Look at the photos. Which one is pulling you in for a message to be revealed to you today? Allow the energy to guide you to the right one, or more for you.

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For something to begin, something MUST end. It is the law of balance. How we accept the conclusion of any situation, is solely reliant upon who we are at that moment! Go with the flow, or kicking and screaming. The choice is yours, and yours alone. But before you chose, decide what is less harmful to your vibration.





The more expansive you are in your world, the more comfortable you feel. Open new windows and doors, and keep opening them until you feel the vibration that sings to you. Don’t let others close in the walls around you because it suits them. This is YOUR journey, so unlock and unbolt everything that makes you feel trapped and begin to accept the open expanse.





It is that time when you need to release the toxins in your body and mind. Give yourself permission to heal yourself whole-listically – mind, body and soul. Feel yourself letting go of the old patterns that no longer serve you. Be happy to accept the new YOU that will be the transformation of the vibration of release.





At long last you have given yourself permission to accept and welcome the vibration of pleasure and fun. Give yourself a big pat on the back and go out into the world and have FUN!! Do something frivolous or light-hearted. Sit down and have a good belly laugh. It is your divine destiny and well deserved. So put away the guilt and be free to enjoy!



Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇

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All images not noted with my name, courtesy of Google Images, not owned or sold, shared freely. Today’s reading pulled from: ‘Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards’

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