The Client: John- Canton, OH Message Channeled By: Tiffany Stiles November 30th, 2013

A friend of mine in Canton, OH who wishes me to only use his first name, John, had his grandmother step forward for a message to him in person the previous week that this message came through. He was going through a rough time and a recent break up. These are the times our Angels and guardians make their presence known to provide comfort and guidance. 


TIFFANY:  John, Do you know a Margaret or Nana Mae?

JOHN: Who are those ladies Sweetheart…?

TIFFANY: They are coming to me as spirit to talk to a loved one and I can’t connect with who the person is. I believe it is you.

JOHN: Your loved ones or mine?

TIFFANY: They are not mine, I know my guardian angels, they are someone else’s guardian angels, and usually spirit will come to me while I’m with the person like your grandma did the other night, or sometimes they will just come to me when I’m by myself. These two have come to me and I’m trying to find who they are attached to here in the physical world.

JOHN: Oh, I see.

TIFFANY: I just wanted to check with you since we had that conversation the other night, and see if you happened to know anyone by those names.

JOHN: Oh… you know what, my Mother had a best friend that passed on named Margaret Davis.

TIFFANY: Well, if in fact this is your Margaret, she is holding her hand on her chest. I believe she passed from heart complications. She wants to say, that she is fine now and is no longer suffering. She has a smile on her face and continues to do good works on this Earth in her spiritual light of Goodness through God. Does that make sense? Her hand over her heart can also symbolize someone who is left here that is heart broken over losing her and she wants to let that person know to no longer be sad, It is ok to move on, she is with the person on a daily basis as their guardian angel. 🙂

Does her message make sense to you?

JOHN: Yes both her and my Mother are deceased, I think she did have a bad heart attack. She died when I was younger, always gave me money when I was in church with my Mother…. if it is her ask her how much she would give me every Sunday?… Same amount. Little black lady, very big breast, and short hair.

TIFFANY: Her spirit only shares the message it wants the person to receive on Earth. She is not showing me that right now, however I could see that she did good works through God while on Earth and she continues to do good works in her spiritual light of God as an angel. Her hand over her chest does represent her passing from heart complications. She is no longer suffering, This is your Margaret and I gave you the message to pass on to her remaining family. You can show them this message. 🙂 I received her message after you and I had talked, and your grandma came through. You had both come through to give you key messages in your time of need. Divine intervention.

JOHN: Ok…thank you.

TIFFANY: You’re welcome. She just showed me the smile on your face when you read her message. She is also one of your guardian angels. Spirit comes through to shock people into knowing they do exist on the other side and they, as guardian angels, want to be able to do their good works though God to help us, and guide us, and keep us on our correct path connected to God. They will work Divine Intervention without your asking, but when you ask them for help you will receive powerful and profound guidance from your guardian angels. Always ask your guardian angel for help in times of weakness and sorrow, only through the light of God, you know your pure guardian angels will be the ones assisting you and guiding you.

JOHN: Thank you, I needed to hear that.

TIFFANY: You’re welcome and God Bless you. 🙂

I wanted to step away for a minute to see if she would show me what he asked. I went outside on my patio, and took a deep breath, just then I heard a chime. I said, yes Margaret? What is the sign? She showed me. 

TIFFANY: Thank you, I did receive of flash of money folded into a square, kind of so it would be fun for you to open it and see what she gave you. I don’t know if that is correct or not, but that is what she showed me. She either did this, or she thought of doing this for you at one time or another. You were like a son to her and she treated you as so, she was protective over you.

JOHN: Yeah, She Did THAT With Five Dollar Bills!

TIFFANY: That is your Margaret. I am smiling right along with you. 🙂

TIFFANY: John, may I share your message?

JOHN: Yes…but just use my first name John…

End of channeling.



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