Justin and his wife Megan are such good friends of mine, and the kindest people ever! They have some really special children too! As I was having a conversation with Justin via Facebook on April 16, 2013, I connected with the spirit of their umborn child who Megan was pregnant with at the time. Some amazing predictions came out of this connection that have proven to be true three years later! Here’s the conversation.


TIFFANY: Hi Justin, I can’t wait to see pictures of the little one!

JUSTIN: Can’t wait to share pics too!! We’re all excited as well!! I just need to get her to agree with me on a name. For either boy or girl!

TIFFANY: You guys don’t know the sex yet of the baby?

JUSTIN: 🙂 Nope, we don’t know the sex yet. We find out May 20th I believe. I’ll give YOU one guess as to what I want the name to be!? 😉

TIFFANY: Is it maybe Dan or Justin perhaps?

JUSTIN: Damn Skippy! Daniel for a boy or Dani for a girl. She’s not too fond about Dani for a girl. 😦

TIFFANY: Danielle is Haley’s middle name after her daddy. And that’s awesome!

JUSTIN: I would still call her Dani though even if she agreed on Danielle.

TIFFANY: That’s cute, I like it! Is it after Dan, or someone else you know by that name?

JUSTIN:  TWO Dan’s Both Captain (your husband)  & Crabtree!

TIFFANY: She would have two amazing guardian angels for sure!


TIFFANY: So what do you think the sex is boy or girl? I’m getting a feeling for some weird reason IT’S A GIRL! I may be wrong but I’m having a weird feeling about it. Girl!!!

TIFFANY: 7lbs 4oz. 22 inches long. Girl healthy and beautiful. I’m weird I know it. LOL—–😀

JUSTIN: Well we obviously just want a healthy baby of course. BUT, I’m pullin for a girl. As I think Megan is too! 🙂 I sure as heck know the rest of both our families are pulling for a girl also! Being there is only one on her side & six boys, and one girl & six boys on my side as well!!! 🙂

TIFFANY: Do one of you have blue eyes?I’m seeing Blue Eyes and Strawberry Blond HAIR! Eww this is weird. I get visions sometimes. It freaks me out! This is a vision of your child!!!

JUSTIN: Actually TIFF, weight-wise you may be correct. Her gyno doesn’t want her going over 8lbs. So he’s going to be watching her closer to 26 weeks & end up inducing her early. So you very well could be correct! We shall see!! You’ll have to wait a few more months though.

I have blue eyes. Megan’s change with the color of her clothes  believe it or not. Mine just sky/baby blue. No red hair in our family though…. YET apparently. 😜


August 30th, 2013 – Continued

JUSTIN: SO, I understand that you are the ONLY person aside from Megan & I that know the special surprise name if we don’t think she looks like an Emily or Allyson!?!?

TIFFANY: Yeppers! Lips are sealed!

JUSTIN: You know, you MUST be special!!

TIFFANY: I feel special being the holder to the big secret. Lol


Natalie Weisler Was Born September 18th, 2013!

Sept. 18-2013
2:22 AM,
6lb 12.4 oz.
I believe 20″ long

Natalie Weisler


TIFFANY: You know what? I just noticed Natalie was born at 2:22!  Here is the angel meaning of that number.  So cool!!!


Number 222 is made up of the attributes of and energies of the number 2 tripled, making number 222 a very powerful vibration. This number carries the attributes of the numbers 2 and 22, the Master Builder Number that resonates with ancient wisdom, vision, idealism and transformation. Number 2 lends its influences of faith and trust, encouragement, attainment and success, adaptability, diplomacy and co-operation, duality, service and duty, balance and harmony, selflessness, faith and trust and your Divine life purpose and soul mission. Number 222 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new auspicious and timely opportunities.

When Angel Number 222 repeats in your life you are asked to take a balanced, harmonious and peaceful stance in all areas of your life. The message is to keep the faith and stand strong in your personal truths.

The message of repeating Angel Number 222 is that everything will turn out for the best in the long-term. Do not put your energies into negativity – be aware that all is being working out by spirit for the highest good of all involved. Angel Number 222 is also reminding you to keep up the good work you are doing, as the evidence of your manifestations are coming to fruition.

Angel Number 222 is a message of faith and trust from your angels. Know that all is being worked out for the highest good of all involved. Remember that nothing happens by chance and everything happens for a reason. Maintain a positive attitude and you will find that everything will have positive results and you will receive abundant blessings in Divine right timing.

TIFFANY: Justin & Megan, Natalie’s birth date comes down to a 6 in numerology.

9-18-2013 —  9+18+2013=2040— 2+4=6




January 4th, 2014

JUSTIN: Guess what Megan wanted me to tell you?


JUSTIN: A certain someone’s hair is becoming more Strawberry Blonde it appears! 🙂

Natalie Weisler Image Source: Justin Weisler

TIFFANY: Hmmmm 😜


TIFFANY: 😀 Thank you!

TIFFANY: She’s an ” Old Soul”, you’ll see it when she gets older.

JUSTIN: I figured she’d have my grandma’s soul.

TIFFANY: Who’s mom is in pictures with her, yours or Megan’s?

JUSTIN: My aunt, my grandma’s sister, is with her in some pictures. She finished Natalie’s baptism gown. She’s the only one that really fits that description.

TIFFANY: That’s her. Natalie’s soul knows her. I can see the way she looks at her in pictures. It’s like two old souls happy to see each other again. That’s special very special!

JUSTIN: Dammit Tiffany, your making me cry! Happy tears of course. Megan is crying too. And both happy that it’s her soul!

TIFFANY: Awe, I love you guys!

JUSTIN: And we love you too!! AND for everything you’ve told us about her. Even before she was born!!!

TIFFANY: You’re welcome. She is a very special child. You will have many wonderful memories and just be in awe of her. Hugs. 🙂


JANUARY 6th, 2014

TIFFANY: Justin, this is Natalie.
You will see it when she gets a little older.
Crystal Attributes and Tips:

As more people awaken to higher levels of consciousness, they are waking up to find that they have attributes, senses, or “gifts” that are different than the majority of the population. They may also find that the children or young adults who are genetically related to them, or who gravitate toward them, are also intensely unique.

It is no doubt that we are experiencing a “wave” like never before of Crystal Children being born, most likely to help humans and this planet move forward in the coming years. Crystal Children (and Crystal Adults) really are the next step in human evolution in frequency, mindset, and heart. Unlike their predecessors whose vibrations and gifts are usually activated as they mature, Crystals are born already programmed with the information, DNA, energies, and frequencies associated with awakening–higher consciousness, enlightenment, and unconditional love.

If you suspect that you or someone in your life is a Crystal, here are many of the qualities of Crystals and ways to determine for sure:
1.Crystals have big, beautiful, captivating eyes that seem to see right into your soul.
2.Crystals are extremely sensitive to everything around them—food, chemicals, toxins, weather, and even other people’s negative emotions, illnesses, or injuries.
3.Crystals are extremely empathic and intuitive, and have a deep knowing about what people are really thinking and feeling. Therefore, being in crowded places, cities, hospitals, etc. can be very uncomfortable for them.
4.Crystals often see, talk to, and interact with “imaginary friends,” who are actually real energetic entities or angels that most humans can’t see.
5.Crystals attract babies and animals who sense their high frequencies, and can also see the guardian angels or entities that are around the Crystal.
6.Crystals have a deep love for and need to connect with nature and water, which are grounding and healthy for them.
7.Crystals are gentle and wise beyond their years, and usually do not require traditional, discipline-style parenting.
8.Crystals are very hurt by human tendencies to harm the environment and to disregard the other living creatures on this planet. They are often overwhelmed by man’s greed and man’s inhumanity to man and to the earth.
9. Crystals are very creative, artistic, smart and expressive in unconventional ways. They tend to begin talking later than other children because they feel words are unnecessary for communication—not because they are less intelligent or less capable.
10.Crystals are like a magnet for other people, but they are quite humble and prefer solitude, deep quiet, and time for reflection and re-balancing.
11.Crystals experience a lot of “miracles” around them, including synchronicities, rapid healing, and successes.
12.Crystal frequencies often disrupt gadgets, reception, and technological equipment.
13.Crystals are about unconditional love, oneness, living from the heart, and service to others. They do not understand ways that aren’t peaceful, genuine, tolerant, and loving. Ego appears noticeably absent in what they think and do.
14.Because of all that they sense and internalize, Crystals tend to have bouts of depression, and/or extreme highs and lows in mood, as well as difficulty focusing on topics or tasks that don’t stimulate them fully.
15.Crystals are often more prone to eating disorders and/or poor self image because the human form is so limiting and fails to express the power and magnitude of their soul, heart, and energies.
16.Crystals often feel responsible for someone else’s fighting or death. They may withdraw so as not to appear too out of control from the grief and guilt.
17.Crystals have an innate and uncanny understanding of spirituality, the universe, and cosmos.

If a large number of the qualities listed above are familiar to you, then you or someone you love was likely born a Crystal. Here are some tips to help navigate the often intense Crystal experience:
1.Validate what the Crystal feels and sees. Whether they are seeing entities, reacting to food or toxins, or having vivid dreams or premonitions, Crystals need to be reminded that their experiences, abilities, and frequencies are indeed a special gift. Not all people have them or are even open to them, but what they experience is real.
2.Encourage Crystals to express what they see and feel through art, stories, music, role playing, etc. Allow Crystals to express their truths and PLEASE speak your truths to Crystals, as they will see through any lies or façade that others may try to present.
3.Pay attention to how and when the Crystal feels/reacts— in order to determine sensitivities, allergies, and patterns. You’ll see rhythms, correlations, and bigger pictures to help understand, prevent, and/or protect from uncomfortable scenarios.
4. Learn to distinguish “what’s yours” from what’s someone else’s or something else’s. Crystals naturally tune into or feel illnesses and/or emotions of people and even animals around them. They need to learn to gauge what’s truly their own and what they are simply reflecting or “taking” from others.
5.Strongly encourage any Crystal to spend time in water and in nature to help re-balance, heal, and shield from negative energy, illnesses, and depression. Baths, un-crowded pools, or clean lakes/oceans can be the key to wellbeing. Dense city living may be extremely debilitating for Crystals who become overloaded with sensory information. So, visits to parks, trips to the country, and submerging hands and/or the body in water are crucial for Crystals who are city dwellers.
6.Learn to trust the Crystal’s intuition regarding everything from food to friends to activities to healing modalities. Intuition is their best teacher and guide, especially since people of high frequency don’t usually respond to food, medicine, situations, and modalities the way other people do. For instance, if a teacher or practitioner is of a lower frequency, the interaction will actually detract or take energy from the Crystal instead of having a healing or helpful effect.
7.Exercise the telepathic communication muscle. Try communicating with Crystals through thought and intention and see what happens. Crystals will learn to consult their mental inventory of frequencies and will quickly adapt to communicating nonverbally, as they did when they were younger.
8.Ensure that Crystals USE their energy through sports, activities, martial arts, dancing, etc. If they do not expend the incredible amounts of energy that they receive and perceive, the energy will be internalized and manifest as depression, illness, ADD/ADHD, skin issues, and/or other uncomfortable symptoms. So, encourage Crystals to play, exercise, and engage in whatever activities make them feel “in their zone.”

Clearly, as our world moves forward in the coming years, Crystals are our hope and help. Those of us who have encountered them know that Crystals epitomize the vibration, mindset, heartbeat, and lifeline of tomorrow. If allowed, they will create a better environment for everyone, in which we may all evolve and become more like them– peaceful, intuitive, and magical. Crystals truly are a gift from the universe and it is vital that we help make way for their approaches, perspectives, and senses.

JUSTIN: So what your telling me is that between my Grandma, Eileen & my cousin, Natalie, whom she is both named after, she’s got Grandmas old soul & will be able to see things and help people how you do? I obviously thought she was special, but that would be great! When she gets older you’ll have to be her ‘teacher’ to show her how to ‘harness’ her gift.

TIFFANY: Crystal children are old souls. Rainbow children have never incarnated her before. She is an old soul, who I stringly believe is your grandma based on the way she interacts with your aunt. The abilities I listed above are within her, as she was born with this purpose. You will look into her eyes now and almost receive her thoughts of what she is thinking and feeling. (Telepathically)

She will continue when she’s able to speak to “thought provoke” you with her thoughts.

JUSTIN: I have these abilities too. At least with her.

TIFFANY: This is why I’ve told you before she is a very special child. I wasn’t going to give you this information, but changed my mind because I feel it’s important for parents to have an understanding of these children so they aren’t stifled. Do you have the abilities with her already? Can you feel that she is trying to communicate with you that way-telepathically? You should see how babies act when they see me. It’s just precious. I know what they “see” and it’s just so precious. I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET HER!!

JUSTIN: I’m not sure if I have the ability with her or not. It seems like at times I may, but I’m not quite sure. I can’t wait to see how she interacts with you though!

TIFFANY:  I believe the more she tries to communicate with you in that manner you won’t have a choice. She’s precious, sent here to do a very special job with the rest of the crystal children and adults, working right along with the indigo and rainbow children. They will all work together to shift this planet’s current state to love, peace, integrity and understanding of one another without judgment.

JUSTIN: Which is exactly what this world needs!!


JANUARY 18th, 2016

TIFFANY: Hi Justin, I wanted to ask you if I could share the reading I did for you on Natalie? I’m finally getting around to publishing all of my readings and channelings! Whoo hoo!

JUSTIN: That’s AWESOME Tiff! I’m glad you’re finally getting around to that! ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY you can publish it! Honestly, you don’t have to change any names either. Natalie is definitely a little spitfire just like my Grandma was! Even with not talking much & I’m not just being partial either, she’s frickin’ smart as heck too! And that was with being looked at by Help Me Grow Program of Summit County. They can’t believe how she communicates. She’s almost 2½ now! She turned 2 September 18th! She’s definitely a character & gives us a run for our money. I do often wonder how my Grandma & Grandpa are doing & if they’re proud of us. You are VERY much welcome Tiffany! Anytime, anytime! I’ll tell Megan that you said hi when she gets home tonight!

TIFFANY: THAT is so awesome! You said she doesn’t talk much, but the program can’t believe how she communicates. What do you mean by that?

JUSTIN: The way she communicates by body language & we started teaching her to sign before we had to put her in daycare.

TIFFANY: OMG! Yep!! She prefers telepathy like I said before. 😀

JUSTIN: Yes, yes she does! It’s frustrating at times trying to figure out what she’s saying but, Megan & I end up understanding.

Justin, Megan & Natalie Weisler- Image Source: Justin Weisler

~Tiffany Stiles

Spiritual Life Coach dealing with Metaphysics. Psychic Clairvoyant Medium/Empath.


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