Dear Beautiful Souls!

The Heart Chakra Expansion has arrived!! This is a positive shift of love engies flowing into the planet at this time. If your heart is closed or blocked, you will feel heart palpitations, a sense of anxiety. This means you need to clear your heart chakra and allow these energies to integrate with you and flow through you, and out of you to share unconditional love with the world! How do you clear this chakra? You release any grief, any attachments, or things you’re holding onto that are no longer serving your higher purpose. When you release all that is no longer serving you, your heart is cracked wide open and you feel nothing but love for all, as We Are One!

The grids are activated! The portals are pulsing with Energies. All 13 crystal skulls have been activated, and the triangle top of the largest pyramid in Eygypt has been replaced from its resting place under the Sphinx. This energy needs anchored through the grid and portals to further assist Earth’s Shumann Resonance increasing. Today, share the love with each other, and FEEL this magnificent flow of positive energy! The more you share, the more the unified collective consciousness heals.

I love you all 💞



The green energies shown is “HEART Energy!”

WEAK IMPACT, GREEN AURORAS: A slow-moving CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 18th at ~2100 UT. The gentle impact did not cause a full-fledged geomagnetic storm, but the aurora borealis appeared anyway. Truls Tiller photographed the lights from Ersfjorden, just outside Tromsø, Norway. “The bright moon lit up the mountains around the fjord, framing the auroras beautifully,” says Tiller.

More auroras could be in the offing. NOAA forecasters estimate a 45% chance of geomagnetic storms on Jan. 19th as Earth passes through the wake of the CME. (Spaceweather.com)

Be sure to stay grounded to balance out the incoming energies and Geomagnetic Storms with Earth’s Electromagtic Field.



It is time for you to let your guard down and learn to trust again.

Things happen that cause us to put up walls, close up, and hide from the world in order to keep from getting hurt. The way to heal this is not through avoiding new experiences, opportunities, or people that come into your life. That will only keep the pain of the past alive. The way to heal this is through forgiveness: forgiving yourself and others. So, today, be willing to learn from the past and step into the present! Take all that you have learned from painful past experiences and use this knowledge to create a better life for yourself. TRUST that all of the people, opportunities, and experiences that are for your highest good will enter your life now. Take down your walls, let yourself learn from the past, and trust in the present! Go boldly out into the world and shine your beautiful light! Open your heart and let love in!



Much Love, Light and Abundant Blessings to you on your continued journey. 💖✨😇

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