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Dear Beautiful Souls!



Around 5:00pm EST US, we had some crown chakra activation come in. Are you feeling it? I got very tired, and could not hold my eyes open, which turned into a 5 hour nap! You will feel the head becoming tingly, itchy, or pressure on your head, such as headaches. Then you receive downloads of information, visions and interdemensional visitations; angelic visitations, spirit guide, ascended master, God/Source.

Your crown chakra is your connection to the Universe on a cosmic scale. Its complete activation brings the ultimate state of human achievement, and enlightenment, that of cosmic consciousness. It is the point of entry of the Universal mind of God Consciousness, and complete oneness with the cosmos.

When you are in a complete state of unity with the Divine, the Spiritual gifts, and super normal powers you will receive are nothing compared to the expansion of your consciousness as it unfolds into infinity. When this seventh chakra expands, any blockages remaining in the other six dissolve, and their energies begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies.

We had the heart chakra expansion come in, and now the crown and heart are expanding at the same time, expanding your love for ALL and connection to the Cosmos and Universal Divine Source!

This activation affects the pineal and the pituitary gland. Your intuition and 3rd Eye will also expand through this shift. Your pineal gland regulates melatonin production, and with expansion it can bring on lathargy. It also regulates saratonin, the feel good hormone, so you may feel very high, then depression may set in as these hormones become over stimulated during a shift. During Crown expansions you can experience vertigo, dizziness, spaciness, time line jumping during meditation, as in you loose track of time, 20 minutes translates into 2 hours of lost time. And déjàvu is a common occurrence during crown expanding as well. Be sure to stay grounded if you’re experiencing these symptoms. Selentite and black obsidian are good grounding crystals to work with, as well as connecting with Mother Nature. Hugging a tree can bring instant relief, or a grounding session with Earth’s Electromagtic Field helps to balance out in the incoming cosmic energy. How to ground On This Link.

Weird food cravings are not uncommon as well. For me, I’ve had an intense craving for peanut butter and nuts. How about you, any food cravings you’re currently experiencing? 

Things To Help The Crown:

🌸Massage of the Crown Chakra

🌸Lavender, Clary sage, Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

🌸Meditation On this link you will find several meditations to indulge yourself in.

🌸Crystals-Clear quartz, Amethyst, Selenite




It is time for you to slow down, breathe, and take time to smell the roses.

Are you taking on more than you can handle and forcing things to work instead of flowing with the Universe? It is time to slow down, breathe, and stop to smell the roses. When you are rushing around trying to get things done, it is easy to get burned out and stressed out. If you truly want to create things, and accomplish things, you have to take time out to play. If you are not playing, having fun, living in the moment, and being in a state of joy, you can easily become disconnected from your divine connection. Do something for yourself: go have some fun!! You have earned it! When you are done playing, you will come back feeling renewed and refreshed, and you will be amazed at how things seem to move perfectly and without strain. Joy is the frequency of creation: if you want to create, you are going to have to take time out to play!


Love, light and blessings.


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