Sherry is a close friend of mine. We connected with each other over the commonality of our husband’s both being killed. Today, Dave stepped forward to give Sherry a message.




TIFFANY: Hi Sherry, Dave has stepped forward to give you a message.

Here is his message to you. Sherry, I know you know I’m there with you. I’ve showed you by knocking things off shelves to get your attention. Also, temperature changes in our house, cold spots you run into are me being by your side. Lights flickering are also a sign. I’ve been watching over you and protecting you from the spirit realms. I want to let you know I’m happy and at peace. I’m in no pain, I’m free woman, he says!

Sherry, he’s saying now he’s sorry for putting you through hell. He’s really sorry for not appreciating you while he was here and took you for granted. He wasn’t all touchy feely, but he says, he loves you dearly. He said, he can’t believe he was verbally and sometimes physically abusive with you. He is so sorry for that. He says, his tough childhood growing up made him hardened on the inside, and he should have never taken that out on you. He says, he’s so proud of you for raising your & his kids. He watches over each of them. He says, he loves seeing you relaxing in the pool on hot summer days. He says, YOU DESERVE IT! He’s showing me his club jacket, you still have it?? He says, the club drama would grate on his nerves at times, but he loved his club brothers.

Photo Source: Sherry Morris

He says, he worries about Justin taking things too far some times. He has no ‘fear factor.’ He said, tell Justin to keep his head on straight and don’t get side tracked by temptations. He says he stopped by at Christmas this 2015 and he gave you a sign of his presence. He says, he’s happy to see you getting out there, and having fun! He wants nothing more than your happiness, and love for you again. He’s working some magic over there to bring you the right man. He says, no he will not be like me, he will be the opposite, because that’s what you need now. He’s showing me your wedding ring and giving the impression you still have it, or gave it to your daughter as a keepsake?????? He says, thanks for being big mama to the guys, he appreciates that. I love you Sherry, be happy, have fun, enjoy life. The next chapter will be your best, he says.

Dave Morris- Photo Source: Sherry Morris

TIFFANY: He’s done speaking his message, and I’ve sent him back to the Light now. Does his message resonate with you Sherry?

TIFFANY: Oh wait! Oh he popped back in and said, tell her she’s smoking hot! LOL had a big shit eating grin on his face.

Does his message resonate Sherry?

SHERRY: Yes it does!! OMG everything!! Wow thanks so much! I still have my wedding ring. I was telling my daughter that her Dad is always around. I feel his presence when I’m in the pool. This Robin always rests on the fence, and always chirps at me. I will tell Justin. His vest is at clubhouse in Canton. I keep his memory alive by always talking to him and about him.

TIFFANY: He knows, and he is graetful for you keeping his memory alive. He especially likes your memorials with the balloon lift offs. And Yes, he gave the distinct impression of hanging out with you in the pool. It’s relaxing for him too, but he is checking you out the whole time. Fiesty he is. LOL Robins and Doves are a sure sign of guardian angels watching over you.

SHERRY: Oh definitely fiesty, lol Thanks so much!

TIFFANY: You’re welcome. I’m happy he stepped forward for you. I have to ask if I can share your reading and publish it? I can add Dave’s picture to the reading and give you the link to the reading to always have.

SHERRY: Yes for sure girl! Definitely!

TIFFANY: Thank you so much!


~Tiffany Stiles~ Spiritual Life Coach Dealing With Metaphysics. Psychic Clairvoyant Medium/Empath.


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