Look at the feathers in the photo.

1.Gold   2. Cream   3. Coral    4. Caramel

Which angel feather is pulling you in for a special message to be revealed to you today? Allow the angels to guide you to the message waiting for you by following your intuition.



The Angels acknowledge and applaud the wonderful effort you have put in. You are transforming from an ordinary human into a spiritual being.

The Gold Angel Feather is presented to you as a symbol of “transformation”. A cycle has been completed full of learning and growth. The Angels are aware of the high values you have maintained throughout. Spiritual maturity and wisdom are the blessings for enduring this phase of your life. The Angels now usher in golden energy that will renew your spirit in readiness for brighter and easier days. Now relax and enjoy life!

AFFIRMATIONS: I am relaxed and ready to enjoy a new phase in my life

SYMBOLS: Understanding, blessing of a home, stability, health, attraction, spiritual inspiration, solar magic, glory, spiritual communication, financial wisdom, knowledge, compassion, leadership, truth & purity, spiritual truth, wealth & abundance, self worth, confidence & self-confidence, humanitarianism.





The Angels applaud your willingness to embrace change with acceptance and maturity.

The Cream Angel Feather is presented to you as a symbol of “positive change”. Just hearing the word “change” often fills people with fear and anxiety. It is important to understand that everything in your life is moving, active and in a constant state of change. When your life feels stagnant you often feel trapped, listless and uninspired. Accepting that things are always changing and new is helpful in creating a good life. The Angels envisage that you will negotiate these developments with charm, grace and strength. You will put “your best foot forward” and will actually be unable to put a foot wrong. Reach for the sky!

AFFIRMATIONS: I am willingly making positive changes in my life. Change enhances my life on all levels.

SYMBOLS: Thoughtfulness, creativity, feminine energy, correct path of development.




The Angels understand the importance of friendship and ask that you make an effort today to remind a friend how loved they are.

The Coral Angel Feather is presented to you as a symbol of “friendship”. The Angels remind you that friends are people you specially choose to bring balance, love, laughter and fun into your life. They ask that your awareness of others needs be heightened today. This is an important time to let a friend know that you care about them. Just a small simple reminder is all that is required; a card, cheery email, text message or a phone call. The Angels know that “true friends are gems who sparkle around you brightening each day of your life!”

AFFIRMATIONS: I am blessed by the true friends I have and cherish the joy they bring into my life.

SYMBOLS: Emotional balance, listening skills, unrequited love, opportunity for change, protection from harm, life transformation, connections in life.




The Angels are here to present you with new choices regarding your paid or unpaid work. A new career, job, hobby or project is on the horizon.

The Caramel Angel Feather is presented to you as a symbol of “career change”. The Angels are working behind the scenes to orchestrate a series of Angelic synchronicities that will deliver you to a gleaming instant when everything comes together. You will find yourself in the right place at the right time to receive some extraordinary offer or proposition. A moment of serendipity! The Angels encourage you to enthusiastically consider all offers. A very positive change is pending!

AFFIRMATIONS: I am open and ready to receive offers of new work. I am open to new career possibilities.

SYMBOLS: Enthusiasm, sensible projects, practical.


Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇

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All images not noted with my name, courtesy of Google Images, not owned or sold, shared freely. Reading pulled from Michelle Newton’s Angel Feather Oracle Cards.
Energy Report©- 2016 may be shared, but only in its entirety, not sold.

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  1. Thank you Tiffany, I will be open to new work and a career change that matches my soul purpose!!! Best Wishes, Barbara Jean


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