Dear Beautiful Souls!

The crown chakra shift that came in yesterday is still with us, but now you will feel it in the back, shoulders, neck, headaches. This is your body accepting and integrating with this New Energy. Be sure to eat healthful and drink plenty of water through this upgrade and download. And we have another shift on the way!! See this link for the Solar Alert.

Whoa and how about this Full Moon in Leo?! Aggressions surface through this moon as your shadow work comes into play working through anything that comes to the surface to heal and release. Full moons bring all things emotional to the surface for this purpose, to purge and release. Truths are to be revealed through this Full Moon of false love and authentic love with Venus amplifying the moon energy. Yes, love and romance are in the air, as well as creativity and passion! This energy is very powerful get moving energy! Projects you may have put off in the past are finally getting done unlocking your fullest potential! New ventures and partnerships are happening now to propel you on your future journey tied to your soul purpose. Use this energy to move you in the direction of your dreams and passions

Release anything surfacing now with love, create to your heart’s content, and be open to New Love that is sure to step forward in your life between now and Valentine’s Day, as the love energy will remain amplified with the “PARADE OF PLANETS” and Venus energy! We have one more day as Mercury begins stationing Direct! Yes, we made it through the Retrograde! This is also adding to a good boost in energy.

Are you just becoming interested in using crystals and want to know which ones will unlock your creative energy? Click this link for Enhancing Creativity… Use Specific Crystals To Unlock Your Potential!




You have brilliant untapped potential just waiting to be explored.

What is your untapped potential? This card is asking you to dig deep to get your creative juices flowing. You have something brewing just under the surface, just deep enough to be hidden from your awareness. There is something magnificent in you, brimming to the surface, just waiting to find an outlet for expression. This card is your sign that you have brilliant untapped potential just waiting to be explored. How do you know what it is? How can you find it? The best way is to start immersing yourself in all that you love to do. Get creative, get inspired, and get ready to take those classes you have always wanted to take. Go explore that sacred land you have always wanted to explore. Get out those paint brushes and make your mark on the world. There is something magnificent just waiting for you to explore it. Go explore. You may find a hidden treasure.



Much love, light and blessings on your continued journey. 😇✨💖



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