Traci is a friend of mine from Canton, OH. Through the course of counseling sessions, I had her fiancé at that time, now her husband, receive a message from the other side.

CLIENT- Traci M.- Canton, OH
Message Channeled By: Tiffany Stiles


TIFFANY:  Do you know a Mary that has passed on when in her late 60’s?

TRACI: I am not sure. I don’t think so.

TIFFANY: I had a Mary come to me during our conversation. Please think on it and let me know. Maybe your fiance’?This is an angel coming to give a message.

TRACI: Eric’s grandmother’s name is Mary, and she died when she was in her 70’s. He said they were told natural causes.

TIFFANY: Mary came to me to say. She is so happy for Eric, and that he found you again. She watches over him, and is guiding him and protecting him if he will pay attention to the signs she is providing. She is a very loving spirit with a strong soul. I feel that she passed from a brain ailment due to the pressure on my head when she speaks her message. She said for the longest time Eric lost his voice, but he is finding it again with her assistance. She always loved his kind, big heart. She said, This is it Eric! You have met your match… The perfect one! Be true to yourself always and follow your path and calling. She asks that he call upon her in his times of need for guidance, peace, love and protection. She eagerly awaits to carry out her angelic duties when he calls on her. Please ask him if this message makes sense to him?

TRACI: He said she was always religious and often viewed as extreme. Eric does have a big heart. The part of him loosing his voice is true, and the part of finding it again is true as well.  He and I are also ALOT a like in our thinking and our ways.

TIFFANY: Does her message resonate with him? Her message comes with peace. Her religious calling on Earth.. God granted angelic status on the spiritual realm. She has been assigned to him as guardian.

TRACI: Yes, it does. That she is his guardian angel.

TIFFANY: Awesome! I love speaking with the angels and passing their messages on to provide comfort and peace. God bless you both.

TRACI: Thank you for passing the message. It is a beautiful gift. I’m glad you acknowledge and share.

TIFFANY: You’re very welcome. 🙂 And Thank you Traci. I really appreciate it. Love ya. Have fun planning that wedding and I know things will turn out for the best in all aspects. Keep the faith. Follow your intuition. Peace, love, happiness and health.

TRACI: Thank you I appriecate you!

The next day Traci sent me the following message: 

TRACI: I told Eric’s mom about Mary. She said she always suffered from migraines and had Alzheimer’s. She got chills too.

TIFFANY: Awe, thanks for letting me know about that Traci. I am always happy to pass a message on from angels when they step forward. 🙂 The pressure I felt on my head when she was speaking her message tells me it was a brain ailment that she passed from. I believe it was still a stroke or aneurism. The Alzheimer’s was definitely a factor in brain function and brain ailment.

TRACI: I think it is incredible and we are still in awe.

TIFFANY: Thank you Traci, just glad I could give you guys the message from your loved one passed. 🙂 Hugs and love you.

TRACI: Hugs and love you too sister.


~Tiffany Stiles~

Spiritual Life Coach dealing with Metaphysics. Psychic Clairvoyant, Empath.


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