Shawn is a friend of mine who lives in NJ. On January 15th, 2016 at 9:33pm I got what I call a DISTRESS SIGNAL (Precognition) for him. So I sent him a message to be extra careful over the next few days.



JANUARY, 15th, 2016 9:33pm

TIFFANY: I’m getting a distress signal from you…. your mom. What is going on?

JANUARY 15th 10:09pm


SHAWN: Hey, I’m good! Sorry my phone died. It’s good now.

TIFFANY: Is everything ok?

SHAWN: Yeah, for the most part.

TIFFANY: How’s your mom?

(Shawn’s Mom has cancer)

SHAWN: About the same as she has been, no worse though.

TIFFANY: Be careful next couple of days. When I get a distress signal something is about to happen. Be extra cautious–Watch for the signs.

SHAWN: Ok will do. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been feeling odd too.

TIFFANY: What are you feeling?

SHAWN: Just uneasy and anxious.

TIFFANY: This is your pre warning signal from guardian angels. Listen, watch.

(I couldn’t really pinpoint what was going to happen, I just knew it was going to be something bad. I though initially it might be work related. He works on shipping docks on ships on the Coast of NJ.)

TIFFANY: How are you getting to work? This might be transportation related or work related.

SHAWN: I just took melatonin for the anxiety, so I’m gonna try to sleep. I’ll text you tomorrow, or later if I cant. I’ve been getting a ride, but im not going in till tuesday. I had a weird feeling, and told my boss I wasnt feeling well.

TIFFANY: Ok. Stay home and follow your intuition. I feel the mode of transportation – your ride is involved or an accident at work (possibly), but I can’t pinpoint it.

SHAWN: Yeah, I’m not gonna go anywhere.

TIFFANY: Ok. Get some rest. Your dreams will come to fruition tonight. Write it down when you wake. There’s a message you will receive.

SHAWN: Ok will do. I’ll text you in the a.m.

JANUARY 19th, 9:07am

TIFFANY: Good morning. All good there? Checking in with you. (I still have this feeling something is going to happen.)

SHAWN: Yep, all good.

JANUARY 22nd, 2016 10:26pm

TIFFANY: How’s everything going? Everything ok?


SHAWN: Sorry I was sleeping. It’s gonna be a long couple of days. We have a really bad storm coming. Police came to the door last night for a voluntary evacuation, but we cant afford to go elsewhere. Hope they make it mandatory, then they will pay. We are literally 10ft from the ocean on a flood prone street, and they are expecting flooding worse than Hurricane Sandy with a 3 ft storm surge, a full moon, and THREE high tides— 36 hr storm. During Sandy, the building we live in was in the ocean. I hope it will be ok. My mother is terrified. Plus we have electric heat, and it’s gonna be 31 degrees, so if the power goes out, it could be days before they restore it. FML LMAO. I just want some damn beer to weather the storm with!!

Image Source: Shawn McConnel Ocean City, NJ

(I don’t watch the news, so I had no idea this Storm was coming.) This is Winter Storm Jonas which is about to hit the US East Coast)

TIFFANY: OMG! What is this Storm surge from a hurricane? Where are you Connecticut, or New Jersey?

SHAWN: It’s from a huge winter storm nor easter. I’m in Ocean City, NJ. 20Ft seas are no joke! I’m closer to the water here than I was on Ft. Myers Beach. Plus it is an island, and the Delaware Bay on the other side of the island is gonna have 8 ft waves as well. Everyone is boarding up. Its really eerie right now.

TIFFANY: You guys need to get to a shelter NOW! When we were on vacation in the Outer Banks, NC years ago a noreaster came through, and pushed sand all the way on the road, the waves were 30ft high, the house we rented was swaying back and forth from high winds. Same thing, ocean on one side and, the storm sucked all the water out of the bay side. It was dry, you could walk out for miles until the surge came back after the storm.

And I  told you I got a distress signal the other day. Now this is it! Damn it!!! I just want you guys to be safe.

SHAWN: We will try to be, we just dont have anywhere to go. Your feeling was right! Plus we could get up to two feet of snow as well.

TIFFANY: OMG how awful! Can you call the police to take you guys to a shelter?

SHAWN: There isn’t one in our county, but the National Guard is here.

Image Source: Shawn McConnell – Ocean City, NJ

TIFFANY: You guys are really close to the ocean, the anxiety must be off the hook!

SHAWN: OMG you have no idea!! My Mom has Xanax, but I refuse to take any kind of pills ever!!

TIFFANY: I know, and yes I do know I was in one of those things before in NC. Ugh ok. Let me call to the Archangel Michael! Archangel Michael, Divinely shield and protect Shawn McConnell and his mom from the NorEaster coming in off the Atlantic. Provide DIVINE INTERVENTION to get them to a safe shelter through this Storm. Sheild Ocean City, NJ and all of those in the path of this Storm from any major injuries. Restore power soon, if lost in the storm. Go to the Eye of this Storm Archangel Michael and place a block and wedge between the storm and the East Coast to reduce storm surge. Not my will, but thy will be done. SO IT IS! Thank you Archangel Michael.

SHAWN: Thank you!

TIFFANY: You’re welcome. Keep me updated please! Hugs, and love you.

SHAWN: I will. It’s gonna be a long ass couple of days. Love you too. Chug a beer for me, and send me a mental buzz lmao! I’ll text you when it starts.

TIFFANY: LOL, Will do! I’m seeing police doing mandatory evacuation for those by the ocean. You will get to a shelter. Shawn, can I share this with my series of readings I’m publishing?

SHAWN: Yes, go ahead.

Shawn and I connected on a telepathic level about a year ago. He was going through a rough time and I asked his permission to connect with him telepathically to read his memories and thoughts. It was a very emotional experience. I cried because I saw the pain and suffering this man has gone through and I FELT HIS PAIN as each memory flashed into my mind, like a movie. 




One thought on “Messages From The Other Side- (Precognition-Warning) Shawn McConnel- January 15th, 2016

  1. I pray Divine intervention and protection on this family. When God gives a warning He also gives a way to safety. I gay that Shawn receives this and moves on it. Blessings on you Tiffany for being obedient to the call.

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