Least we not forget that 2016 is “The Year Of Transformation”- Completions.

There will be much rising to the surface to heal and release, that being, any and all of that which is no longer serving your higher purpose. If you are feeling emotional now, this powerful full moon in Leo will escalate your emotions to a whole other level.

Guess what? It Is Ok! Cry, Breathe and Cry Some More! Tears are cleansers of the Soul, and your soul is taking you in a whole new direction this year. Endings, completions and New Beginnings are in store for you, but first healing must occur. It may be a painful beginning, and a rough start, but there are ripe rewards for you at the end of this year, culminating in the 4th quarter.


It will take a lot of hard work- shadow work to move past these emotional periods, and many will experience the Dark Night of the Soul this year, who haven’t already done so.

Being spiritual isn’t all peaches and cream. There are very hard days, and negative emotions that surface through an awakening period, and through the accelerated rate in which we are increasing in vibrational frequency. This year might prove to be a difficult one for many initially, but know there will be very high peaks to this year as well.

You will find your need to be alone to process things will become very apparent, and during these times much healing will occur. There is no more stuffing it down, covering it up, turning to substances to Not feel, or using distractions to not deal with it. It will keep resurfacing until you sit right with it and give it your undivided attention!

This year will also hold many successes and achievements as well. You will gain a sense of strength this year you never knew you had. AND You will feel more supported and loved now more than ever before as your merge more and more with your soul tribe of brothers and sisters. You will see many signs and synchronicities this year that will help guide you on your path.


You will have many angelic visitations, as the angels are stepping forward to make their presence known now, more so than ever!

Remember that you are not alone, and to be patient with yourself as we move through these intense energetic times.


You are transforming into your true self, your authentic self, and your soul is taking you on a journey like never before. Enjoy the ride. Know you are loved and on the other side of pain is The Light! And it is the most beautiful Light I’ve ever seen!

“I SEE YOU.” 💖


🌸This TOO Shall Pass.

🌸I Will Go WITH The Flow!

🌸It Is What It Is!

🌸All My Needs Are Met In Divine Right Timing.

🌸My Angels Are Always By My Side Guiding Me and Protecting Me.

🌸I Will No Longer Hold Onto Things, People or Places That Are Holding Me Back.

🌸I Will Feel, Heal And Release All That Which No Longer Serves Me.

🌸I Love Myself And I Deserve To Be Happy And At Peace. 💖

🌸I Will Listen And Follow My Intuition, For It Will Not Steer Me Wrong.

Love, light and blessings as we move forward on this fantastic journey.


About Tiffany:
Tiffany is a Spiritual Life Coach Dealing In Metaphysics. Psychic Empath, Energy Feeler, Healer, Transmuter. To schedule a Spiritual Life Coaching Session with Tiffany, please go to her FB page and private message your request.

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