I was having a conversation with Dominic about guardian angels when he disclosed to me he thought they had a spirit in their house. I helped this soul cross over to the other side. He has since had no issues in their home.


DOMINIC: About a month ago I was falling asleep. I looked between Kris and I. I saw an image of a person. Could not make it out, but it was so vivid that I reached out to it. I woke kris up and told her. The girl that lived at our house before us died in a car accident. They moved out 6 months earlier.

We found a message on her closet that said, Hi, how do you like my room? Tiffany Denise Watson. We left it and painted around it.

DOMINIC: I believe in this stuff, but not too many people to talk to about it.

TIFFANY: Wow! Profound that is! Gave me chills. OK…. You obviously know that I believe in this, and I post it purposely for people who feel the way you do, and have no one to talk with  about it. Who do you feel you saw in the room? Tiffany or another relative that has passed?

DOMINIC: I couldn’t tell. My wife says she has seen a girl at the end of our bed before and it was not our daughter. The day we first looked at the house was the day she died. The neighbor came over thinking we knew them.

TIFFANY: This girl needs help going to the other side. If you are not careful she can attach to your children. A spirit that has passed quickly and unexpectedly that did not clean up their karmic debt first, will linger and they really don’t even know that they are passed. She thinks you are strangers in her home and she is confused. This was her room. She’s wondering why are you guys in her room… try and talk with her when you see her again and see what she tells you. Tell her that you like her room so much that you decided to make it your own as long as you have her permission to do so and her blessing.

DOMINIC: I will. Thank you for everything.

TIFFANY: I’m getting the sense she was not driving, but a passenger in this car. She was around 16-18 years old. Am I correct?

DOMINIC: Yes, just graduated, I think she was 17. They came back early from a party.

At this time I began to connect with the spirit in Dominic’s house. I could feel her presence and she knew I could help her. 

TIFFANY: She is literally stuck in this dimension and can’t pass over without help. She had not finished cleaning up karmic debt and was cut short on her soul level experience for this life. I can help her pass over. She is communicating with me.  I’m going to meditate over this and help her pass. It may take three days, but you will no longer sense her presence in your home- “Her home.” She is not a volatile spirit, but a calm and confused one. She is just observing and is confused.

DOMINIC: That gave me chills!

TIFFANY: All will be well.

TIFFANY: (Four hours later I messaged Dominic.) Dom, I just spoke with her and she has passed over. You will not have anymore issues. Her soul is at peace now and she understands.

DOMINIC: Thank you!

TIFFANY: You’re welcome. 😀 Tiffany (spirit) is at peace and crossed over to her destined dimension.

Two days later I messaged Dominc to check on how his house ‘feels’ now.

TIFFANY: Dom, I wanted to check with you and see if you have noticed a difference in your house?

DOMINIC: There was nothing odd the last couple days. I felt more peaceful if that makes any sense.

TIFFANY: Makes perfect sense!

(10 days later, I Check-in again on progress)

TIFFANY: Hey Dom, just wanted to check and make sure all is still good, and peaceful in your house? I have the sense it is better than ever, but wanted to check with you on it.

DOMINIC: Yes, all is good, thank you again.

TIFFANY: I actually saw her pass through this dimension to the next one. She was at peace after I assured her there was nothing to be afraid of, and her loved ones were waiting for her. She willingly went. She was just scared and confused.

DOMINIC: I thought of her since the day we first looked at this house.

TIFFANY: She knows that and that’s why she was a non violent Earth bound Spirit. She really thought, “who are these people living in my house, in my room?” She was confused because she didn’t realize her physical body was gone, and she is now a light being. I helped her understand what happened and why. She asked questions, I answered and reassured her everything would be fine. I knew it immediately when I saw her go; She actually JUMPED into the next dimension with an excitement!  She was elated to know she would’t be alone when she crossed over. I knew she wouldn’t be back in the 3rd dimension after she jumped dimensions. She was happy and thanked me for helping her cross over.

(What she showed me as she jumped dimensions was a swirling portal. It was dark, but filled with positive, loving energy.) When she saw this portal open and she felt the energy of unconditional love, she was no longer afarid, but excited to move forward in her light body in her destined dimension. Before she jumped, we were both shown her deceased loved ones waiting on the other side for her and this included a dog spirit. After she saw this image she couldn’t wait to go- this is why she literally Jumped into the portal to the next dimension. She said, thank you so much for helping me understand and cross over. I love you. I said, you’re welcome Tiffany and I love you too. I was so happy to set this soul free, that to this day I’m affected in a profound way by our connection on that one day for four hours.)


DOMINIC: That gives me chills!!

TIFFANY: It was very easy for me to connect with her for me not even being in Your home and Her home. Very sweet girl.

DOMINIC: Thank you so much.


Tiffany Stiles- Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic Clairvoyant/Empath.



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