Cooper T. is a friend of mine from Ohio. Out of the blue on November 1st, 2016 at 9:58pm I get a distress signal (precognition) of something bad that’s going to happen to Cooper, so I message him.



TIFFANY: Cooper for whatever reason your name popped into my head tonight- telepathy….I wanted to check in and see if everything is OK? I feel a distress signal for you.

COOPER: All is well. I’m in bed.

TIFFANY: Ok just wanted to check. Good night. I’m glad all is good.

I don’t like putting fear into people, but I couldn’t get this nagging distress signal out of my mind for Cooper.

NOVEMBER 9th, 2016

TIFFANY: I happened to hop on Facebook and scroll through my news feed, and the first post that came up was Cooper who posted, “JUST WRECKED MY CAR.” with a photo of the front end smashed.

TIFFANY: Cooper are you OK? Damn it! I knew something was going to happen!

He never responded during the incident. I think I freaked him out. He is OK, no injuries, just totalled his vehicle.


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