements from the University of Oulu Cosmic Ray Station are traced in red; balloon-based gamma-ray/X-ray measurements over California are denoted in gray. The agreement between the two curves is remarkable. It means that the intensification of cosmic rays is making itself felt not only over the poles, but also over lower latitudes where Earth’s magnetic field provides a greater degree of protection against deep space radiation. (Source:spaceweather.com)

You have FELT it, and now you have a graph showing you the increasingly intense cosmic, solar energy coming into Earth and us. This is what is initiating DNA upgrades and vibrational frequency increases in all of us and Earth. This is what is creating the shift from 3D to 5D due to the Earth’s Shumann Resonance increasing from this intense energy.

As I have mentioned before in my Energy Reports, the energy is coming in more fast and furious than ever before with little down time for rest and integration between each shift. Your cooperation is needed with these shifts to integrate, adjust and anchor these energies into Earth and yourselves. Buckle up Beautiful Souls we are on an intense Energy ride that is carrying through this entire year! And yes, that’s a good thing! This is what is assisting us and Earth in THE SHIFT from 3D to 5D. If you are a Lightworker connected to Earth, YOU are needed now to anchor these incoming energies into the grid, portals and vortexes.

Aside from the symptoms I mentioned above, with these vibrational shifts we can experience the following physical symptoms in the coming days:

*Lathargy as the pineal gland and melatonin production becomes over stimulated during shifts.

* High pitched ear ringing

* Leg and foot cramping

* Headaches

* Back, shoulder and neck aches

* Dizziness, vertigo

* Dry, blurry eyes as the 3rd Eye Chakra activates and expands.

* Heart chakra activation with Heart palpitations, and a feeling of all encompassing love. (Use rose quartz to assist in expanding the heart chakra, deep breathing and be in nature.)

* Angelic visitations and interdemensional awareness

* Time line jumping and loosing track of time.

* Crown chakra activation with headaches, itchy head, pressure on the head, rashes. (Massage the head, meditate, use Lavender essential oils and Amethyst crystal to relieve headaches and pressure.)

* Extreme thirst and weird food cravings as the body increases in vibrational frequency. (Listen to what your body needs.)

* Metaphysical gifts expanding concerning energy. (Begin using)

* Vivid dreams and visions (journal). Many people will experience channeling sessions during energetic shifts as the Crown expands connecting you to Divine Source and all that is.

* Depression as the pineal gland is overstimulated in producing or reducing the flow of Serotonin, (the feel good hormone).

Your crown chakra is your connection to the Universe on a cosmic scale. Its complete activation brings the ultimate state of human achievement, and enlightenment, that of cosmic consciousness. It is the point of entry of the Universal mind of God Consciousness, and complete oneness with the cosmos.

When you are in a complete state of unity with the Divine, the Spiritual gifts, and super normal powers you will receive are nothing compared to the expansion of your consciousness as it unfolds into infinity. When this seventh chakra expands, any blockages remaining in the other six dissolve, and their energies begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies.

We had the heart chakra expansion come in, and now the crown and heart are expanding at the same time, expanding your love for ALL and connection to the Cosmos and Universal Divine Source!

I will note, be aware of your surroundings when out and about, as mentioned above this shift can bring on agitation and aggression especially in those who aren’t aware of what is going on in their bodies, thus creating unpredictable behavior.

The full 30 Forecast listed on the below link will clue you in on the Parade of Planets and how this alignment through February 20th will effect you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We are in an intense shift now which is also affecting electronics and internet connection as I’ve had brief windows to internet access over the past couple of days.


Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. ✨😇💖



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3 thoughts on “Energy Report©-(Shift Update) January 27th-28th 2016

  1. I love it when you can tell me what it is I’m going through Tiffany because yesterday for me knocked me for 6! It is the second time now I have had the same symptoms and having surrendered by curling up into a ball and slept 12 hours + solid! Wow…. I’m so appreciative of you in my life otherwise I would be looking for a shrink! (Ha ha!) Much love and light Tiffany and a massive thank you again xx

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